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  1. Ideas for some UNIQUE abilities

    Gotta agree, very nice ideas. How transferable they are is another thing, but I rly wouldn't mind to see sth like this in the game , makes the combat more diverse and the strategic and tactic side more komplex. I like :3
  2. What We Want

    #The Art of War atleast he knew what he was talking about >-<
  3. Questing...

    i do know that story as a manga O.o A promising idea, but it would go against the idea of the catch-up-mechanic, of players profiting more from playing more, as they have more time to finish quests.So ppl are not able to catch up as well as ACE wants them to, at least if u take earlier topics and the stuff ACE said previously. Catch-up opportunities seem to be too big off a thing atm .
  4. Why? Why does it have to be like this?`Just why?

    might be, might not be .
  5. Teleportation?

    pls no teleports >-<
  6. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    gotta love da jg :3 back to topic mby?^^
  7. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    happens ^^ but still ot
  8. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Hurts my soul , that sbd thinks I would complain Q.Q I'm rly chilled , so it would be with a lot of humour , but in different shades But that's enough ot
  9. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    @Tinnis I was actually thinking if i should make a story post about the bot a like existence that is jamesgoblin.but then upvotes are goid and give more connections to crowfall or rather more stuff that makes the forums numbers go higher and thus it's place on the searchdevices can go up, which seems kinda usefull. Regarding the topic:gimem dat game :<
  10. Why? Why does it have to be like this?`Just why?

    are u sure? and if so, then why?
  11. *sigh* makes me rly want to have played a game like that :c because my pc is still kinda poorly made socksty , i haven't done any real cf pvp ,but from what the skills offer and i could observe the pvp seems to be fairly hunting and focused oriented. if there would be a possibility to offer tanks more influence on the battlefield and thus open up the strategy and reaction creation, it would be rly super mega awesome. But then we shall have simplified sets (as pointed out before) ,so I kinda doubt that sth like this will be sth we see in the earlier stages of the game. maybe later on a variation of some kind ? would be rly cool. shouldn't there be options to manipulate the whole system like that? i mean, if they set up cf for what they want to achieve atm, they should be able to change up some code later so that it will do sth similar like in war,no? besides dmg and dmg migation and some cc, what options are there?
  12. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    I do think there is an okish solo experience atm , but this is still testing and whatever comes out of it, is by no means a finished game. Patience is a virtue And to say one thing about needed group play,I do agree with the point ,that games that need a group experience to make it good,are not good in themselves.Yes . But! One can also learn to enjoy the game itself without a group and yes I name the usual suspects (cause my pc is still poorly made socks atm) league is enjoyable without friends to play with, even very much so. MMo's (rom) are enjoyable as a solo player as well. RP's are enjoyable as a soloplayer, even tho u might have group options that offer way more experiences and different ones. I might have a different perspective regarding that and it is most likely not what most ppl want to do or experience, but the possibility excists. With it come way more different possibilities,compared to the usual "do x y z for fun" . I do agree that there are still so many things that will make the cf solo experience way better in the future and group stuff as well, but the future might be so far ahead, that most ppl won't be satisfied till then. But if one always just focuses on what's not working and doesn't aknowledge what's good about it, then one is unable to see and thus the other possibility does not even exist. now i feel like i sound like a preacher Q-Q But srly , there is more to it, then some of u seem to aknowledge. Mby it's not what u prefer, but mby it's good and enjoyable. But the real question is: what are u focussing on? A good gaming experience ? get ur money rdy ,u can jump to as many games as u like. Something worth investing into and being patient and active about it : choose ur position and go after it. U want the best of it : make it happen, by creating it . cause nobody else will do it .
  13. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    @VIKINGNAIL define a "good game" for us again pls =) and define pls why u want a "play2crush" where should ur vision for a hardcore pvp game lead us towards? what are u trying to aim at? what are the main principels u wish to follow up on=?
  14. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    Have u ever played a moba? XD the ppl who rly enjoy it , are those who can play objectivly ,same for pvp focused mmos but anyway,ty for the amusing side story. @Scree ty for pointing out all the options again, paints a clearer picture, mby we can still find sth that can be created or might be possible,but it's a good list if we want to consider all the possibel activities
  15. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    just to add one more voice to this mess. nice threat and yes, quite entertaining =) the best part , while being quite entertaining and headvswall worthy it still has good points, whenever some guys smash their opinions(sometimes confused with sth else) on the table like this, they find rly good angles to use. interesting points have been made and i thank all of u to get back to the first post of regulus. i actually came to cf with two mindsets , first off: i wanted the old feeling of having a good mmo and being able to pvp again in a large setting, second : as my life is in a state of big changes happening, i thought i needed something where i could play for just a little bit of time. so i thought i would play as a farmer in cf and enjoy my time with a community while also training different skills (like group leading or sth(and yes i train general skills via games#lolthebestmindsettrainerever))farming was something for me,that i could enjoy after a full day of work, research and hobbies and use it as another interesting experience while also not being to taxing or too much focus needed for extraordinary performance.while i appreciate the changes harvesting is getting, i also understand ur point very well, that it takes more focus and becomes more taxing for those with a certain drive. yes, there is the less efficient modus operanti, but if u got standarts, u wouldn't like to do that. but something that i have learned in life through different means, ppl in general can find their own place in a big mess and enjoy it, as long as there is something that they can relate to. there is no need, to have a off-zone, where u don't need much focus or attention, ppl will find a way, if they like the concept of the game, or found a good community. there will be niches created by players for players, just because they enjoy it. maybe it is not the most productive, but ppl can adapt and as long as they find an experience they can enjoy while just starting to wind down, they will play the game, just their way. for example, if ppl enjoy an aspect of their work and focus on that, they will enjoy their whole worktime more, as more focus is placed upon the one thing that makes it great. if somebody enjoys talking and he can do that best while farming mobs for hours, he will enjoy farming mobs for hours, or sth like that. i enjoy league of legends atm purely for the fact that i can train my mindset like crazy, ofc i learn and retrain other skills as well, but i focus mostly on that one thing and anything else comes with it. so whenever i have a bad experience #throwsandrage #funteamtime , i just refocus on the one aspect that makes it such a great thing and i start to even appreciate the bad times, cause they make the great times even better. ppl will find that as well in cf, somewhere ,somehow. maybe not all, but those that can connect with the game on some lvl, be it the community, the lore, the design, the possibilities w/e. for now, my focus lies on establishing a community i would like to be part of, for making cf better with testing out stuff and finding something that i would like to do more often in this game. for maybe helping the community in establishing a standpoint that will help us all to make this game better, because we raise our voices and are heard by ace. i like disscusions a lot and i also like when ppl smash their head against the keyboard because they believe in their standpoint. i do the same, but i can also stand on the sidelines and fish out,whatever i think is good and deserves attention, because i believe in a greater picture and a better vision of the whole thing that we can be part of, this cf game.