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  1. Sorry of this have been asked before - I been away for a couple of weeks. Just realised that my beta group placement have disappeared from the account side. If I look at it now it doesn't say anything about beta group?
  2. Just wonder how big the stretch goal can become with another 27 days to go?
  3. Somebody just put down another $10,000 - so less than $5000 to go now. $795,377
  4. I think this is a point well made and should be considered before putting any money down, and certainly if you like to spend more than a few dollars. You're buying the pig in the sack and it's always a risk involved. I'm in no way advocating not to support Crowfall, just stop and think for a second before you do.
  5. Frostweaver Confessor Forgemaster Stalker Assassin
  6. Yes I got that know. Not sure how I'd missed that fact.
  7. Honestly, I feel like this game is rewriting my play style completely. Who knows, maybe this is what's needed to revive the mmo genre? Time will tell. However, I am intrigued to see how it works out in the end.
  8. Thank's for the pointer to the FAQ, I missed it since it wasn't posted on the forum itself.
  9. I didn't like the way GW2 handled the trinity (or not)- that was what stopped me playing it in the first place. I love to have a defined role. Not sure about this tbh..
  10. Only for days until the reveal and no healer archetypes yet. You got a tank so surely there should be a healer somewhere as well?
  11. I completely intrigued now! Can't wait for the reveal. I'm hoping the next archetype will be a healer.
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