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  1. Pretty sure a wall would fail, not enough congestion. That's adjacent to my point. When you have a low cap to AE effects, it promotes stacking.
  2. When you lack a cap to AOE spell target quantities, you'll have the primary strategy of stacking, which is what happened in Shadowbane. People all stack on top of one another, because only 5 would take the damage, and the rest would be free to DPS/heal at will. Collision makes it more difficult, but formations can still be formed that are borderline exploit.
  3. I notice you argue with everything that anyone says. Do you have a "I have to be right" complex?
  4. There's a lot that isn't desired in the game, like dying, or crafting failures. But they exist to balance one system or the other. I still miss the death penalty in old school EQ. I had a friend who played for years but never made it to max level. He'd die a dozen times in a single night, playing while drunk. I think if there was a campaign ruleset where Vessels remained online, it would add a lot of tension and risk. Of course, there's a thousand things that could go wrong with designing such a system. But imagine if it were done right. You couldn't just hoard all your most rare items by dropping them onto "offline mules".
  5. What are people's thoughts on the balancing of supply vs decay. By supply I mean all harvesting activities. By decay, I mean everything after harvesting, including resource loss in the crafting phase. Material into the world VS material out of the world. I'm guessing that for every incremental amount the variables are changed on the decay side, it will only have a fractional effect on the supply side. If things decay faster, there will be fewer items on the market. If things decay slower, there will be more items on the market. The amount of harvesting would shift, but the ratio wouldn't be 1:1. In my experience, it might not even be a 1:2 ratio. People's behaviors are tough to shift, and the impetus will always be larger than the behavioral shift. The reason I'm pondering this is that I'm wondering at the rarity of nodes in campaign worlds. There's no way to predict this, it'll be a factor that will be born of natural selection during testing. Do you think will the rarity be greater than what we see now? How much will people be able to stockpile? How much would they want to stockpile, if all those resources could be looted in a raid? Or will people simply use alts as banks, and keep them logged off? This makes me think there should be a campaign ruleset where Vessels are always present. Meaning, they're asleep while people are logged off. Perhaps they can't be killed, but maybe pickpocketed?
  6. How about craftable sigils that can be placed on walls for different types of protection. Even though inanimate, they could be considered a type of thrall, and soulgems could be inserted to defend against different things. The defense would be disc shaped in a vertical plane. The soulgems would decay over time and be destroyed when the shield takes too much damage.
  7. Well, how bout that. I forgot I read something like that. Tamable wild animals.
  8. People paying attention and/or running with a wingman will still get ganked. Gankers would rise to the task. It isn't about the slight advantage the skills give you over sloppy gankers. It's about having options, adding complexity and tactic, and providing more skills to the endless time-sink nature of the skill tree.
  9. The flying thing gives that class some unique siege flexibility. Maybe duelists should be trebuchet-launchable. Or able to burrow under Keep gates that are built on dirt. Give minotaurs a weak "ram" ability to damage Keep gates by charging. Give rangers a grappling hook. Give Templars and confessors nothing.
  10. I know teleporters and respawners are controversial. But what about craftable waystones? They could be crafted anywhere, and each faction has its own version. Stopping for a short prayer gives you a small speed boost, and the boost is refreshed if you pass within touching distance of another waystone. Not much of a boost, but enough to make it worth placing a few waystones along the path to a POI. The speed boost disappears immediately if the waystone or the player is harmed. Make it take a lot of resources to build so it hurts if the enemy destroys them.
  11. I lost track of what vessels I'm using where. As a placeholder for a better system, how about including vessel names on the server button.
  12. I'm too impatient and hate waiting 20 seconds watching my character sit. I know, it's my own fault. But what if your screen splits and you see the lobby on one half during that 20 second duration. You still see your vessel sitting down on the other half of the screen. Then, after 20 seconds are up and you log all the way out, the lobby half of the screen transitions to full screen. You can scroll through the campaigns while waiting to complete the logout. If your character is attacked before 20 seconds is up, that half of the screen pops to full and you gain control of your character.
  13. I think something like craftable temples or teleporters could be done, if it were done correctly. Integrate it into a campaign ruleset, where an objective in the campaign is an artifact that powers a spawner/teleporter. That way, they only show up later in the campaign and shake things up before the world ends. You could have a teleporter exit portal that pings everyone on the map of it's general direction, and requires 5 druids channeling to keep open. Traveling from the entry portal to the exit portal takes 1 minute. If at any time during that minute the concentration of any druid is broken, everyone in "limbo" drops dead at the exit gate, their bodies lootable.
  14. I think the balanced solution to this is nearly impossible to achieve in development. Even if individual power curves are perfect, that still leaves the issue of powerful guilds. Powerful guilds dominate servers, and the game starts to suck. The solution is the game's campaign system. Worlds that stagnate from power imbalances will reach a conclusion because of that power imbalance, and will come to a close. Future iterations of that campaign ruleset are able to be tweaked, including soft-gating by offering different levels of rewards. Powerful guilds will stratify upward to campaigns with more reward. Those who aren't in that caliber have other options. It's like ACE has the advantage of being in development phase for this problem across the entire life of the game. A campaign ruleset can change anything and everything.
  15. There's no fault or harm or punishment either way. Strange choice of words you have. If you invest in skills like these, it isn't punishment of your opponents. Instead, it's a benefit to you. It's like saying gankers are punished because there are stun reduction skills anywhere in the skill trees. Or that gankers are punished because you can sprint faster than them and get away. Granted, defensive skills can be overpowered to the point where they feel unfair, but that's not what I'm suggesting.
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