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  1. Region: NA Time Zone: EST Atmosphere : Looking for a friendly, tight knit guild. An RP guild is preferable but not required. Casual/Hardcore: Somewhere in the middle. Pretty new at this so not great at the game yet. Focus: I do a bit of everything, but really want to get decent at PvP and maybe focus on necromancy first. Also a total RP nerd. Play-Style: Flexible, waiting on frostweaver to try that but learning druid currently. I'm a fan of PvP but I have no idea how it works yet in this game. Faction: Flexible, currently Balance in Kane's trial Game Experience: Way too much time playing WoW (over a decade), GW2 ate the rest of that since its release (6 years), a bit of SWTOR, ESO and Wildstar Languages: English EDIT: Found a guild
  2. Hello there, just sent in an application! Really glad I found this thread, the guild seems really dang cool.
  3. I really like the idea. I think it's very interesting how the dynamic between the Crow and the Vessel is so different from a standard character you make. I intend to take full advantage of the idea of inhabiting different bodies, and I'll probably even give my Crow preferences to what vessels he prefers. I also plan to have him keep a journal (or multiple) penning down everything he experiences. Sketches of different vessels he uses, even sketches of himself as a flesh and blood being before he became a Crow so he doesn't forget who he used to be. Basically, he's writing all of his adventures and the campaigns he participates so he doesn't forget it all through the eternity he has. Speaking of, I really hope I'll be able to find an RP guild. I'm excited as heck to RP in this world and do sieges IC and whatnot.
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