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  1. yes. You can still see the little poop on the ground, especially in houses. It's not hard to spot a duelist looting a chest.
  2. Thank you! I don't think hamsters are that great in 1v1 (or maybe I just suck), but I think they're perfect for digging around big battles, waiting for people with low hp to start separating from the rest and going in for the kill
  3. It's my first time doing a video like this.. I also didn't realise OBS was recording the discord voice chat super low, so you can't hear the other guys talking... /fail. Still, shows off the group pvp (and how much it lags when that happens lol) https://youtu.be/_K4pyuqQ2rs I'll do better next time!
  4. Yeah man you killed me like 4 times already UNSTOPPABLE ANGRY BULL
  5. I really went a little bit overboard. You can say I like Duelist. A lot. And yes. That's my face. Very shopped and overpainted, but it is.
  6. Hey I'm 87% too! What makes his 87% more top than mine? D:
  7. What I'm saying is, if you think you'll be able to open the servers at 6am but don't want people to hate you if you're late, say 7am, not 4pm. I'd rather they be late from what they announce than early, because that way I'll still be able to come on time. Surely they have a set timeframe in which they aim to open from say 6am to 4pm and I can understand them saying 4pm as the announcement, in case socks hit the fan last minute and you can't do it for the time you gave, but as I said, I'd rather they admit they have issues and be a bit late than start early.
  8. These are people. People need salaries. They're like what, 30-40 people? Who have been doing this as their full time job for 2+ years. Put an average low US salary to all of them and it's already more than 10mil.
  9. Hey guys, Last week was my first weekend of Crowfall and I've been writing a list with suggestions from my personal experience and thought it would be helpful to share them Please feel free to discuss as well! 1. Please be punctual. If you say you're gonna open the servers at 4pm GMT do it at 4pm GMT, not 6am GMT. There's a big difference and people who have to work and plan things out come in on time, thinking they'll be in the first wave to come in just to realise that you decided to put the servers up hours earlier and everyone's already gotten their crafted gear. Seriously. Som
  10. And here I thought I had it bad with my 60-100ms. Thanks guys. You made me feel better about my sucky connection.
  11. Thank you! See you in game
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