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  1. For the love of Myrkul, let you duel your freaking guildmates in the EKs! ...
  2. Druid - Stormcaller Cannot equip a shield Major - Unstable Mage Arcane Barrier - says it needs a bow to use, this seems out of place on this disc Minor - Stay in the fight Basic attacks have no cost when low on resources - this does not seem to be working, I can run out of resources and my basic attack still costs resources / can drain me to 0 resources Map Infected - Has very low level mobs, lvl 1 etc
  3. A night of PvP fights during CF Dev Test Night;
  4. Disc: Banshee Power: Ghost Army This has been reported multiple times. Power is not currently usable. When you cast the power the ghosts disappear right in front of your character and enemies within range are not affected. It ONLY works sometimes on completely open and flat ground, so any testing should be done on varied terrain. It's unclear if this has to do with terrain collision, etc. Was working fine in much earlier CF builds. When cast, the ghosts SHOULD follow along / over terrain up to the specified max distance damaging enemies in the path.
  5. Just a quick fight from a late night PvP group;
  6. Banshee major discipline: Ghost Army - This power has been broken for multiple patches and is currently unusable. The vast majority of the time, unless you are on open and flat ground, the ghost army will disappear within a few meters of your character, as if somehow getting bugged in terrain. Worthless casting down a hill, up a hill, or anywhere near any world object etc. For years it worked fine, what changed? Druid base powers: Gaea's Wail - At this point this power has turned into a internet meme. It's been this way for years, are you just trolling us? Nobod
  7. I, Lord Panzer of the Undead Lords, slayer of men and taker of souls, offer these sacrifices to the god of the dead, Myrkul. Charred skin and brittle bone are the remnants of my wrath, a wake of blood trailing my forward momentum. None shall escape.
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