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    Corrupted Essence is always looking for so mature players, we understand that real life takes priority, but we love to play.

    We need all classes and are trying to get as big of a guild as possible.

    Myself and the guild leader are Canadian, but we welcome all.

    Join us friend,

    Reply to this message, if you wish to join us and I will get the Guild leader to invite you.


    Once a guild invite is sent, it needs to be accepted on crowfall.com - Community tab/guild tab.

    Thank You

  2. Region: US East Atmosphere: Typically a crazy, humorous one. Even if the guild is losing, there is always a way to find enjoyment out of the game. Casual/Hardcore: Right now, less than casual. In less than a years time and closer to release date, hardcore. Size: ~Medium. Large enough that we can do well in our own GvG matches but I'm not really interested in not knowing people in the guild. Play-style: I'm very interested in almost every aspect of the game. Would love to either craft or party lead. At this point, either way I'm going to have fun in the game. Really, I'm contempt with whatever the guild needs. Commitment: Right now, very low. In the future it will be a different story. Experience: WOW, GW2, FFXIV and a whole lot of Korean MMOs. Misc: I'm busy right now with work so I'll rarely have any time with the game. I try to get on every weekend to test out a lot of the content or mess around with the crafting system (there really is a lot to do). In less than a years time, I'll be switching jobs and will have an infinite more amount of time. Really, I'm just looking for a guild that I can start focusing on what I'll be doing for the guild and researching best ways to go about it and learning who everyone is that is going to be playing Crowfall. I'll be MIA for a good portion of the end of the year and beginning of the next so I'm trying to get a head start. Any questions, please PM. Thanks, Rubix
  3. I'm actually really interested about the scouting table and bringing back information. I can see someone bringing back crucial information for an upcoming battle, or even change of environment, they not notice it, but someone who looks at the map and see a strategic advantage or loss and then really capture that. A scouting tree would also be awesome to see. But maybe even put some scouting things into the stealth tree that isn't out yet.
  4. It would be cool if there was some sort of dash to others. But i think a barrier that you can summon or use to protect others would be awesome. I feel like the knight, if there is a fight going on, he should be in the middle of it and making it easier for everyone else.
  5. I'm really hoping that they make the shield a really strong feature in the game. I'd like to see the shield stop attacks and then use that power and blow it back at the attacker. Or different kind of shield blocks. One for power, and one for normal attacks and so on. What other skills are you guys hoping to see for the knight?
  6. Hey, Been following crowfall for a while now. Finally decided to join the community. Played during the alpha this weekend and had a blast. Especially with grouping up with players in the game and having our own 5v5 PvP matches. Looking forward to playing more of this awesome game and seeing how it develops in the future. :] Thanks, RubixDurp Also, is there any reason I can't post in the bugs section with the stuff I found? It says I need to be a backer. Is that a different package that I'm supposed to purchase?
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