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  1. I trained 5 pips in intermediate axes, but can't equip intermediate axes. The skill says I should be able to equip after 1 pip. Is this currently broken? (On the test server, the live server works fine).
  2. I'd agree, the impact of stats is nil to zero. The talents and passive skills add more with one pip than 30 STR
  3. Yeah makes Infected kinda pointless for PvP. Should at least turn loot on, in that way everybody wins and increases the value of resources there to boot.
  4. If that is a goal in the design, then that can be designed, do something like Shadowbane where you couldn't respawn or bank until you joined a guild and had a grey shield over your head telling everyone "I'm a loner!" Knock yourself out whatever one enjoys. On topic though, months on the most basic passive training is too effin long and is more discouraging than encouraging. Even Eve, almost 20 years ago, didn't have that high of a gate. Why break something that was already fixed?
  5. Thanks, that was my point, a new player can't craft with 1x passive skill training, and can't even use medium (forget top tier) harvesting tools for months, (no matter how much gold is farmed from mobs or otherwise). Should be weeks.
  6. So do I, and with 1x passive training rate, a new player is a fly in either case for months.
  7. Well for starters, having new players to stay in the game for more than a week and increasing player population. Of course if the current player population of like 80 players (who did experience 3x+ passive training rate) works and no new players are desired for the dev team then sure, it does not matter then and would not be convincing for them. Then the question becomes, does the Dev team listen to and even give a Sh&t about new players and increasing the population? Perhaps this is a wake up call.
  8. Star Wars Galaxies had that feature (was a map feature). You could enter an item name and all the vendors selling or buying that would show up. It was a skill (for the player selling something)that had to be trained to get on the map for other players (like advertising or something). Eve Online has that feature also.
  9. Indeed, that is my point. At the current 1x rate for passive skills, it will take weeks, if not months to acquire that skill.
  10. It's been well-known for decades an MMO needs to cater to the 4 playertypes to survive. While "Killers" are needed, even to have a "killer" mmo, 3 other playertypes are required, or the "killers" will leave then RIP Crowfall. GR is a natural part of MMO design. Is GR for everybody? No, but most. Let the various types of players go on a campaign when they feel like it, or can be compelled to by others. Additionally, there is more to PvP than hitting someone with a pointy stick, which can happen in any zone, even EK.
  11. Apparently the passive skill points are at 1x when they used to be 3x (+). 1x is waay to slow. As a new player (just levelled to 30) its going to take weeks just to equip an intermediate rune tool. I think that test is successful and we can resume it at 3x+ again Remember, with basic rune tools, one cannot even harvest blood or bone as the chance is 0%. Not even 2% but zero. 0% for anything above white resources. Add to that item inflation where anything below blue is worthless, and there is no point. No resources, no money, no money no halfway crappy gear to be a semi challenging training dummy in Pvp. No Pvp, no harvesting, not really much incentive to play for a new player.
  12. You can get the gold value exchange rate through its opportunity cost. So here would be a way, (this is the current test server) (Avg time in hours to farm 1 chaos ember) x 300 = opportunity cost of chaos ember. What is the market value? One can get the exact market value with a buy/sell exchange vendor.
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