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  1. Thank Thanks again im useless with discs aha yeah i have found resources on now aswell
  2. Nice this looks awesome! Be cool if they had a skybox that had some islands in distance, nothing modelled all through the skybox texture, just something to look out too
  3. Thanks for suggestion will check it out and yeah lack of crowfall friends also makes it hard for me to test things xD and as mentioned above, the discs will be harder to obtain once thralls are in, so a dedicated vessel for gathering and combat. which means i would be taking that 2 harvesting majors over a combat major, but then would try get some escaping/survivability from the minors. Combat major info still useful though as might use a guiecean as my combat vessel also
  4. Thank you also for info yeah i have problems more with dots and popping me out of stealth then a do actually being stunned or knocked down, annoys me more too xD Well noly time will tell i guess
  5. Thanks for the info, so in the future i could have my little guiencean gathering for me with his discs, then pick a different vessel for combat basically so you dont switch them out all time? Thanks again
  6. Thanks for the reminder Have any tips on surviving or speed build like you say? Looking into harvesting armour now alongside potions, tools etc to increase quantity that i get per run and doing research on best majors/minors for escaping or surviving, any other way to get a speed boost?
  7. Thralls will be used to create disciplines in future?
  8. Thank you will take a look at the link
  9. Thank you will look into making some harvesting leather garb, specialising in ore at the moment so the seals shouldn't be too hard just the grind of getting the leather. That field surgeon sounds interesting, does it also cancel roots is it? that net thing that people chuck on my guinecean loads? just wouldnt know what to get rid of, decay rate of tools is so useful for long hauls and but so would the extra resource gain from logger etc and yeah i got the healing stealth minor one, cant remember what others i went towards, i think i put more combat orientated ones in there incase i
  10. Thank you for the tips ill look into the numbers more on beneficial harvest, well try to, and just stick with crit chance for now
  11. No only specialised in a few ores for plentiful at the moment so will swap one out, what would you keep? Hoarder for weak point stamina or villein for tool decay? Oo That's nice to know, thought plentiful only increased quality resources you get, nice to know also increases quantity, will start using potions more! Did not know much about beneficial harvest, thank you! All i knew was the speed boost, i have a few questions if you can answer. So if plentiful increases harvest crit chance also, and beneficial harvest increases it while its active, on a pick, would you prefer to have extra
  12. Hey all! So yeah, working my way through all the classes eventually but im currently playing duelist and i'm mainly a gatherer/crafter, don't tend to PvP much, but that being said want to discuss what everyone sees as the best disciplines for the duelist in different situations. Talking about both minor and major disciplines but majors are the ones that would be swapped out more due to the harvesting majors. At the moment im using Villen? and Hoarder, two harvesting ones to help stamina and decay and i swap out one for Agent provocateur if i need it for combat, any tips?! -Best for
  13. Hey all! So thought id ask what races everyone is using for gathering/crafting. As of course in the skill tree some of the racial nodes count towards gathering and crafting professions. Are you specialising in what racial nodes your race has or are you going to other professions. For example. The racial nodes of the Guinecean help him gather stone more efficiently with a harvest critical node, and hammer decay rate nodes within the monster tree. Then the underfoot tree, has harvest critical for ore and pick decay. There is also options for experimentation within jewel crafting for t
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