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  1. I'M sorry you didnt like the update and that you dont like these kind of updates. i for one LOVE these kind of updates, not so much because i LOVE EKs, but because it allows me to start testing some stuff that will be in the campaigns. While you may be contemplating how best to kill the opposing players, i am more focused on how can i put something in place to fortify the area and protext my allied players. sure they could have just dropped them into the EKs in the next patch or two, but they want folks to know about them right away so they will start using them as soon as they are availabl
  2. WOOT! i have been using fort walls placed up against keep walls to try to mimic hallways now i dont need to, and i can place more overall cool stuff! I Know folks would like the CW test as soon as possible, but this will end up adding a lot to the aesthetics and strategy in the campaign worlds when we get them. plus for the time being while they get the first test set up, we have somethong new to mess with. IF it makes yal pvpers happy i can build yal a newly designed battle location to kill each other in. See, something for everyone!
  3. OK, i appologize for the misunderstanding. on your altered statement i conpletely agree with you which is why i am proposing that non-VIP login requirements for not falling behind on skills should be no more than once every 24 hours. Meaning a non-VIP can queue what ever they want and it will queue for at least 24 hours worth of stuff. if they hop back in within 24 hours then they can refresh their skill queue which will reset how long their queue will run for by another 24 hours. i think the time for the queue would be better at 30 or 36 hours, but a lot of folks are concerned about Tark'
  4. I dont think you either understand the article or the messages being tossed around in this thread. Nothing currently being inplemented makes you train any skills faster. The change that a bunch of folks dont like, my self included, is that non-VIPs will have to log in more often than we think acceptable based on what skills they are training. example: if a non-VIP trains a skill that take 3 hours, the non VIP will have to log back on when at the end of the 3 hours to train the next skill. a bunch of folks want non-VIPs to be able to use a basic queue system of either 2 skills back to back
  5. My dad is a retired 20 year navy diver and sonar tech on subs. I have a bunch of friends who are military as well. Folks dont think about that just because someone is gone months at a time from a game does not mean they are done with it. It might be they litterally cant access a personal computer to play a game. That is part of why i am so adimant about the passive skills being able to be queued for potentially months with VIP as long as you have already payed for it. If you supported the game at launch and are out on tour it stinks falling behind on the active part of the game, but that c
  6. Yes, you have to make them but you are not wasting resources to just make garbage. Example in WOW i would have to craft like 20+ stupid green level 24 belts before being able to make a level 30 belt. noone wanted the level 24 green belt cause it was garbage. so it was wasted time grind crafting garbage noone wants. in the crowfall system recipes and the chance for good success in experimenting is time gated so there is no point to rush, grind garbage equipment. also since part of the chance of getting better results is based on the quality of materials you use to make it, material selecti
  7. MY statement about better than crafting 500... was an exagerated reference to crafting from WOW or similar other games where you made a ton of garbage gear that noone wanted in fast succession just to move up to making the next better item. i would rather have crafting professions be time gated instead of wasting tons of matterials on garbage stuff that is not useful. i like the current crafting system, where sometimes your stuff will be garbage and other times it will be amazing with the crafting skills giving you slightly better chances for good results. I was not saying that i would want
  8. I Think it is fun and rewarding perk for those who have been playing a long time and it requires a committed ammount of time to gain access to high level crafting. i like the idea of the the immortal crow learning and becoming better over time, no matter what vessell it inhabits. it is also way freaking better than making 500 shields to now make your shields a little better... Also, it allows some progress to be grinded which is good for those who can play a lot, it involves a passive skill system which is good for those who cant play a lot, and it involves campaign resets with limited
  9. YES! i want to see Guinecean druids more than any other combo not in the game or most combos in the game for that matter.
  10. This is a group game in which you want to gear your allies at least to a point. i am not going to want my guild mates running around in cobble gear. the gear part of the game will be way easier for newcomers to catch up on because the veteran players will have so much lower/mid teir resources that they dont need. The main fight will be for the high tier resources. I am fine with someone who started months before me being months ahead of me on the passive skill system. as it is the goal based on how they divy out stats is that some of a players power comes from gear, some from vessels, s
  11. Does the time your Nesspresso take to make coffee keep changing? Do you have to wake up at random times in the night to reset your Nesspresso to make sure that you will still have coffee in the morning? If you want coffee tomorrow morning, do you have to reset it in the middle of the day when you should be at work? Your argument is aweful because you mention something as a regular schedule that is part of your real life activity. As it stands for non-VIPs queuing skills will not be a regularly scheduled daily process. it will be a continually changing schedule requiring them to log in
  12. @APE In small scale games like Mobas a level 1 player account with no runes and masteries will typically get wrecked by the level 30 account with max level runes and masteries unless the level 1 is a smurf account played by a highly skilled player vs a level 30 not very skilled player. The level 1s are never meant to fight against the level 30s which is part of the reason most MOBAs put in a system to make it so that low level accounts cant immediately hop into rank and when they do, there is a tiering mechanic which will separate the newbie player drom the veteran player. Now to a
  13. I Agree that ACE has been very transparent from what i have seen. i agree the post was about more than just VIP changes, though, that is one of the hottest parts of the topic. I agree that ACE allows alot of stuff to be up for discussion with its player base, which is greatly appreciated. I agree their is a lot of of arguing over P2W, convenience, ideas etc. I agree it is good for folks to know that there is an incoming alpha wipe coming which is fine cause we are still on alpha. My point, though, is yal started going back and forth about what was and was not said previously about skill wipe
  14. AS entertaining as your and cool waters banter is, at this point the "what who said what" is probably better suited to a PM now since it is starting to get off of discussing the changes and what we either like about them, hate about them, and everything in between. What you guys had or had not seen ACE write or say before is irrelevant to this discussion and ACE cant use it as feed back for making the game better.
  15. LOL OK, Orleans if click F once gathering is not added to everyone then they should totally give it to VIPs, but i think they plan on adding that for everyone later. If not; however, then i support you on your quest for its inclusion for VIPs. i am pretty certain, though, that a month long queue of skills for VIPs would be pretty good incentive over a non-VIP having to log in daily to keep their skills queued without a gap. i do like the idea of vacation queue time or catch up pip queue time. As long as a non-VIP could always have their skills queued without a gap if they were able to log
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