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  1. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Oh right I forgot about that. Some people won't like the it if too many things get reset; it'll feel like the game is too transient, not permanent enough. I forgot that that was supposed to be one benefit of the skill tree system; the feeling of permanence. YES! ...And they need 1,336 skills/levels so max level would make you 1337.
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    That is probably true. It's probably not game breaking since it only affects newbies but it's not great either. Maybe if the stat/skill gains were nerfed but the trees had extra racial emotes, gathering animations, craftable item skins/colours and other aesthetics you could unlock with your time bank it might be different, but the devs might not have the manpower to do all that (and if they did maybe they'd put those in the cash shop). Buffing up base character stats/abilities and getting only, or mostly, aesthetic/cosmetic rewards for time spent playing/training would make more sense; newbies would be rewarded for their loyalty and dedication to the game and by the time they'd max out their trees they'd have played the game enough to want to keep on playing. Since there are very few cosmetic abilities you can have compared the skill trees would become dramatically compressed however. One thing I know for sure is the devs will be resistant to the idea of completely getting rid of this system because they've already done work on creating it. Scrapping it would be a setback for them. Or a simpler solution would be, as has been mentioned, to make the skills retrainable in every campaign and reset eveytime.
  3. Lore wise, shouldn't Minotaurs be allowed to play Druid? (If not, then either Cleric or Confessor?) because all the other races have one of these and they seem to be the Religious Leader classes from a lore point of view. Templars don't count as they're the enforcement arm of religion not the intellectual arm. Religion is taken seriously enough in this game that there's a God vs God campaign and the main plot line has to do with the Gods fighting The Hunger. From a game balance point of view I can see why they might not want to add one of those classes as extra for Minotaur. But will that mean that Minotaurs are the atheistic villains of the bunch? Or just less religious? Or will the game just pretend like they're as religious as the other races? Even the tiny Guineceans have Hamster Clerics for their puny hamster beliefs; Minotaurs are many times less tiny in size and therefore have superior religious beliefs. Well according to them anyways. All their classes are fighters; that was the best argument they could come up with when prompted.
  4. Please, no advantage for $$$

    Yeah... I'm so glad I had TWO MONTHS of VIP! when I bought my Amber package. Because I'm a terrible person who didn't discover this game early enough. It's what I deserve. I'm not bitter.
  5. VIKINGNAIL that is actually a very good point. However you have to invest a bunch of money for Alpha 1 access; if they go to Alpha 1 the few new players that come in will probably all be diehard fans. But if they open a game loop for everyone with 'early access' that might be a problem. Some people on youtube etc. seem to think think Open / Stress Test Beta is Beta, and that Beta is Alpha; they judge the game too harshly.
  6. Wow, this is like Schrodinger's Cat for MMOs... which one is true? We'll never know until we look into Alpha. I've been watching too much Big Bang Theory.
  7. Well I used to play a freemium game where I got premium and I realized, even when putting f2p blatant whale fishing nonsense aside, that I would sometimes wonder why I'd gotten premium when others could just pay no recurring costs and still have access to the game. Yet at the same time I understood full well that the free players probably felt a little cheated too. Subscribers need to get benefits that make premium VIP objectively better than non-VIP, so the latter will feel left out and wonder how better things might have been had they subscribed from the start. The non-prems get to play more or less the same game with little money investment so the premiums can end up occasionally questioning their sanity when they think about how much money they spent without technically having to. I think you can't really win and satisfy everyone perfectly in a premium sub model, even a B2P model. The B2P aspect simply removes the excessive money-grubbing stupidity... most of the time (*cough Battlefront 2 cough*)
  8. OMG you're right! Yes, as long as the devs are aware of this problem I'm happy. I think they'll either reduce total time required for Basics for everyone or give VIP'ers an advantage like the ability to double-train only the Class/Race Basic trees. But because I'm paranoid there's still a small chance he meant something else. That's okay since the devs are supposed to read these posts right? So now they'll know about this problem if they didn't already. EDIT: Notice my post dev-senpai!
  9. The problem I'm describing seems like a mistake on the devs' part rather than a feature. But some players might not see it that way and they'll feel cheated because they used their VIP immediately instead of waiting 16 days which is the optimal option for those who have 2+ months of VIP. (I'm assuming you can activate/consume it at will as it seems to be treated as an item). In fact, if the second skill time bank disappears after your VIP membership runs out this would mean players who only have 1 month of VIP will effectively lose all of their second skill time in Class & Race, making it an even far bigger problem. (hopefully stored time won't disappear when you go non-VIP) More importantly reviewers might blame the devs for this and accuse them of malicious intent; of somehow trying to punish those that only have a handful of VIP months so they'll bu more. In reality I'm 95% certain this is just a mistake on their part. EDIT: The other problem is, if you have VIPs and you really care about optimal training do you really want to spend the first 16 days of the game in non-VIP just so you can use all of your second skill points? Why would the game itself force you to either do this or sacrifice points? It makes no sense.
  10. Let me clarify then: Someone calculated that it took 91-92 days to train all of the skills in the first skill tab. You need 50% completion to unlock the other tabs. So, you need approx. 46 days of continuous training, however the VIP time bank will only save 30 days out of those 46 so if you activate VIP as soon as your character is created you'll lose 16 days where you can't train a second skill and the second skill's time bank is overflowing. This means newbie VIP'ers either have to spend their first 16 days as non-VIP'ers or they lose half a month's worth of VIP benefit when it comes to training Class & Race skills (which is very harsh if you only have one month of VIP).
  11. Yes, Tinnis I get the impression non-VIP'ers are expected to log in and play every day and as long as they do that they'll be fine. If their training stops when they log out at one pip they can use their time bank to get the other pips the next day but they'll start to get punished if they don't play or log on every day. If they were allowed to auto-train a full five pips they might get away with occasionally logging in every 2 days without losing much. This way, the VIP expanded time bank means you can skip a day or two and not worry. That's a tangible benefit of VIP so they probably won't be changing that feature/limitation for non-VIPs any time soon.
  12. VIP time banks only save up to 30 days per each training slot. But someone else in an old post I'm too lazy to dig up mentioned it would take 45-46 days of training in the first Class & Race skill "tab" thingy before unlocking the 3 others where they actually can train two things at once. What this means is you'd have to wait about 16 days into the game, logging on and training every day, before activating VIP or else your time banks would overflow and you'd lose training time. Newbies who buy the game at launch and get their hands on a month of VIP to try it out won't know this unless they do thorough research. They'll probably activate VIP on the first day of playing. Their natural reaction to this problem will be to think they've been gently made love to by the game designers because half their first month of VIP will be wasted for Class and Race training purposes. They might assume this was done intentionally and maliciously to get them to buy more VIP subs; this is not going to leave a good first impression for newbies... or even for early backers who might also not know about this. This is a simple problem that can easily be fixed by the devs in a few ways: 1) Change the VIP maximum time bank storage to 60 days. As an added bonus the few people that get hospitalised or have a baby or enter a 59-day crippling depression while subscribed would actually benefit from this. So would people who leave the game and then return to it (but those guys are traitors we don't care about them). The downside: You'll have to write some code so the game checks to see if you have a 2-month VIP sub or if you activated VIP for the second month so it knows whether to stop storing at 30 or 60. 2) Make it so the first skill tab thingy for Race & Class, and only the first, can have two skills in training at the same time. The downside: You'll have to modify some code, but it should be simpler to program than suggestion #1. [EDIT] doing this would also allow VIP'ers to train the first tab thingy of Race/Class 2x as fast, which may be undesirable; may lead to accusations of P2W. 3) Reduce the amount of skills or the time to train skills in the first skill tab thingies. The downside: You'll lose precious minutes of your life reviewing the time it currently takes to unlock the three other skill tab thingies and making sure your modifications mean they can be unlocked within 30 days. If you further modify the starting skill tree you'll have to modify it again so that, again, players can unlock the other skill trees within 30 days. Also maybe for some reason you don't want to cut down the training time as you think it's perfect the way it is? EDIT: clarification: Someone calculated that it took 91-92 days to train all of the skills in the first skill tab. You need 50% completion to unlock the other tabs. So, you need approx. 46 days of continuous training, however the VIP time bank will only save 30 days out of those 46 so if you activate VIP as soon as your character is created you'll lose 16 days where you can't train a second skill and the second skill's time bank is overflowing. This means newbie VIP'ers either have to spend their first 16 days as non-VIP'ers or they lose half a month's worth of VIP benefit when it comes to training Class & Race skills (which is very harsh if you only have one month of VIP). This a video (at 10m54s) where they talk about the Time Bank:
  13. Player Created Content - EK Campaign Scenarios

    That's actually a very good point. Losing sucks and most want to be on the winning side. Maybe a compromise could be reached, like reducing it from 3 to 2 campaigns. I think anyone within a half decent guild will want to do guild vs guild so reducing it to only one campaign might create its own problems but with 3 campaigns I can see players ditching the one where they're losing the most. Another option would be to allow people in a guild to go into the Guild vs Guild world with a second character copy, but otherwise you can only get into one campaign per character. So you can only join one campaign world but if you're in a guild the GvG world unlocks for you and you can enter it with a character that's already in one other campaign world. This way they can't abandon their guildies the way they might abandon another campaign world when they're losing and their guild might make a participation schedule so players can play on the other campaign or do offline things when they're not expected to log onto the Guild vs Guild world. Edit: you can still take out some of your campaign earnings if you lose or there's a draw; the penalty is not being allowed to take as much phat loot from your item vault as the winners can.
  14. Yes, I noticed that problem too with building placement. They seriously need to have a terrain leveling tool or make buildings auto-level terrain to prevent this, and also perhaps program the resource nodes in the way to move over to another random part of the parcel if there are only a few of the in the way preventing deployment. This problem has the potential to be deeply frustrating as the bigger and more valuable a building is the more likely this problem will occur. I just gave up on finding a spot for my keep hall or whatever it's called. If this were the full game and I'd gathered actual resources to build that hall I'd be seriously disgruntled.
  15. In Before 2017!

    Hi all. I just became a contributor of this game along with CU since they're both pvp MMORPGs which the MMO world has needed for a long time and both seem good. I'm an ex-WoW, ex-GW2 player. I played ESO for a few hours when I heard world pvp was great but then realized I didn't have the patience to grind pve to max level. Anyone know when Beta Group 2 will start?