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  1. I Found this bug today. I was going to post it in the right forum thread... But that thread is locked and will not allow any posts at the moment. https://snag.gy/tPAEo4.jpg I crafted a Weapon Blade: Thin. I put several points into duration. Then I logged out. When I logged back in, all the duration points had reset. This same bug lowered the duration on my two weapon handles that I had made https://snag.gy/dUZYJP.jpg https://snag.gy/SxzEpV.jpg
  2. I found better success this weekend with crafting. I used the drag option instead of hitting the take button. I only lost maybe for items. Last week, I was closer to 20. There was a lot more player this week. Super fun. Never got stuck in the map, that's great too. I am having a better time the longer I play.
  3. I think that it would be nice to get a 30 min immunity when first joining the pvp server, give the noobs a chance to craft some defense... Its not always obvious that a player is unarmed. I try not to kill unarmed characters for the very reason expressed by the OP... Once you are geared out, a lot of players just roam and listen for players harvesting and then go in for the gank. I would love to see more players have a better starting experiences. The whole this is pre alpha excuse is kinda lame. I watched hours of game play and read up a lot on the game before buying in. What I found is that
  4. 1. Crafted my first sword... I hit the take button and it vanished. 2. Often the game will 180 my character and start me walking in the wrong direction. Makes it really hard to pvp when the game puts your back to a enemy. 3. I got stuck in the map a few times. i) I walked off the edge of the map just to see what happens. I had a never ending fall, I logged out of the server. I couldn't login to the same server for about an hour. ii) On a mining platform, one of them with the mining carts. I fell under the building. I was not able to get out for about 10 mins of jumping and spinning the mo
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