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  1. To borrow a phrase from Twitch: RIGGED!
  2. Raph Koster being awesome per usual.

    Great stuff here. It's astounding watching PUBG grow into what it is. A lot of fun to play too, even when you're terrible. It scratches an itch that makes you just want to "try one more time..."
  3. Pondering the Class trees under Skills and all the synergies therein that await!

  4. Depending on a campaign, certain archetypes were barred from play. Will this still be the case for classes? Will similar restrictions be placed for races?
  5. Stoked about the big reveal!

  6. Fan-frickin-tastic stuff! This completely changes my archety-er... class combination of characters I was planning to run with at launch.
  7. Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    JamesGoblin actually does have a voice. He posted for quite awhile on our guild's forum. He's not a member and has only commented on, you guessed it, Crowfall threads. Well, some Camelot Unchained too it looks like.
  8. Trying to figure out why my patcher only allows for 4.5, but not up to the current 4.6.

  9. Old School Gorath

    Xercutus Meridian of Talus, reporting in. I dropped out after the CU.
  10. Name says it all :)

    Gorath, did you play on Gorath?
  11. That said, I still hope for the Sentinel at launch as I consider my character more Minas Tirith tower guard, less Strider (Ranger). But I'll take what I'll get until that patch releases.
  12. I stand corrected. I forgot it was the races, not the classes, tied to the Pantheon.
  13. Right. The base archetypes must be at launch. Otherwise, the pantheon wouldn't even work, which would break the story, and so on.
  14. This is really interesting to hear. At this point, I was banking the first character I wanted to play off the Sentinel (Knight). But if there's the possibility of it not working out, I'll have to reassess that plan. At the very least, even if a previously announced promotion class doesn't make it at launch, it would not exclude it from returning at a later date in one form or another.
  15. I'm an Explorer with a dash of Socializer.