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  1. I'm also now having this issue. Is there any fix on this? Running as administrator isn't working
  2. Accurate from the perspective of a new player that hasn't properly been following the game. Maybe not accurate in terms of how the game actually, but accurate as to how it appeared to newcomers at the time.
  3. Guild criteria: Region: NA East, NA West also works Atmosphere: Ideally a relaxed one. Casual / Hardcore?: More on the casual side Size: Medium/Large Play Style: Haven't had much of a chance to play outside of God's Reach but I have leveled up a Templar DPS to level 30 and I've been enjoying that. May try out some other classes but that's what I'm leaning towards. Commitment: Currently work part time so I have a good few hours each day to play. Only days that are guaranteed little - no play time are Weekends and Thursdays. Miscellaneous:
  4. I mean he even did say that things could be completely different by the time the video comes out. Plus, again he's a casual when it comes to this game and the game, at that time, did a VERY poor job at explaining things to new players. Yes, it has significantly improved since then, but the video was accurate at the time,
  5. Ahh, gotcha, gotcha. Thanks for the help!
  6. Ahh, well that explains that, thank ya! Though I have a follow up question, then; The Hero's Throne and whatnot, I don't know how to access those in game and plop them into my EK, or have they not been properly implemented yet and will they be put in at launch?
  7. I bought a backer pack back in 2017, been kinda on and off the game for a while and only jumped back in recently after months of being busy with other things. And I found out about Crow rewards but I'm not quite sure how to redeem them. According to the page I should be eligible for them since I'm a backer but I don't see an option to claim them.
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