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  1. I just spent an hour and a half gathering materials, refining, making components then assembling to make a staff. Failure. Back to square 1 with nothing to show for time invested for an item made with the most basic components, knotwood, ore, rock. This WILL discourage new players, and they WILL use word of mouth to complain about it. This will impact game population. Reduce the value of such items to balance, but do have them easier to construct. The crafting tree will enable the use of better components but first levels items should be easy, and encourage players to keep playing. Even if they decide they will be a combat class and not a crafter, let them make some gear to encourage them to stay, and then maybe think about joining a group, or at least interacting with one or more groups, to get better gear.
  2. We are those that survived the Hunger. We survived by becoming spirits and finding places we can exist. And we found ways to regain a physical presence in the worlds by joining with physical bodies. The bodies wear out. We do not. So we continue in another as needed. But we are still ourselves as our essence does not change from body to body. If our essence changes, it is from experience and time. We still have desires, to create, to help, to lead, to dominate. The bodies assist us in looking to fulfill these desires, and others. We will use what we can, what we want, what we need. We will go to worlds where the Hunger creeps and we will survive again even as the bodies do not. {OOC} My quick take on Crow versus Vessel, in an RP sense.
  3. A question: On the guild website, there's a box for group pay to keep the site funded. Is this required, heavily encouraged (peer pressure) or just whatever you feel like? Having dropped at least 6 months of gaming budget on the game, funds are now rather scarce so I'd like to know before wasting anyone's time further.
  4. And you can add Boracks to the list.
  5. A few days lurking, and now bought in to this. For the record, I'm one of the old f@rts (likely a few here). My first online multiplayer game was Star Fleet Command II. For other games I spent seious time in, I have played NeverWinter Nights, World of Tanks, NeverWinter, Elder Scrolls Online (talk about railroad...), Uncharted Waters Online. I have also spent countless hours in Civ series games (1, 2, 3, SMAC, 4, 5, Civ:BE, 6) and Railrod Tycoon (1, 2 and 3). I expect to be a crafter/merchant type as that is my comfort zone. I tend to be a decent support type in a fight but not the main man, so to speak.
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