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  1. FA in SB were a well performing merc guild and gained a lot of respect, even from some that were often on the wrong side of the line. I was killed countless times by members of FA, but I respected them because they held their contracts with high regard. To my knowledge, they never backstabbed anyone on their contracts and honored them to the best of their ability. If they couldn't complete the hired task, they refunded the payment. They didn't charge ridiculous rates for the services they provided. Merc guilds can work, but they must establish their charter early on, and have minimal changes over the course of the game. They must present themselves professionally with no smack-talk in the forums. They must be able to deliver on their contracts regularly and reliably. It works, but it takes dedicated individuals.
  2. Connected and ready to go!
  3. Someone is always going to find a way to make a game P2W. Be it the devs, entrepreneurs, or flat-out cheaters. Leveling services (active training more productive than passive), resources for cash (even if devs ban it, someone will find a way), or even preferential sales in-campaign of equipment to "members" of a club. Someone will find a way to make cash off of it. Even scarier - what if the Minos aren't able to enter some of the worlds for lack of having a god they represent (12 gods, 13 archetypes). But @Kell, some of us have nothing better to do that to feed the trolls (or be the trolls). Grab some cheese popcorn and enjoy the fun. This thread has been the highlight of my long day at work.
  4. Someone doesn't understand that he should throw in $5 and quit whining. If you have this much of a problem over an archetype that no one has played yet or seen any details on, then maybe it's not the game for you. For all we know, minos are stronger, but have 0 points to spend so you have to take a bunch of disadvantages just to make a decent character. If I were you, I'd be more concerned about all those people that spent money to help get it off the ground that will get to play alpha and beta long before you even see the installation screens.
  5. What about the person that wants the 2015 horses that is part of the KS? I almost feel cheated that I'll miss out on the newest design because I backed early. (if I don't present the question, someone will) Personally what the hell do I need with 6 horses, but it's still a valid question.
  6. 1 month. How long are the higher KS tiers going to be playing beta or even alpha before the rest of the world gets to play? That makes the whole KS rewards a P2W in some of your eyes too I bet. Additionally, what if ACE doesn't give anyone access to Minos until GOLD? Then 1 month after gold, non-VIPers that start on day one get access. While I'm playing the poorly made socks out of my mino, you're leveling the hell out of your Duelist. Now you have an advantage over me since you'll have a higher level duelist than I could since I'm focused on my mino. Some KS backers will have 6 slots with 3 passive training going the whole time and you want to gripe about a one-month delay or pay $15 for VIP sub? How about the fact that you could have saved yourself $10 by getting in on the KS at bottom tier to get your VIP status which gives the mino. Your lack of thinking it through isn't reason to punish everyone. If you can't afford the $5, I get it, but why are you wanting to spend $50 for a game that you're going to gripe about anyway?
  7. Remember this isn't Shadowbane, so it's likely that the Gladiator or Bounty Hunter are promotion paths rather than disciplines. I'm betting that it's Gladiator that is part of the Champion line.
  8. There is no room for Bevo in CF. So sayeth the Sooner.
  9. This is a guild leader issue (or lack of leadership). Just like if you start a new job and your co-workers give you hell for not being up to speed. If they're serious, that's an issue that management needs to address. <below addresses everyone complaining about not knowing everything about all the characters> I seriously can't believe that there are this many people complaining about this. WoW - you didn't know you sucked at a class until you played it for a while. SB - you didn't know you sucked at a class until you played it for a while. Any other MMORPG - same thing. You may say that the class itself sucks, but honestly it comes down to how you play it. Some are better at DD, some are better at DoT, some are better at stealth. We're all on the same learning curve right now, so don't think that you're entitled to have every piece of information before you decide to play a character. Also, your play style might actually accomplish things other than what ACE intended and you could be OMGWTFPWNing everyone on day one.
  10. Play style is a big part of it. Determining what you specifically want to do is the rest. If you want to hammer in a nail, you don't grab a clamp from the toolbox. Can you get the nail inserted with a clamp? Probably, but it'll be easier with the right tool. If you're wanting to beat the hell out of people in 30 seconds flat, you probably wouldn't grab a ranged dps character. However, if you're superb at kiting and using the terrain to your advantage, it may be a better solution taking a little longer. Only YOU can determine what works for you, and it will take all of us trial and error before we figure it out. While the forums will be a lot of smack-talk, it will also be helpful information from those that want the game to succeed.
  11. Since the world is created just prior to the campaign, what about predetermined values on the server side for disaster, location, and time? None of this is revealed until the actual event happening. It's a pre-determined event (yes, I know still RNG at some point). Player choice determines who it affects. The small guy may get it, or the megazerg may get it. but it's not a dice-roll of IF someone will get hit, but WHEN. Alternatively, if you want an in-game action to trigger, let's make it a matter of who the gods are disgruntled at for failing to protect an asset or deliver on certain promises.
  12. Damn you ARE hardcore. With those rules, it would take all of my paycheck in about 2 hours. Oh, wait... was that a drink for each member of CN, or just when one or more appear on track? Does 4-second track refresh count as additional drinks?
  13. I vaguely recall hearing a red say that there would be no flight as it adds so much complexity to the LoS and code.
  14. New ones starting all the time, but I'm sure there will be plenty of synchronization between start/end of several campaigns. I'd guess about every 6 months there is a new "start" point where you can choose any of the new campaigns because all the old ones ended at the same time. 111111|111111 2 2 2 |2 2 2 3 3 |3 3
  15. I have a beautiful, loving wife and two daughters (teen and pre-teen) that get most of my income. You guys can spend all that cash on your computers, but my wife is sporting $5k in jewelry every day because she's more worth it than a PC. AMD A10-7850K 16GB RAM Win8.1 on RAID0 2TB (platters, but want to switch out for hybrids) System serves its purpose and does damn fine when pushed. It won't be winning any awards, but it didn't break the bank either.
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