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  1. In 6.1, I was developing my vessel list, deciding what my fav discipline set up was, and getting to know the classes that I was into. 6.2 broke my list tremendously, now with Major Disciplines like Arcane Archer no longer accessible to my particular knight build, which I envisioned a plate wearing tower archer that could switch out to sword/board when the fight got close since day one of the Kickstarter!). I can still take Sharpshooter, but only one discipline associated instead of two feels like that action tray is even more restricted, arbitrarily so. I love the flavor of Naiad a
  2. I think I have four vessels fairly fleshed out for advancement. See my About Me for a breakdown, which I'll try to keep up to date as far as level and disciplines selected.

  3. I want to circle back after this last week as I was unable to come for one final comment regarding player experience. I'm seeing a lot of comments of things I myself experienced (jump backs, graphics loads dropping DPS where they shouldn't, etc) but neglected to point them out. Do take notice of those, even if they don't have approving emojis. I never got to participate in the sieges themselves. The marketing push on socials was to stress test the four nightly sieges and the award for playing at least six hours on the server, you get the snazzy tankard. Thankfully this was easy enough as
  4. Got all excited when I FINALLY hit 20 after a few levels of grinding sans any quests, only to find out that I needed to conserve points to put into pips to activate a Major Discipline? There was nothing up until that point suggesting I needed to hold on assigning pips. That was a drag, especially now that I'll need to level up a few more times to try out the discipline I worked so hard to get. Though in attempting to participate in the stress test, not having any idea that I needed to strip my character to carry items over the vault was a real stop gap. Thankful for the Discord or I woul
  5. The disciplines vendors, with their myriad of cool runes have no actual names next to them. With weapons and armor, it makes a little more sense, but with abstract runes, forcing the user to mouse over every single one to read them is adds extra, needless effort for the user. Please consider adding name plates of each with the rune. I get you want them to stand out. They do look great next to each other. It's a cool aesthetic, but there really should be, at the very least, another way to identify them. Main menu character selection should feature your character's current load out, not sti
  6. Got confirmation from Twitter that any mode works. So I think I've either made it or darn close to it!
  7. God's Reach has been up, not not Campaign. Needing confirmation if this incentive is still valid given the downtime for the latter.
  8. TEST campaign coming back anytime soon? Just curious as I'd hate to miss out on the tankard as I have more time to play now then next week, but its appeared to be down for the last three days.
  9. Today, I started getting an invalid client error, telling me I need to patch. Repairing doesn't seem to fix. Would a reinstall be suggested? Edit: Reinstalled. Still having problem. Open to solutions. I've installed nothing new since yesterday. My only thought is this is due to the today's patch somehow.
  10. I know this is technically 7/19 now, but I imagine this was valid yesterday as it is today: Two user experience issues that are real annoyances as a player: Being forced to press the "i" key after looting or interacting with a vendor to do anything else every single time. Probable Solution: Especially in a combat zone, Inventory should automatically close after completion of looting and loot box has closed. When at a vendor, this should at the very least be a toggle-able option under Options. I can understand some players who are buyers/sellers may like that the Inventory hangs
  11. Great stuff here. It's astounding watching PUBG grow into what it is. A lot of fun to play too, even when you're terrible. It scratches an itch that makes you just want to "try one more time..."
  12. Pondering the Class trees under Skills and all the synergies therein that await!

  13. Depending on a campaign, certain archetypes were barred from play. Will this still be the case for classes? Will similar restrictions be placed for races?
  14. Stoked about the big reveal!

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