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  1. Very true, I misunderstood your question, sorry! Kraahk's answer nailed it, as did the others above it.
  2. I don't think that the $45 bundle is in the current testing group. But just to be certain, check https://crowfall.com/en/client/ and it will verify your account either way.
  3. It's not a bad idea at face value. I enjoy PvE and it does fit neatly into the category of "something to do" I just don't want a Crowfall MOBA
  4. I'd support adding in some PvE elements to the game-concept later on, but not quite how you've suggested. I'll be honest, what you described sounds kind of like MOBA Gameplay in LoL, Dota. or Smite. A short match focused around reaching and destroying an objective held by the other 'side'. Not really what I want in my Crowfall experience. I'm like the idea of adventuring into corrupted worlds by the Hunger as a form of PvE content. Just not sure as to what the point would be since, in theory, once the Hunger consumes a world it is destroyed (gameplay wise, the campaign ends and the save file is wiped). The danger here is rewarding PvE gameplay. What rewards do we bother with PvE for? Can't be equipment/weapons since ACE have made it clear that NPCs will never drop loot to compete with what players made(and I support that 100%). I don't feel that it should be crafting materials either, as that takes away from going to the harder CWs in The Dregs. Does it sound fun? Yes, absolutely. If the fun is it's own reward, sign me up. I love the idea of a guild raid onto a corrupted world to fight against the nasties that are devouring what the player guilds left behind when the Hunger grew too strong. Maybe have these up as short CW's of their own. Corrupted realms that are only up for 2 weeks before being wiped. (Procedural world, raid level monsters/dragons or endless swarms of minions or all of it together ) Maybe the PvE element can be something that guilds can throw resources taken from the Dregs level CW's at?
  5. The biggest difference in 'tank' style that I noticed between the Templar and Knight is the RMB. (For Melee defense) The Templar's RMB (as far as I can tell) is a much more efficient use of the AT's resource. Spending 1 pip for ~30s of being able to parry and then retaliate with a knockdown. I find it interesting that the video showed the ability and he was specific about saying "slashing damage" so I wonder if the parry ability will be less effective against crushing/piercing damage. For magic defense, the healing abilities and the ability to remove sin (to deny confessors max damage) seem to round out the 'tank' aspect nicely. Won't be able to say more until having had a chance to playtest, but the Templar's intro video makes the AT seem like a complete thought whereas the Knight is still a mix of trial and error.
  6. I don't know who Gene Siskel is. I offer my thoughts, as I'm entitled to do here. If you don't like them, don't read them. I'm glad you watch my boring, generic videos.
  7. I also had a swift answer back from Gordon when I reached out to their support staff. Can only hope that this quality of attention/service remains post launch.
  8. Easy and reliable go-to advice for videos with hard cuts. I know the feeling. It'd be nice if they left a comment as to why or what specifically they didn't like. My feedback below; * The hard cuts - see above - Note: I actually really liked the series of hard cuts where you're showing off killing blows in quick succession. I think it works really, really well when you pair it with music that has a fairly high beats-per-minute (as you did). Really nice * The music - I'm normally fine with psuedo-8bit music (I don't know it's actual genre) but I don't think the choice works for the overall theme of the video. The BPM was fine, but it tended to distract me from the action in the video. (Pure opinion here) - Note: The volume for one of the later songs was much higher than the song it followed and made for an unpleasant jump in db. Can you edit the volume of individual tracks in your software? * The Video 'shudder' to highlight a killing blow on the Myrmidon (5m:33s mark) - Fantastic use of editing. * Text overlay on gameplay - Great placement (not covering important game UI bits), good contrast and the outline gave it enough 'pop' to be clearly seen. * Guild Name fade transition - Loved it. Do you have any graphics for your guild that incorporate the name in such a way as to have the nameplate appear, then fade the gameplay so that the nameplate aligns with the graphics? * Content (video) - I genuinely considered the Legionnaire footage to be the most interesting part of your video. You don't see group PVP footage from that POV as much as other ATs. * Content (audio) - At the end of the day we all want more viewers, and this comment is more focused on the concern that you might be alienating viewers with some of the things that get captured on your audio stream. Hearing streamers throwing phrases like "Poorly made socks" around reminds me too much of the shooter genre players that take themselves way too seriously. This is my personal opinion, but considered editing it out? I find it much harder to want to watch someone that's quick to disparage their opponents rather than show encouragement to someone they just beat. You're not bad about it, and I see the other side where you throw out the respectable 'gf' in chat. EDIT: Filter got me you get the gist * Length of Video - Great. Anything between 5 and 10 minutes is perfect for pvp clips. Longer videos tend to have shorter viewer retention * Video description - might do with a little bit of fluff, it's a great place to give information or talk about specific moments in the video (to get viewers to stay tuned in to see those moments)
  9. @dolmar Technically they announced that the Templar was in. We just won't get to play at all. You still win... "Technically" On a more serious note, I'm a bit disappointed that I won't be testing new parts of CF, but pleased that ACE is willing to make the unpleasant choice and be open about the causes.
  10. I was uploading at 2K resolution though I found that it wasn't worth the extra bandwidth and time. 1080p at 60fps is perfect for Youtube. Honestly never used VideoPad and not familiar enough with Shadowplay to say much about it. If you find that your editing software is limited, there are other options out there that are free. No worries on the dash/jump. Just offering some insight.
  11. Sorry to be the wet blanket on the conversation, but the playtest this weekend has been canceled. http://crowfall.com/en/news/feb-10-playtest-cancelled/
  12. Interesting questions. You might get a better (faster) response by emailing press@artcraftent.com Though the forums as a whole might benefit from an answer. My first impression is that if you charge for access to a site or app that uses ArtCraft assets, you've commercialized a product and therefore are not operating under the non-commercial policy. I imagine that ArtCraft will be very discouraging unless you come to some sort of written agreement. Also: Anything third-party (like an app) is strictly off-limits for using ArtCraft assets.
  13. o7 Nice work! A question and some feedback for you. What software are you using to edit? The render quality post-upload is very good so you have your settings done right. Choice of music was good, the BPM generally matched the pace of combat (a steady driving beat in your case to match a steady combat pace) and the volume was perfect so as to give the bulk of the attention to the in-game sounds. (Honestly, I struggle a lot with music choice X_X) Your edits might be a little shorter, and if using a dissolve do you have the option of an additive dissolve? Dissolving to black then jumping to the next clip feels a little clunky and I get the idea that you're trying for smooth cuts. Info text - I know the contrast is great, but you may consider avoiding the use of simple red/on/black. Art+Craft as best I recall (will double check) have allowed the use of Crowfall assets in the coverage that we testers give it. Consider using in-game screenshots or some of the Crowfall art as your background when giving text-based introductions. EDIT: Was right Found it Here Text overlaid onto gameplay - Much too large and the contrast was lacking. I make the assumption that you scaled the text you overlaid onto the gameplay large enough that you could clearly read it in the preview of your editing software. Scale it smaller, it'll be fine when viewers play the video back on Youtube in either theater or fullscreen mode. Consider using a text box effect with contrasting colors so that your text stands out from the background. A drop shadow helps give the text some depths which also helps make it stand out. Misc: * When uploading your video to youtube, go into the advanced settings of the video and use the "Gaming" category. Further, just below the category drop-down menu is a typable menu. Brand the video as Crowfall and you should, in theory, get more views. * Video description might do with a little bit of fluff, more people read it than we expect and it's a great place to give information that puts the video into perspective or give little tidbits and highlights about the video itself. * Length of Video: Great. Anything between 5 and 10 minutes is perfect for pvp clips. Longer videos tend to not have the viewer retention that we'd like unless they're more about new information and reviews. Content: I'd honestly thought that the confessor dash/jump gimmick was fixed (3m:15s mark). Avoid using bugs that give the player an advantage (I know everyone does it) as it might give a viewer the wrong impression of the game, or if they're familiar with the game, will cheapen the "skill" put on display if they see the same gimmick used again and again. Caveat* I didn't see it a lot from your clips, but just enough that it stood out. As I said on the post itself, great start. A solid upvote from me.
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