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  1. Thanks for the fun fight. Props to Scorn during that bout, you made it really difficult to apply backline pressure
  2. YeahI agree with you there. There currently isn't any other craft with so many obstacles just to make something basic like necromancy has. As long as the drop rate is low, and minerals are hidden behind motherlodes with a high quantity requirement, you're going to see bodies being a rarity that only some of the larger groups of players and guilds can afford.
  3. Cinnabar drops from marble now, but the drop rate is so sparse that it's just torture trying to get the 36 required for one archetype, even with skill training and motherlode potions.
  4. Strictly speaking in a thought on game mechanics, I would be okay with this if they were extremely rare, maybe even incorporated into the POI system. Otherwise we get into a position where we begin to further limit the use of necromancy as a craft, because what's the point really if you can just find super vessels laying around (because it makes no sense for these fallen heroes to be garbage vessels or fallen mediocres). Overall I don't think it will fit in well as an idea unless necromancy was scrapped and this became the method for advanced vessel retrieval, since it feels like it would be a difficult balance and would mistreat necromancy compared to some others unless you began to follow a similar principal for other crafts such as an ancient weapons store for rare weapons and armour and things, etc.
  5. My only problem with this method is that certain certain crafters get completely gimped by this limitation. With minerals and gems only coming from motherlodes, those crafters get potentially more limited (mainly looking at jewelcrafters and necromancers). Any other crafter can do their basic crafts from regular nodes and thus could even do limited harvesting on a character untrained in gathering and still have the potential to create something. I dont mind making minerals and gems have an increased rarity on normal nodes but to hide these behind motherlodes just adds an increased barrier for these professions that doesn't exist for any of the others. Making them more likely to drop from motherlodes still adds purpose and value to these due to the increased reward of quantity and potentially the quality of the materials.
  6. Has anyone done any extensive testing on granite motherlodes? Going by the excavation skill tree, it seems like the likely location for cinnabar but I haven't had any luck getting any to drop yet.
  7. Thanks for that info, I tried all the other stone except cobblestone since I thought there was no way that created halite. Lesson learned haha.
  8. Spent all day trying to get some off motherlodes without success. If they're just incredibly rare, it's still absurd since it's going to require 36 of each mineral just to craft a humanoid archetype, with centaur requiring 48. I've only seen responses based on Cinnabar, but has anyone even seen halite?
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