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  1. quite true. hope it doesn't count as spamming =) keep it up guys,eventually our euphoria will be heard and answered in kind :3
  2. Pick up the banner !

    When the cold came around again, I remembered. All those hidden rooms in my mind, where my memories ended up.... - Not forgotten,but certainly not remembered - Doors opening, that I don't even remember ever closing. All these moments started to come to the forefront of my mind again. Picture after Picture entering my awareness. So many Feelings coming with it. So many sensations. So many faces. All of it covered in dust - imaginary maybe, but still . Slowly the pictures become more clear, as I start to open up to the sensation. It might be cold here, but I still feel warm. Warmed up by the certainty, knowing where I came from, knowing where I am, knowing where I will go to. Gratitude filling me up. Gratitude for the times that made me. Gratitude for the gift of remembering again. Gratitude for the people that were in my life. Gratitude for the wake up call - a wake up call that I certainly needed . There might have been a lot of pain. There might have been a lot of frustration and I might have created part of the mess as well. But now - now that I remember more clearly then before - I can see more of it than ever before. I start to understand. Even with the cold around me, I finally can begin to see. These times needed to come to an end. A lesson, that I had to go through. A time that had to end, the same as this world. The same as this vessel. Even if it hurts. Even if it becomes colder, so cold that it feels unbearable. As it tries to take hold of my being, I let the memories fill me up. Not remembering all the pain, but instead focusing on the good in all of that mess. Focusing on all that made me, who I am - grateful, that I came closer, to who I wanted to be . Remembering my dreams, from a time long gone, remembering the feelings, I had forgotten so long ago. As the sensations fill me up and the cold tries to get a stronger grip on me, I let go. I let go of all the pain. Of all the beliefs I held for so long. Of all the situations that came after that decision. Of all the uncomfortable times that I endured. Of all the grudges. Of all the self talk I used to do. I understood. I really understood and I began to feel lighter - might have something to do, with my vessel disintegrating, but w/e . I guess, I should let the sensations be themselves, sometimes. As I began to separate as a crow, rising up - towards wheresoever - I finally felt better, compared to other times. I still felt warm - strangely enough. Seems like this is, what they meant with feeling peaceful. The dying world under me, began to fade and everything became brighter, losing color. So, I seem to drift around, I not knowing for how long. I only know, that I hold a picture in my mind. A picture of my past, not tainted, but still a nice picture. And I still hold that feeling inside of me. Not one of dread, nor pain, but hope. Startling enough. Suddenly I start to wake up from my trot. Unsure of what woke me. As I look around myself, I notice another crow. Haven't seen many , when I traveled to the last few worlds. Another crow flies up to us, joining us, as we travel through this in-between . More and more crows gathering with us, seemingly traveling the same way we do. This might become interesting. Usually just a few crows enter a world. Fighting for whatever cause. Leading on one side, or fighting as mercenaries, enjoying whatever they enjoy. So many crows in one place, this might be a very different world, then the ones I had visited before. Maybe there is even more hope, then I imagined. Maybe it is time, time to let that feeling of hope grow. Time to start a change, a change that will last. A change that holds peace in itself. A change that I enacted. As the wise say, the world is in urself, so start with urself. I guess, I will try. I will try once more. I will try, to make this something I can be proud of. Something, that will honor the memories I have. Something that will last, for as long as it can, for as long as we can make it last. Maybe even beyond this world. As I think about the future, or rather, about my vision our surroundings start changing again. Colors manifest themselves. Crows begin to form groups and depart into different directions. A world manifesting itself in front of us. And we slowly descend up on this new place. A place I want to create something up on. A place I want to help design. A picture , I want to make real. I think, this will be it. What ever the gods hold in store for us. I will face it. I will prevail. I will make my vision real. And I will enact the change I imagined. The time of the lone ranger has passed. It is time, to do, what is needed. For my vision can not be made true by a lone figure. Even tho every hero counts. Some things, just have to be done by a group, a group of like minded people. A group, that understands. A group, that is willing, to take it a step further. A group, that is willing to risk something. A group, that will let me use my freedom, so that I can create, what I desire. I think, I will help them as much as I can and they will eventually help me. I have to remember, for my past guides me, but shall never make me. I will let go of my old chains. I will build something new. And I need help, so that I can have the tools, that I need. I need help, from others, so that we can create something magnificent together. Something beautiful. Magical. It is time ! Where are u? Where are u? My comrades, my fellow fighters, crows of this world, crows of the same mind, let's gather. Let's place the first stone, let's take the first step, on our journey, the first creation in this world, let's create it together, the guild we want, the guild we need, the guild we envision. The place we can call home, the place we can be free, the place we can thrive, the place we want to protect, the place that we imagine. Come, gather around, gather with me, let me carry the banner, the banner of our cause, the banner of our group, the banner we hold dear. I will pick up the banner, I will hold it high, I will carry it , for as long as I can and beyond this world. Let me hold the banner, for it is the symbol of our beliefs. So that more will come, to pick up the banner as well, to fight for the same cause, to live for the same cause, and to belief and to feel and to live. For we are the crows of Corvus Sanctus.
  3. Video "Fear the Undead"

    funny, but i hope that will not be doable later on in the game
  4. 1 Mob To Pwn Them All

    good suggestion, that would be something
  5. Cannot Resolve Host Destination

    He might have either forgotten to redeem his backer status or used the wrong account, happened to me as well
  6. nice one 6.8/10 , too high standards :c hope we will see more like this in the future
  7. Custom ability chain/combo

    First and foremost .don't get ahead of urself. I'm jusrt a tester.Try to make sound suggestions instead of trying to rule over ace and their decisions ty.and secondly pls be polite. Third ifu don't like the system don't assume everybody experienes it the same way u do.maybe somebody likes it the way it is.judging it doesn't earn u much favor.neither does my crappy handy
  8. theorygasm :3 hopefully that will happen, one day :3
  9. Custom ability chain/combo

    I do think this idea has quite some merit, but I doubt it will be something that could or would be done for beta. there are so many game systems that still have to be implemented, so I doubt they will focus on such an advanced thing just to make combat better, because they are likely to overhaul that stuff quite a lot till beta release
  10. Why? Why does it have to be like this?`Just why?

    There is always a purpose
  11. True, thanks for reminding me of another possibility =) I hope they will do something like that, would be awesome if the terrain influencing could be done in so many ways, I imagine some really funny digging going on,eventually. As long as they only sell blueprints, I guess that could be ok. Makes for a steady idea, I think.
  12. There are days, when u do most things like u usually do. Entrapped in some kind of routine, maybe even the one u chose, but a routine none the less. No matter how "high" ur standards are, it is still "just" a routine. U wake up. U do x, y and z. U take ur time. U go and do what u always do. But something seems different today - doesn't it? The first breath of the cold morning air - didn't it make u want to curl up in a cozy place ? The chill of the cold morning bath - didn't it seem harsher then yesterday ? The first step out - didn't it seem harder then before ? The goal for today - didn't it seem to be more foggy ? But even despite those things, u know what u have to do. U remember those times, when u didn't know. U remember how it was - to stumble. To let urself get carried away by the moment. U remember the seamless endless drifting. The inner "slumber". The times, that u did not believe. The times, when u were in ur head, alone. The time after ...... -No, I made my decision. That time was over. There was no going back anyway .... not anymore. -Even those thoughts are just feeding into the cycle again. Let's go. Let's do this. My armor is already on, so I start shouldering my bow, attach my swords at my belt and make sure, that I have my arrows and my materials on me, ready to be used. There is no more time for this crap. A new day has come and with it, I shall greet the new chances, that will come my way. Let me feel the first touch of sunlight on my face. Let me feel the warmth of live again. The feeling of pure aliveness. The feeling that is sucking u in, because the moment is just too powerful. The feeling, when everything slows down and nearly everything else is unimportant. The feeling of being drawn in by the magic of whatever this is. Is it the moment? Is it the action? Is it the risk? Is it the chance of failure? Or do the little thoughts, that still speak in my mind, taint my awareness ? Is there something I oversee? Is there something I should remember? Is there something I have forgotten ? - No. I already climbed those mountains. I claimed the peak and I saw the fall. This time I have a safety net. It won't happen again. -Give me a break! As I yell out, into the chilly morning atmosphere, I let go of all the tension and anxiety. It might not be the smartest thing to do. But I rather face the enemies in this world, then the voices within. I have already fought that battle and I thought I was victorious. I thought I was free . Are they coming to haunt me again? The memories .... -Enough! This is stupid. Why is this happening now? Everything is settling. Everything has fallen into place. I know where to go to. I know what to do. I know how to handle it. I will be fine. I will survive and thrive. I know, what I have to do. I have remembered those times. I have faced the shadows. I have faced the ultimate challenge. There will be nothing standing in my way. There will be nothing that will surprise me. But why does the cold creep into my body, even tho I'm moving. Are there enemies close by? Should I watch out for "it" ? ? ? Can I stop it ? Can I prevent it? Can I even defend against this? As I halter in my steps an imagine fades into my mind. A very old memory. Not forgotten, but buried. Buried, almost like a treasure. Something u would like to dip in, every now and then. Something that will delight u, but also threatens to consume u. "Be aware, those who falter in their steps, will see, what they don't want to see. An unspoken horror,dwelling, waiting. Be aware, for it is close ..... so close " ( a line in an important book) I remember that line, it always gave me something to think over. Back when I read the book, I wasn't sure what it meant, but I believe I understand now. I believe I have seen it. But still.... I find myself remembering. Details arise. The picture becomes clearer , wider. People fade into view - my sight seems to become unimportant, as I focus more on the memory. Old friends, companions. Of a time, when we faced dangers together. When we prepared for threats and were ready to slay everything in our paths. Of a time when enemies meant nothing, because we had each other. We had the strength. We had the conviction - or at least it seemed that way, at that time. I remember the feelings. The feeling of preparing, the anticipation and the moment when it was finally time. Time to work together and slay the monsters. Time to fight the abominations, that threatened our world and our existence. They crumbled, because they didn't really have what we had.We were so much stronger, we worked together. I miss the times. When we know what to do, when we fought together, when we found treasure after treasure and became stronger after every fight.When we used the magic of the world to enchant everything we had. When we made the animals of the world be useful to us. And everything we created was used in the next fight. The feeling of being ready, the feeling of excitement, when we started the big fights. The most important ones - where am I ? The feeling, when u found something few would find. It was glorious and it felt so easy - what am I doing ? The celebration after the battles where the best, so carefree, so uncaring, about what was going elsewhere. The fights against other groups were always very different, but they brought us closer and even those who helped us, they became closer to us. - No, I shouldn't ! Sometimes it was really hard, to fight against somebody that seemed so much stronger, like u had no chance, but we still tried. Again and again. We used everything we could, to create an even battlefield. Sometimes, it was just not meant to be even . - Why ? It seemed unfair, sometimes. Who wanted it to be like this? Who wanted it to be this unequal? This unfair. Like u could only have won, if u had more at the beginning, like it was not enough, how u have done till now, what u had become. Like there was no meaning to all of ur progress. Like everything was just meant to strike u down - No, it wasn't ! Like they were just looking for easy prey and they made their prey themselves - No, we weren't. So eventually, it became, what it had to become. Tedious, draining, repetitive - I changed ! One by one, it took us. One by one they couldn't do it any longer - I became stronger ! One by one, they left and looked for something new - I was steadfast ! Everyone looking for excitement again, for the feelings they once had. They cut the bond off, leaving the good times behind. -They shouldn't have ! Now i'm here ..... alone. Fighting another fight. But still .... still.. I still remember. And I still miss them. -That time was so long ago ! And now ... !? Now, I just ask myself.... Why ? What were the real reasons ? Why? Why am I still feeling so angry ? Why? Why did they not try another way`? Why? Where we set up? Set up to fail? Set up to feed the stronger ones? Why? Couldn't we have stayed closer together? Why? Why am I here now? Why? Why did it have to come to this? Why? Alone again? Why? Why does it have to be like this ? why ...... just why.... Tell me! [ OOC PS : Wrote this with an idea, a picture in mind and Emil Bulls music drumming into my ears, especially the new album "Kill ur demons" [ no advertising ] . And a bit of a homage to a few other things ]
  13. Too Much Action?

    While I agree with the philosophy of helping the weaker ones, I do also think there should not be a reason, to run around and just think of every newbie as a little puppy that needs protection. If they need help, they can ask. If ppl start thinking they can get everything from somebody else, there will be ppl who abuse that. Let them figure out a bit of the obvious stuff for themselves, it's called letting go. As long as u don't overdo it (farming ppl with a certain name) and are ready to help, then there is nothing wrong with sometimes killing a newbie,or sbd who can't react due to a bad pc. how would u know and why should they not also experience frustration? it helps u grow, cause u need to let go as well.
  14. Is this really,what we wanted?

    Every world comes to an end eventually, when the never ending hunger takes over and every beautiful thing fades away. We don't know what and how it happens. We just know that the end is coming. Maybe even the endless wars will end - at least for some time. We do not know what will become of us, the crows. Maybe it will be just another world for us, where we go through the cycle again. To fight for something else, to fight, for as long as we can. I'm unsure, if it's a curse, or a blessing. But even so, there is nothing we can change about that - at least nobody, who pleaded with the gods, seemed to have found another way. So we are stuck here, which does not mean that it's a bad place to be, merely a fact - at least for me it is. There are also those, who dwell in inner confusion and pity, unable to come clean with the current state. Stuck in a state of mind, that does not allow for growth, or lasting happiness. Poor souls , I believe that they will find relief, eventually. All I can do is, to create the best possible atmosphere. To allow peace to take root, to allow no side to grow too overbearing. To give as much as I can. To offer a place to rest. To offer something that one can look forward to. To find something new, for others to explore themselves. To create a stable place. When we have a good foundation, we can work on something truly magnificent, something magical, something enchanting.Something worth protecting. When we have that, even the smallest seed should have a chance to grow, for light will shine on it. And as soon as everything can grow, anything is possible. This should be at least part of our dream, part of our bigger picture, part of our goal. But for now, we take, what we can take. Everything this world has to offer, is ours for the taking. Does it seem cruel sometimes? Yes, or maybe so. Not sure, This world grows fast enough and replenishes it's energy, even during such a hard time, when the hunger is creeping closer and closer. We crowd the animals together and decimate them in a very short time. Cutting them up. Nothing is left unused. But there are no marks of honor, no signs of glory. It is just part of the work. We don't even need that much, just some poking and they come running. When they stand close together, thinking they are about to catch some juicy prey, we attack. All of them at once. With swift and brutal attacks - uncaring - we massacre them. They don't stand a chance and it's not like they can ignore us. We can hunt them one after another, or we herd them together like this. Just some powerful magic and a few arrows, some blade swinging and they are dead. Doesn't take much from me and my comrades - it's just work. We take and take and we destroy, just like the godfather. We do also create, but what is born out of destruction is likely to destruct itself again, it is not stable. There is no harmony, not enough balance in the equation. Is there not some better way? Can't we make better use of the resources we have? For the time when the hunger comes, so we can fight longer, so we can hold on, so that maybe, we find a solution. Can't we tame a few of the animals? So that we can breed them and study the materials, we can gain from them, more. So that we can spend less times fighting and more time searching . More time, to care. To love, to live and to be peaceful, not bring it, but being it. Doesn't this world deserve our respect , our gratitude, our care? Why do we have to rob it, just because it grows so fast? But for how long? How long can this go on? Are we really better then the hunger? We take and take. Use everything we find , but just for our people. Everything seems to perish, even under our hands..... Can't we prolong this? Can't we find another way? Can't we find a solution? Or is there only more of the same? Can't we band together and seek, what we really want . Not some short pleasure, not something nice, but something fulfilling, something lasting. There should be something better.Something that even u can imagine. What do u need me to do? Where do u need me to go? Tell me, my friend. With what u see and what u experienced. Are u feeling well? Do u think others are happy? With everything u can see and feel here, Where do u want to go to? What do u want to do? Tell me, my friend, Is this really what we wanted?
  15. updated my rps/stories, hope they offer a better read now