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  1. Looks like it did. Now just awaiting the Blue Topaz one.
  2. I completed the questline before the weekend and have now updated my feedback above.
  3. I completed the quests this morning, so assuming it still counts provided that it was there.
  4. Today's the first day of PaizoCon, so my gaming was focused there today. Is there still time to complete the quest? I'm just at the beginning of the Moon-based quests (level 21).
  5. Feedback now completed and updated. Top 5 likes and why New questline from 1-10 is much more engaging, filled in Different types of quests break up the sameiness I do like the added story elements and context of the quests Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? In process feedback: Finished out the quests for the first ten levels. But the quest given from the scout to go into the sun elves' encampment feels way out of level. At level 10, a player is expected to solo (if no one's around) groups of level 15 sun elves? Hmm... seems pretty stopgap for my attempt. Now as a player, expected to look around for more appropriate mobs to level myself up. One quest in the Moon Temple zone where an elken quest giver was positioned was rather awkward. He sits atop a hill surrounded by rock cliffs which do not make it accessible to climb save for one spot. Meanwhile, you aggro hunger cats ready to tear you limb from limb. To add insult to injury, he then tells you to kill eight more. I'm fine with trying to explore a way to get to him, but this felt really forced and unnatural for story/gameplay. The Priestesses. I get they are trying to tell some sort of side story, but the way its presented in "quest line' form suggests there's some sort of action I need to take or some roaming bounty beast that I need to hunt (ex: silver framed elite in WoW's early days)... where there's simply been nothing I've seen. Presenting them or the information in a different way like the scrolls and lore scripture as an optional style seems more apt. Since the draw for helping test the NPE was the Blood Tankard, the whole confusion about how long the testing period was that awards you the tankard itself is rife with confusion. Was it only through the date on the promo image? Is the test still running since it was still available to play a few days after? Why is it not reflected under my Rewards? Why are the tankards that I seemingly got still not showing under Rewards after a year or more of having completed the task? Will latecomers receive them in-game this next week as I've already seen a screenshot of someone who received their blood tankard in game? A lot of these inconsistencies should be clarified as it's really unclear having to see one off comments in a forum, Discord, etc. Did you complete the NPE if not why? Now completed. NPE - Let's hear your top 5 likes about NPE and why NPE - Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about NPE and why Not sure why these options in this questionaire are listed as it would just be repeated information from the top three questions. What would you like to see added or removed from the NPE and why?
  6. I think I have four vessels fairly fleshed out for advancement. See my About Me for a breakdown, which I'll try to keep up to date as far as level and disciplines selected.

  7. Great stuff here. It's astounding watching PUBG grow into what it is. A lot of fun to play too, even when you're terrible. It scratches an itch that makes you just want to "try one more time..."
  8. Pondering the Class trees under Skills and all the synergies therein that await!

  9. Depending on a campaign, certain archetypes were barred from play. Will this still be the case for classes? Will similar restrictions be placed for races?
  10. Stoked about the big reveal!

  11. Fan-frickin-tastic stuff! This completely changes my archety-er... class combination of characters I was planning to run with at launch.
  12. JamesGoblin actually does have a voice. He posted for quite awhile on our guild's forum. He's not a member and has only commented on, you guessed it, Crowfall threads. Well, some Camelot Unchained too it looks like.
  13. Trying to figure out why my patcher only allows for 4.5, but not up to the current 4.6.

  14. Xercutus Meridian of Talus, reporting in. I dropped out after the CU.
  15. That said, I still hope for the Sentinel at launch as I consider my character more Minas Tirith tower guard, less Strider (Ranger). But I'll take what I'll get until that patch releases.
  16. I stand corrected. I forgot it was the races, not the classes, tied to the Pantheon.
  17. Right. The base archetypes must be at launch. Otherwise, the pantheon wouldn't even work, which would break the story, and so on.
  18. This is really interesting to hear. At this point, I was banking the first character I wanted to play off the Sentinel (Knight). But if there's the possibility of it not working out, I'll have to reassess that plan. At the very least, even if a previously announced promotion class doesn't make it at launch, it would not exclude it from returning at a later date in one form or another.
  19. For something called the Inquisitor, I'd want to see a few abilities about tracking their prey. Pathfinder has a few abilities that completely sell me on their ideal class of Inquisitor, namely the Judgment ability, which they pronounce upon a specific target or targets, and Track. So perhaps flavor this as a blend of what's going to be given to the Ranger, but slightly weaker/different focus. I like the holy fire spell-casting discussed in the rest of this thread though.
  20. I am most pleased with the Vessels/Big Reveal. My favorite part, at least what I can get my head around this moment, is that General Skills are shared across the account.
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