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  1. - thoughts on beings - To be clear, the people of this village have different gods then u might know, but they only know a few stories and not all of the gods are known to them.Even not all gods of the pantheon. But it was useful to our protagonist, he now had knowledge about some foreign gods and how the people viewed them. Gods and religions had been tricky business in his first life and the way he saw it, here it was no different. Gods were also beings, they were not perfect, they acted and reacted and sometimes they did not know things. A good way for disasters to occur. I mean , imag
  2. - thoughts - The trip was uneventful, which was quite positive for the villagers. They told him about some of the ambushes, of the scavengers that robbed them and also about the strange sightings that had been made elsewhere. Traveling merchants would tell stories about lost people and even undead, that had been sighted , but those had to be more horror stories, then reality. trying to frighten people, making a better deal on some stuff, just another spiel. - As we know every story has a bit of truth in it's core, but just let it be for now . - They had checked the traps, Degon got a bi
  3. - sometimes - Here he was, finally holding a weapon again, ohh the options. For now he would do his job, he could gain a lot by having the goodwill of these people, at least once they were more trusting. If they saw his skills, once there was action, they would surely look more favorably up on him.Degon had taken him to a vendor and had proposed a deal to him and the vendor. He would buy a sword, so that the traveler could help to protect them - since some time they got ambushed in the forest, when they were out gathering and laying traps for wild animals . Once he had paid off the
  4. - A first step - This time he completed the journey to the village safely and in a timely manner.He went trough the woods in a faster pace and with a few sprints here and there he made it to the village with plenty of time before nightfall. - If he wasn't using a human avatar he might have been even more hidden, but it is not like we are going to tell him. - Now , that he was reaching his goal, he felt grateful that he already made plans on his trip.Off to the first house it is. As a stranger it would not be wise to wander around in a village all on his own, better make sure that t
  5. - u just get back up again - Back again. He was kneeling once more in front of the structure, fist on his heart, his head bent.He could feel his body again, or this new body, or whatever it was. Confusion was still at the forefront of his mind, he felt like a little kid, who had to learn the ropes all over again. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, he got up .Focusing , before he opened his eyes, in order to take in his surroundings. It looked exactly the same as before.So basically he had the same choices again.Open space, forest on his right and behind the structure, Land wit
  6. - when life knocks u down - He was, yet he wasn't. Light in darkness, again.Being, without being. But somehow there was consciousness. No ! How ? He wondered what was going on, he could remember the last time this happened, he could remember that he got attacked. Did he die? And somehow he was going to get back to life, again? A third time? Was it just a dream ? Was there a curse on him? And if there was, who cursed him? Was he hallucinating? Was it even real? The light moved, forming another sphere , another crow, ready to descend upon another world. The story of the crows is quite
  7. -the night is dark and full of terrors- The sun was almost gone, he might have an hour or so, till the dark would settle in.The ultimate question was , should he keep going on, or rather try to find something in this forest that would give him cover during the night ? The dilemma was still the same as before, life and it's little things.Since he had literally nothing to lose, he went for the risky route. A village was still the better option in his mind. He would be lucky, to be able to rest after this day and finally have somebody he could talk to. Since the last day was rather strange,
  8. - A journey involves travel - He followed the person for a bit longer,trying to see anything else, unknown to him. Nothing, this person just seemed to cut trees for a really long time. Aware of the possibility that this person knew more about magic then him, he backed off slowly.Facing somebody with unknown powers or even being in dept to such a person, was very risky, if not to say foolish.He went towards the edge of the forest , continuing on the journey he was on before. As the sun came through the trees more, he realized that he was back on track, he kept walking. Still mesmerize
  9. - all beginnings are hard - With the sun came the realization that he had to survive again. He didn't have the same comforts he had in his other life, he didn't have the same options he had before.He had to make it on his own, before he could get anywhere. He had to find food and eventually shelter, he had to decide on a route and he had to get himself a weapon.Where to start? Where to start? The forest could provide something to eat, but would likely lead away from any kind of settlements. But most important of all, it could provide cover, for he was as of yet unarmed. The open lan
  10. Even if u don't run easy 0815 counter strats u could have actually employed the very thing u keep ignoring: tactics and strategy. The whole threat I just hear u complaining and actually not really going for a productive conversation, face it man. a) this game is not finished yet b ) the chance of u and ur friends actually making a lot of mistakes is very likely,due to chill group interactions c ) if somebody dictates when and where to fight, why did u not set up the conditions in ur own frame during the time he took his distance?= d ) take a lot of skill to be mad at
  11. - a new dawn - Lightning did not struck the sky,but on lookers told of a strange light, coming down onto the earth.Later other people would tell of similar events, but that is another story, for another time.There was nothing much to see, as nobody was in the imideate area and be a witness to what was occurring .The only person that was privy to the happenings was the one, that was the light itself. Strange ,how one could be a person, yet not be a person, but who would focus on that. Honestly, some people would likely be bored enough, to give every thought more space then it really n
  12. - a tale = truth x story telling elements - time - Between Life and Death is basically just one difference, perception. Death is seen as the voidlike darkness, where nothing is but everything goes. No In-Between, at least none that we know of. Just something that was ,isn't any longer. The abruptness of the change is why it keeps feeling so sad to the ones still living.But really, who can tell how it feels for the dead. While some believe in some kind of after life and others in reincarnation, this tale is about neither of those.This tale is still just a tale, it doesn't tell u what to b
  13. - dance = people + movement + coordination - This price was due for a long time already. Sometimes things would take a long time, but eventually the moment of execution would be there. Today could be the day, the day it would all change, the day of the ending ,or the new beginning, but with it change would come.Even tho nothing was different from other days, nothing felt different to the people, nothing gave a clue, for what was to come, nothing.No sign, no telltales, just another day.A day of violence for sure, but still, just another day.People living, people dying, people fighting, peo
  14. - alive = live x perspective on death - Death was just a small slip up away, hesitation was deadly, a lack of awareness, deadly, just one misjudgement, deadly. Death was coming , but u could still affect when it would be there for u. Now imagine a dance, a dance between two different forces, beautiful to behold and otherworldly in it's grace, imagine urself catching a glimpse of that dance.Would it be able to ensnare u and capture ur attention, or would u be satisfied with one small glimpse? Just to see it and never grasp it again, could u even take in everything of it in that small momen
  15. - battles = survival + intention + strategy - Banners were a sign on the battlefield, used to hold units together, to show the commanding officers where the troops gained ground,where the fight was growing stale and where they needed to reinforce a front.Units needed them to see where they were to go and fight towards and if there was still something left of their comrades, people they could group up with and fight together with.Sometimes it was also a sign of retreat, at other times it showed that u were about to be overwhelmed, but then it was to late anyway. Battles like this one were
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