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  1. The only thing that will stop me to back up this game is system req J I hope not for some extra hard system req J
  2. oh oh my Twin Peaks its a must see you wont regret
  3. Like that!!! I want this. I love to back you but giv me access
  4. I am totally in the fog right now I am not sure what I am read now don't have a smollest clue. But I love this I want to be a bit lost I trust this developers and development of this game Epic
  5. we will get good care of you dont wory J I play female characters all the time J and my wife says …be nice to the girls.
  6. This is sound something for me J How do I join/apply to this guild ? J
  7. Hyped J I love how you introducing the pieces. But in the same time I hate this cos you make me more and more and more hyped. And Thursday and Tuesdays my refresh button is constantly pressed … and you killing me on my job J
  8. I am up for the story yes. >I love story in the mmos
  9. Again So nice so beautiful... The emblem sort picture I think is something like the house in game of thrones ...or maybe a guild like house
  10. nolani


    Great job. Excellent voice and I like this one… keep it coming J
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