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  1. - thoughts on beings - To be clear, the people of this village have different gods then u might know, but they only know a few stories and not all of the gods are known to them.Even not all gods of the pantheon. But it was useful to our protagonist, he now had knowledge about some foreign gods and how the people viewed them. Gods and religions had been tricky business in his first life and the way he saw it, here it was no different. Gods were also beings, they were not perfect, they acted and reacted and sometimes they did not know things. A good way for disasters to occur. I mean , imagine a god that can create worlds and while he is creating a new one, he get's tapped on his back and turns. Concentration shaken,sight elsewhere, the world has to live with whatever comes out of that. Would you pity them, or ask for their termination? Things start somewhere, but if you believe in cause and effect and deem yourself capable of seeing the future then you might be able to prevent their misery. And think about the clash between two different gods, or multiple ,or even higher beings. A tantrum that might destroy worlds , because somebody stepped on the wrong planet , or missed a hit, or with magic - *bumm* pulverized. The existence of gods should make you tremble, if u were beneath them , but then there was always a bigger player in the game and you could live in fear all day long.Pretty sad life if you think about it, who would want to endure that? Even if you tried to be the biggest and meanest guy around, there would be somebody who could get on up on u. So you can revolt, you can live in fear, or u accept and find a different way. Now the question is, what does this third option look like? Would it set me on the same pedestal as the gods? Who knows. But it would change your very own perspective about the whole situation. A life in fear is no life. And a life spent chasing power is not a life used to live. Now it becomes interesting. What if there was a way , in which one could go above the gods and yet not lose who he is and not really become something different. Sounds interesting to you? What would you give for that? Everything ? No less then everything would be ok. No more then your whole life could pay for that. A Life dedicated to two things only. Yourself and a higher purpose - funnily enough, that sounded like a bad gods joke. Would you be willing to go there? To be that person? To be yourself, yet so much more. To do the greater work , but not lose yourself in it. To go the way no man would go.Why would you want to go there? Why would you pay such a prize? Why , indeed.
  2. - thoughts - The trip was uneventful, which was quite positive for the villagers. They told him about some of the ambushes, of the scavengers that robbed them and also about the strange sightings that had been made elsewhere. Traveling merchants would tell stories about lost people and even undead, that had been sighted , but those had to be more horror stories, then reality. trying to frighten people, making a better deal on some stuff, just another spiel. - As we know every story has a bit of truth in it's core, but just let it be for now . - They had checked the traps, Degon got a bit lucky on the amount of catches, they gathered enough wood and herbs to last them quite a while and some fungi.He himself had even found an apple tree and munched on one for the rest of the journey, carrying some of them in his attire. The Ladies told stories and some of the latest gossip, he didn't include himself much in the conversations, stating that he had to be attentive and vigilant. But he was just not one for idle chit chat and gossip.Partly he also was mindful of possible ambushes , like the one that killed him, or whatever happened to him. He did not talk with the villagers about that, who know how they might react. The good thing about all of this, the job would pay of easily , if he didn't have to fight. One still needed training in order to fend enemies off, so he would start his routine again. It was also part of the reason, why he got the help from Degon, they had no fighters or guardsmen amongst their village and outside help cost a lot more. They had smiths and vendors, but no one with the training to use them, the few weapons they had were more for the scenario that something would happen and travelers that came through the village, filling up on supplies and buying one thing or another.He should try to talk to the next travelers that would come, maybe they could also make sense of what he had seen in the forest, but first he would talk to the village people over the next few days and see where he could get some good information. Building relationships and trying to get other tasks, that would give him more possibilities. Sitting at the table with Degon, he enjoyed the meal, that they shared. He could almost feel like a freeloader, because of the lack of action not allowing him to make himself useful. "Degon, can u tell me a bit more about this village?" "What would u like to know?"" How many families are living here and how do you organize everything?""In this village are living 12 families and a few more people on on their own, I believe seven other people. Nobody really counts, we just know each other well. That's also why we are working with a village court , we come together , talk and decide together." " Why do u live here so openly?Isn't this quite risky, without any defense structures? " " The gods protect us and we have nothing to fear. Sometimes it's good to be cautious, especially when u go out in to the forest, but in here, we didn't get attacked since ages. " " Which gods do u mean? I have come across many beliefs and religions in my travels, so I'm not sure of which u are talking about." " Well, then let me tell u the story of Valkyn ...... "
  3. - sometimes - Here he was, finally holding a weapon again, ohh the options. For now he would do his job, he could gain a lot by having the goodwill of these people, at least once they were more trusting. If they saw his skills, once there was action, they would surely look more favorably up on him.Degon had taken him to a vendor and had proposed a deal to him and the vendor. He would buy a sword, so that the traveler could help to protect them - since some time they got ambushed in the forest, when they were out gathering and laying traps for wild animals . Once he had paid off the sword to Degon - paid in work - he could be on his way, with the weapon in hand. It sounded like quite the deal, especially because he also got a place to sleep. He really got lucky. There was of course the action of just taking everything he could and just killing anybody who would try to stop him, but that option didn't give him many choices afterwards. There would be a lack of information and a lack of reserves and also way more thing he had to do himself.Work and lodging was a really good option for the time being.Also he could potentially gain a few connections for later, that would be really helpful . It was the morning after yesterday, Degon left him the sword so that he could train, apparently he had a bit of trust in him, leaving a stranger with a weapon. There was also the possibility that they were quite desperate, which would mean that these ambushes were quite hard on them , or taking a lot. Whatever it was, now that he had a weapon it was easier to deal with anything that would come up."Are u ready to go out?" "Sure. I'm just waiting for u. " Degon was a trap expert, he would lay traps inside the forest and would sell parts of the animals he caught, it was an ok business , as long as he got something. " There will be a few other peole joining us. Since we have a bit of protection now, we can do a trip more safely.We are placing a lot of trust in ur skills, be aware of that." "I will try my best." A party of seven left the village,three women would gather spare wood and a pair would gather herbs and fungi that were on their way. Degon would lead the way, because they had to check the traps and he himself was the protection for the group. The group set off into the forest. The women were already busy talking between themselves. " Did u hear that old Heron is out again? Apparently he went to the city for another job offer." " Really? He's travelling so much in these troubling times. " He's so old and yet he does not rest as much as the others do." " Well, his history must hold him up .I guess."
  4. - A first step - This time he completed the journey to the village safely and in a timely manner.He went trough the woods in a faster pace and with a few sprints here and there he made it to the village with plenty of time before nightfall. - If he wasn't using a human avatar he might have been even more hidden, but it is not like we are going to tell him. - Now , that he was reaching his goal, he felt grateful that he already made plans on his trip.Off to the first house it is. As a stranger it would not be wise to wander around in a village all on his own, better make sure that they understood that he was coming in peace. Knocking on the door of the first building he had to wait for a bit, but no one seemed to hear him. He knocked again, still nothing. Since he had to play the part of the friendly stranger , he took of to the next house. There were times when he had plundered in his old life, he had not killed or maimed, but he took what he needed, if the possibility presented itself.Coming to the next door, he knocked once more. The sound seemed to be clear and loud, hopefully someone was around. Just as he had the thought ,the door opened inwards. "Hello, what can I help u with?" The tone of the male sounded a bit guarded, his face neutral but with a careful edge, his body mostly relaxed besides his hand on the door.Strangers might not always be friendly around here, but he still felt safe, otherwise he would have not opened the door so wide. " Good day sir. I'm a traveler who has not much on him. I come here, seeking company and a bit of help. I lost my belongings and haven't eaten in days. I'm quite ready to put myself to use, whatever u may need. " "A traveler without much u say, not to sound rude, but inviting a stranger into ones home is risky these days. But yet we could use some help around here. The woods have been less safe each day and there's always work around here. I think I might know where we can get u a meal and then we see. " Trust was an issue, not unsurprising, but he needed help , for now. He stepped away from the porch, the man that was willing to help him,came out and closed the door behind him,locking it. "Come with me, we will see what is possible. "
  5. - u just get back up again - Back again. He was kneeling once more in front of the structure, fist on his heart, his head bent.He could feel his body again, or this new body, or whatever it was. Confusion was still at the forefront of his mind, he felt like a little kid, who had to learn the ropes all over again. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, he got up .Focusing , before he opened his eyes, in order to take in his surroundings. It looked exactly the same as before.So basically he had the same choices again.Open space, forest on his right and behind the structure, Land with few trees on his left. He knew from last time, at least if he could trust that experience, that there would be a village ,if he followed the forest line to his right for a day. Checking the poisition of the sun it seemed to be shortly after sunrise , so he had the time , but there were plenty of opportunities for another ambush. The other options were unknown and could still have a similar risk. Was there any factor he was missing, that would pull him into a certain direction? He thought about his old life , he thought about the last time he was here, searching for anything that could help him decide. After a short while the experience with the guy in the forest came to him.He clearly saw something that was different , compared to his old life, he needed to learn more about this. And the ambush thought him, that he still had to be careful.In conclusion , the forest to his right would still be his best bet. If he made sure to be faster and do a few steps more and a sprint in between, he should be able to make it before nightfall.With that tempo he would be able to move fast and silently enough,in order to stay safe. Survival first, anything else would come in time. Once he reached that village, he would try to get some info and starting equipment ,or at least some work.At least he could start somewhere, even without any belongings. With the decision made and the priorities set for now, he began his journey once more.
  6. - when life knocks u down - He was, yet he wasn't. Light in darkness, again.Being, without being. But somehow there was consciousness. No ! How ? He wondered what was going on, he could remember the last time this happened, he could remember that he got attacked. Did he die? And somehow he was going to get back to life, again? A third time? Was it just a dream ? Was there a curse on him? And if there was, who cursed him? Was he hallucinating? Was it even real? The light moved, forming another sphere , another crow, ready to descend upon another world. The story of the crows is quite old and yet, it's a story that not everyone knows about, but that is not the story I'm telling right now. The light shifted , becoming solid , allowing for another travel. The crow was on it's way, he didn't know where to and he did not decide either. He was moving, that was all he knew. He was free to contemplate and think about what happened and what was happening, but did he actually want to think about it? If it was anything like the last time, he had to find a way to survive again. He got ambushed after he left the forest, the question was, would he have to go and start from the same place again? Did all of it really happen? Doubt was trying to creep into his awareness. Doubt in himself, doubt in his senses , doubt in his own memories. He remembered a saying, that he had heard, long ago " If u doubt, u are already dead ". But even despite that, there was still a lot he could not be sure about. The crow kept flying, passing through spheres that no living being could enter, not that the crow knew that. He wasn't a living crow anyway, being a being of light. Technicalities , I know. The flight was much the same as the other one, uneventful , without any control. Poor man, stuck in a body, aware, yet without any influence. One could almost pity him, but the gods did not pity anyone and they were the only ones being aware of it all, at least as far as we know. The journey took it's while , as he passed clouds and got his first glimpses of a landscape he felt alleviated .The crow flew to another structure, seemingly the same, as the one last time. Sinking down in front of it , light dispersing and forming another shape, bringing live to nothingness, bringing a body to consciousness.
  7. -the night is dark and full of terrors- The sun was almost gone, he might have an hour or so, till the dark would settle in.The ultimate question was , should he keep going on, or rather try to find something in this forest that would give him cover during the night ? The dilemma was still the same as before, life and it's little things.Since he had literally nothing to lose, he went for the risky route. A village was still the better option in his mind. He would be lucky, to be able to rest after this day and finally have somebody he could talk to. Since the last day was rather strange, he could not talk about everything, but he could at least get some good information. Because he had to find a place for the night very soon, the decision on where to stay, had to be made. In a last attempt he went to the edge of the forest, to get a better view.As he passed the edge of the treeline he was able to have a better view of the land in front and around him. Still a lot of free land around him, that stretched into the distance, but the direction he was going to, was more important. Turning and concentrating , he caught sight of something that looked an awful lot like a building. Trying to focus it still seemed like a building. YES ! All that time was walking in one direction was finally paying off. As fast as he could he began to walk towards the building, elated and hopeful, for a meal and a place to stay. A nights rest would do wonders for his constitution and his still turning mind. Lost in his thoughts again and focused on his goal, he did not hear the quiet noise, that penetrated the night. His only indication that something was wrong, was a pain in his back,something small had hit him. Before he even could turn, he felt something different penetrate his skin and entering his body. It felt like a blade , was hist last thought, before he collapsed and lost his consciousness.
  8. - A journey involves travel - He followed the person for a bit longer,trying to see anything else, unknown to him. Nothing, this person just seemed to cut trees for a really long time. Aware of the possibility that this person knew more about magic then him, he backed off slowly.Facing somebody with unknown powers or even being in dept to such a person, was very risky, if not to say foolish.He went towards the edge of the forest , continuing on the journey he was on before. As the sun came through the trees more, he realized that he was back on track, he kept walking. Still mesmerized by what happened, he got lost in his own thoughts. It looked like magic, this light, that formed into an axe . Maybe there was something in this world, that he knew nothing about , he should be very cautious . The possibilities were endless with magic and he didn't have any access to it. A melee fighter was powerless in the face of magic, unless he could surprise his enemy, but he was still unarmed. What to do? What to do? What if the magic this person performed, was not unique to him? Maybe he could ask around and find a person that could explain it better, or maybe even teach him? Was he capable of something like that? All these possibilities were wrecking his brain, it was really hard to decide, when there were so many unknowns. He needed something to eat and a way to defend himself, that was for certain. Hopefully there was a village around, otherwise he would have to try more desperate measures. He never had the need, to know how to survive by himself.There were always others. There were smiths, cooks, craftsman. Why would anybody want to know every single thing that there was? It was a mystery to him. Still, he was in a situation where he was all by himself. For now he would be fine. On and on he went, the landscape behind the trees did not change much, the sun rose higher and higher and he needed to take breaks from time to time. He was not aware of how long he was walking for and there was still no village in sight.It was definitively to late to turn back, but he could change his course. Was it worth it tho? Probably not. So on he went. A thousand steps, a thousand thoughts and he was still on his way, the sun was sinking. Would he have to sleep in this forest tonight? If this world was the similar to his old one, then there would be nocturnal hunters, it was risky to stay outside in the night.A bit of panic seeped into his being. Breathe, just breathe. No reason to get agitated right now, he still had to find that village anyway. He kept walking , on and on, the sun kept sinking, lower and lower.
  9. - all beginnings are hard - With the sun came the realization that he had to survive again. He didn't have the same comforts he had in his other life, he didn't have the same options he had before.He had to make it on his own, before he could get anywhere. He had to find food and eventually shelter, he had to decide on a route and he had to get himself a weapon.Where to start? Where to start? The forest could provide something to eat, but would likely lead away from any kind of settlements. But most important of all, it could provide cover, for he was as of yet unarmed. The open land seemed risky, but might be a safe bet for finding other living people. Staying here,to wait for people visiting the structure was another bet, cause what else was it standing here for, if not some kind of landmark. Staying was very risky and relied to much on luck tho. Moving under cover would allow him to dictate the circumstances of any possible meeting or encounter. If he had bad luck he could also meet something unfriendly in the forest, but it still seemed to be his best bet.So off to the forest it was, or was there anything that he was missing? Quickly making a mental list, he decided, that he was good to go. He turned to his right and went towards the forest. As he started to walk, he realized that he was clothed, simply, but still , strange how that worked. He entered the forest and decided to head a bit deeper, before he would move along the edges of the forest.Nothing exciting was going on, as he traveled trough the forest, just wood , some noise from the wind and maybe a few birds here and there, uneventful, but safe. Since he had nothing and nobody to keep himself busy, his mind started to drift.He began to ponder the mystery of his arrival and the strange lights,he began to think about what he was going to do next, as soon as he found other humans.He was thinking about something to eat, a good piece of juicy ham. He began to think about this strange world that he landed on, even tho there was nothing he knew , he started to fantasize about different possibilities. That he would just find a village, settle there and do some odd jobs to get comfortable, or that he would go from there, to find a city that could actually offer more opportunities. Maybe he would join a group of vagabonds, or even a group of mercenaries, he knew how to fight after all. Making a name for himself was not really important for him, so no need to aim high. And so he continued his travel, entertaining different scenarios in his mind. The sun kept rising and he kept walking, the shadows of the treeline kept moving as well, at least that's what he noticed, when he caught glimpses of them.On and on he went, without a clear goal and only hope as his ration and companion. Suddenly he heard a heavy noise, like something hard was hitting wood, like an axe maybe. Maybe there was another human cutting wood, maybe he could talk to him, if he was friendly that is.He changed his direction and walked towards the noise, noticing that it seemed to stop after some time, only to start again. When the noise became louder he started to slow down, still cautious of a hostile encounter. Finally he caught a glimpse of another person, that seemed busy swinging something against a tree. Carefully not to be seen, he slowed his steps and took cover. From his position he could see the Person, but he should be well hidden. The person seemed to finish cutting the tree, placing a part of wood in his bag and going towards another tree. He saw how the Person hold up his hands and some blue thing happened between his hands. As he took his arms down, he had an axe in his hand,with which he began to cut the tree. Startled he noticed, that the axe seemingly came out of thin air. Was this magic? Was this person some kind of summoner? What was this light?
  10. Even if u don't run easy 0815 counter strats u could have actually employed the very thing u keep ignoring: tactics and strategy. The whole threat I just hear u complaining and actually not really going for a productive conversation, face it man. a) this game is not finished yet b ) the chance of u and ur friends actually making a lot of mistakes is very likely,due to chill group interactions c ) if somebody dictates when and where to fight, why did u not set up the conditions in ur own frame during the time he took his distance?= d ) take a lot of skill to be mad at the game, but not really ask for what could have been possible ? aka -> tactics e ) uk, a productive discussion goes like this : u describe what happened, u point out what went wrong on both sides ( which u tried to, but mostly stuck to game mechanics ) , then u ask for different perspectives ( aka not sticking to ur own point and going from a different angle of argumentation ) , and then u try to find a better conclussion. To sum it all up , u wanna feel proven right and validated, sorry man, that's not what's gonna happen in such a community. We want this game to be hardcore pvp , so we go for what's needed and if we run sth different, we enjoy it. If u start attacking the yet unfinished system ( note, not having a productive discussion ) and just defend ur position, nothing much is going to change, cause they are either for or against u ( with this kind of discussion) , but not really trying to work out something even better for everyone.
  11. - a new dawn - Lightning did not struck the sky,but on lookers told of a strange light, coming down onto the earth.Later other people would tell of similar events, but that is another story, for another time.There was nothing much to see, as nobody was in the imideate area and be a witness to what was occurring .The only person that was privy to the happenings was the one, that was the light itself. Strange ,how one could be a person, yet not be a person, but who would focus on that. Honestly, some people would likely be bored enough, to give every thought more space then it really needed.But let's go on with the story. The light, or rather the crow, descended onto the earth, slowing it's speed.He did not know, where he was flying towards, it felt almost like he was guided,but he neither know how, nor why.Despite this thought, he continued on his way, towards wherever. Slowly a strange structure began to emerge ahead, it almost seemed like a beacon of sorts.With mixed feelings he kept approaching the structure, noting many pillars around a bigger center-structure .He kept gliding towards it's center , slowing down even more, losing height. With an almost anticlimactic motion he landed in front of the center.With a motion that seemed like he was paying his respects, he lowered his head towards the floor. The light that made his crow becoming denser, growing in size and losing some of it's form.His awareness changed , his shape became different and more solid.His awareness kept stretching, it almost felt like the time before he became the crow of lightning .The lights began to condense around and inside of him, giving form to what he was becoming.Slowly he became more defined, more colorful, more distinctive. He seemed to be in a human form, but why or how was an enigma to him. Still kneeling on the floor , as the last beams of light went into his being, he waited for whatever it was that was happening, somehow aware, that he would not be able to do anything else, but wait.Slowly his from felt like his body,like he could move, like he could control his own actions fully, so he did.He stood up . Standing straight, he noticed, that his right had was above his heart, in a fist. With mixed emotions he opened up his fist and felt his heartbeat. *bthumm,bthumm,bthumm* A beating heart, a moving body, how was this possible? How did he get here, how did he gain this live? So many questions... He began to look around himself, noticing the structure , noticing the forest to his right side and the spare trees on his left. There was a more open space behind him and more forest behind the structure. Where was he going to go ? What was he going to do? Why was he here? What did just happen? How was he alive again? What was this structure? Many questions and many more kept coming, as the sun showed itself ,shining it's first rays of the day onto the human, who was living once more.
  12. - a tale = truth x story telling elements - time - Between Life and Death is basically just one difference, perception. Death is seen as the voidlike darkness, where nothing is but everything goes. No In-Between, at least none that we know of. Just something that was ,isn't any longer. The abruptness of the change is why it keeps feeling so sad to the ones still living.But really, who can tell how it feels for the dead. While some believe in some kind of after life and others in reincarnation, this tale is about neither of those.This tale is still just a tale, it doesn't tell u what to believe in, but it gives u a different perspective on life, hopefully. Let me tell u the story, of the crow of lightning. Or the Crow of color , as it's called. The story speaks of a man, a dead man, wounded and ultimately killed in battle.A man with no Name to be recognized, no family left behind, no legacy to be told of. He was alive and then he was dead and he found himself somewhere else. He could not see something concrete around himself, just light and colors, many different shades.He could not feel anything, he was just seeing. He was in this place, almost rooted, deprived of his senses, besides what he could see, even tho he had no eyes. In fact he did not even posses a body, but somehow he saw these colors and lights. Swirled around him, traveling and speeding past him, coming from all directions.There was no concrete pattern in the movement of the lights or colors and he could not really define what he was seeing around himself. That was really the only reason, why he noticed the change in his environment. Suddenly some of the lights did take on a certain pattern, they gathered around a strange center, spiraling around it, amassing more and more lights and different shades of colors. The spiral grew more and more, formig a maelstrom and at it's center, a point, becoming clearer and clearer. Slowly the lights traveled to the point where he saw everything, not really knowing what he was seeing and what was going on, he panicked a bit. The light was about to touch him and he was still rooted where he was.Fear filled his being, even tho he had no body. No sound was made, as the light touched his awareness, slowly forming something around and in him. The Shape it took was not yet very clear, but since he did not feel pain or anything bad , he started to calm down and just take whatever was happening in. The light took form , on his sides, behind him and under him, he was still rooted to the spot, only being able to see.He could perceive a sharp form in front of his eyes. Suddenly he could see the light coming back around him again, with it came some kind of warm sensation. It felt strange, almost like he was in the air, but it was comfortable and the heat was spreading trough his entire being. It felt like there was a part of him, where his being ended, like an abrupt sense of me and the outside.The light around him began to cascade back into itself slowly leaving space for more darkness, but yet he was light and color. With an abrupt change, the light was gone, so was whatever held him in place. He did not think to move his arms and legs, he just thought about moving forward and up. He felt the energy in his being move, spreading to his sides, filling him up and moving something. Up, down, up, down, he started moving forward." Were these wings? " He kept moving, slowly increasing his pace into the darkness,not going into any direction yet, besides forward. He kept moving through the darkness, flying, floating? Somehow. The darkness stretched everywhere he could see and he did not know how long he was moving for. Slowly , the darkness begin to fade as well, it became brighter and flecks of color started to appear, bit by bit. As the darkness began to be mostly behind him, something formed in the direction he was moving towards. The shape it began to take, looked like some kind of globe.The closer he got ,the more convinced he became, that this was a space to live in.Hopefully, he would find a place to stay there, maybe even some kind of life. He kept flying towards that place, passing the air, new feelings arising in his being, feelings he did not have before. Steadily , he kept his course. And that my avid listener, is where the first story began, of the crow of color, the crow of lightning.
  13. - dance = people + movement + coordination - This price was due for a long time already. Sometimes things would take a long time, but eventually the moment of execution would be there. Today could be the day, the day it would all change, the day of the ending ,or the new beginning, but with it change would come.Even tho nothing was different from other days, nothing felt different to the people, nothing gave a clue, for what was to come, nothing.No sign, no telltales, just another day.A day of violence for sure, but still, just another day.People living, people dying, people fighting, people struggling, nothing out of the ordinary.But as always, once the moment had come, it was as if lighting had struck, quick and sudden.Like a sudden drum sound it would underline the happenings, such was the strangeness of experience, colored and highlighted in many different ways.Not even the goods were immune to this, they might be above mortals, but they were also struck by fate and experience.But this mortal fool was not on the level of gods, just another human, not realizing his potential and playing with forces unknown to him. Court power and u shall court death. Court death and it would be the last thing u would have done in ur life. With bravado he kept storming forward, seemingly more like a mad dog then a soldier.Far from a leader, but a fighter that his men respected and looked up to, which was all he wanted. He was a man of the sword, a man who lived for the fight, a man who lived in battle, that was his destiny, his life.There was nothing else, that he would like to do more. Nothing else he would chase after, he only knew how to charge, charge towards another another fight, another clash of strength and finesse, that was all he wanted.As the next line of enemies came into sight he kept charging, only slowing down , when the first arrow flew towards his position. Raising his shield in order to block some of the projectiles, that were aiming for him. Closer and closer he got, more adrenaline pumping through his system, anticipation filling him once again, almost there. The enemy front raised their shields, but they only had swords in their other hands, he could get trough that, no one would beat him.He angled his sword just right to use his faint as a stab , ignoring the shield and getting a direct hit on the one in front of him, he would probably not survive this attack.Retracting his swords and checking his side, he took a chance at the next one on his side, trying to help his fellow soldier. The two of them had no problem dealing with that one, but the lines of battle were drawn, they had to fight and win each step at a time.As was the nature of bigger battles one soldier would quickly fill the spot of the one in front of him.One down, way more to go, there was not much time to think, nor rest.Stab, dodge, block the next hit, go for a slash and press in with the shield, a kick to the knee and he would be open and weak. Once u had them out of balance, u could take them out easily. Almost like a machine, he fell into a rhythm, hit here, block there, be quick, a feint, stab, kick, slash. Fighting in a line was not the same as fighting on ur own, but every soldier knew how to do it. There would be better fights, once the line was broken, but till then, one step at a time. His muscles were soaring, his face was wet from sweat and blood, his mind was getting duller, yet he felt as alive as before. He loved this feeling, this rush, it filled him up with energy, it almost seemed like his attacks became even faster.Stab,ram into them, stab again,retract a bit, another feint ,go for the leg, disarm, kill. Pay attention, the battle is still not over! He kept fighting as they kept gaining ground, the battle was going well for them.His unit had gained quite a lot, they kept attacking, ferociously.The enemies kept backing off, they seemed afraid, pressure, pressure even further. There were trees, they came quite far already. Further , further, they would die today, no mercy, no hesitation. One of the enemies in front of him turned around and started to run, breaking the line, creating a hole, they would use this . " Charge ! " He knew that this was their chance, the enemy had faltered, this was their win. He and his unit charged ahead, having more room to pressure their enemies allowed for easier kills. The kept a steady pace, when they entered the border of the forest, it got darker, but their pace did not stop. Most of the enemies were running by now, at least the ones in front of them, they still had to break those to their side. " Stay grouped and follow me ." He turned to the right side and they took of again in a steady pace. When they set sight on their enemies, they charged ahead again, tired, but sure in their advantage. Szssut An arrow buried itself right into the soldier on his left side. szssut Another arrow, missing him , but finding another target to his right. More and more arrows were coming from their left side and the enemies were also in front of them, slowly spreading out to take their right side. A Pincer move. szssut He got hit. szssut szssut szssut Another three arrows managed to nail him. Just one slip of attention was all it took.So suddenly. He was not going to survive for long with these wounds. One last charge, that might be all he could manage.He turned to his right and charged ahead. Surly nobody would aim for that, he thought.He didn't have to take many steps, the enemies were charging at their unit now. Another arrow, hitting him from his left, a hit to the shoulder. He stopped. In front of him was a sword coming down on him. This was it, he realized. And with that thought, he took his last breath. One life was fading, but another would begin and many more stories were to be told, as long as there was still time left.
  14. - alive = live x perspective on death - Death was just a small slip up away, hesitation was deadly, a lack of awareness, deadly, just one misjudgement, deadly. Death was coming , but u could still affect when it would be there for u. Now imagine a dance, a dance between two different forces, beautiful to behold and otherworldly in it's grace, imagine urself catching a glimpse of that dance.Would it be able to ensnare u and capture ur attention, or would u be satisfied with one small glimpse? Just to see it and never grasp it again, could u even take in everything of it in that small moment?Would u be content with ur life, after catching that small glimpse? I believe u would try to catch another glimpse at it.No matter the risks or hardships that u would have to face, u would be back again, even tho it would be ur demise. If u play with fire, u should be ready to get burned. But this is so much greater than a bit of flame. The cost of failure would be ur very life, everything u know and experience, everything u are , there was nothing to be gained, besides the pleasure of that small glimpse. Like a maniac, u would try to be part of the dance, knowing that it could be ur own end. What foolish action. What utter lack of self worth. Who would throw away his own life, for something that was not to be grasped, understood, or seen by men. Who thought himself worthy of beholding such a dance, what arrogance, what madness. And yet, here he was again, the hero, the madman, the sentenced, waiting for his ultimate judgement. Tempting the forces to sweep him with them, to be part of the dance, not really realizing that he already was part of it.Not realizing, that he was courting with something far beyond his understanding or control.The fool. Nothing should save him, when his moment would finally come. His last breath, his last step and his last thought. His final judgement being spoken, not by the forces he tried to court, but by those around him. The very thing he was trying to get closer to, would be the one thing that would eat him alive. That's what happens to fools and madmen .Their folly would be their undoing. As our Hero fought, some would say bravely, in the battle, he was able to best and kill many of those he considered enemies. As he was quite skilled with the way of the sword and adapt and treading trough a battlefield, he didn't have many problems during the ongoing battle. He was no big leader, but he still had to look out for his unit. Still, being in the midst of it all suited his tastes the best, only here could he catch glimpses of the one thing that he desired, only here, would he truly feel alive. The sweet thing about fighting was not the victory, the glory, or the spoils of war. No, for him it was that small moment, when u were close to death, just one step away from it, but prevailing and feeling ur aliveness. When u were about to lose the very thing that made u, u were the closest to it that u ever had been.There was nothing quite like it. The dance between life and death, between prevailing and succumbing. There was no greater pleasure, no greater price but the feeling of ones own aliveness. U had to court with the one thing everybody feared, but the exhilaration was breathtaking. So again and again, he would go into the fights, trying to catch another glimpse of that feeling, trying to get another step closer, being sure, that he would not fail, being sure, that he would emerge victorious. What utter madness. What utter ignorance. There was so much more he wasn't seeing, so much more he wasn't even aware of. High on his current success he went on to fight at the next front, rallying his unit around himself. He felt invincible, but fearless men were dead men. And death was not the most patient, he would collect his due in time, there was no doubt about that. Sometimes bravery and bravado would push anything else out of the way, undoubtly it's greatest strength and it's greatest weakness.A double edged sword could always turn on the one trying to handle it and it would cut. Sometimes one cut was enough, sometimes u didn't need to be stabbed into the heart , in order to die. Death was patient and it's chance would come. Man could not fight it of forever, no mortal could, Death would catch everyone, even this one. Fool. Dancing with life and death, did u not know the price for staying and trying to watch? There was always a price and it would be paid .
  15. - battles = survival + intention + strategy - Banners were a sign on the battlefield, used to hold units together, to show the commanding officers where the troops gained ground,where the fight was growing stale and where they needed to reinforce a front.Units needed them to see where they were to go and fight towards and if there was still something left of their comrades, people they could group up with and fight together with.Sometimes it was also a sign of retreat, at other times it showed that u were about to be overwhelmed, but then it was to late anyway. Battles like this one were quite demanding, it was not just the best army that won, but also the leaders, who defined how the battle was fought and won.Leaders needed to have a very good understanding of the battle at all fronts and needed to know where they had to reinforce a front or use a maneuver to win ground. For the soldiers it was much more of a slow grinding battle, trying to survive and trying to follow the commands of their assigned unit leaders. Sometimes u just couldn't do too much about a situation, cause the enemies were holding u in a stalemate.While it was the job of leaders to work around that, it was the job of the soldiers to gain the upper hand in the struggle.Both parts were needed,one could not do well without the other and neither would be victorious, if they tried to win all on their own. Battles were won or lost, people died, ground was gained or lost, but there was still a war to be decided. No one man could do that all on his own, no one had that power and no one would ever have that kind of power. Someone with that kind of power would be beyond human, but there was only men and men would always be men. Ambitious as they may be, they were still mortal and bound by their limits and the limits of the world.Because of those limits there was not much to be gained by aiming for something higher. Being comfortable, enjoying once life and being able to do what one wanted to do, was as good as it would get. Why struggle harder, when u could go by just fine, besides the need for survival, there was not much else one would struggle for. Fighting was essentially just another way to gain everything one wanted, by betting everything one had. But where was the fun in just working everyday, to gain a bit. Fighting allowed for rest and for glory. A good fighter would be recognized and renowned, he could enjoy the spoils of his victories. A bad fighter would die, but he had nothing to mourn either, the dead were dead, it was that simple.In the end it was all a question of choice and choice was a question of intent. Wherever u would want to go towards, ur would choose the road that led there. So the decision would be simple, if u were aware of the choices and what it contained. Or u were just a simple fool , who thought that there was never a choice in the first place. Those people would likely not last very long and be under the first few people to fall to somebodies weapon. Thinking about it, u kinda had only one choice really, live or die, how u did it was just a matter of details. Details could be everything, but in the bigger picture they did not mean much.If one swung his sword, one either was successful or not. Either the enemie was dead, or one was about to experience pain and death. So one either wielded his weapon of choice well, or one would not have to again, permanent. Cold, but true. In contrast to that, was the heat of battle, the rush of prevailing over others, the rush of staying alive by just a bit, missing death again and again. There was plenty of death around one, but it didn't really matter until later, as long as u urself survived. Cheating death, time and time again. Playing with fire and wiedling it. Being in the midst of the chaos, but prevailing . Crawling trough the worst that men could offer u, but being to sturdy to fall prey to it.There were many reasons, why fighting for once live was so captivating, but there was also a lot of fear. Fear of death, fear of major wounds, fear of something else. Sometimes u could not put a finger onto it, at other times u might get closer to whatever it was, but the matter of the fact was, that there was a lot of fear involved, in all of it. Fear was not just in the minds of the soldiers, it was also in the mind of the commanders and it also felt very real, on the whole battlefield. Even tho fear was a feeling, it permeated the air and the bones of the men. Fear could spread and it would linger, far beyond man's control , it would sit somewhere and spread it's roots until everything was lost and nothing could be done.Fear was everywhere and it would always win.The moment that fear got u, u already lost and losing meant death, at least here.
  16. - reaction = state x action + habit x 0.5 - "This will be quite the battle, let me tell u.They will tell stories about this one for many years to come.I mean, there's not gonna be another one like this.Such huge armies clashing against each other.For what I ask u?For What? Just some dispute that a few people had. That's the rule of the few for u. Bigheads trying to one up other bigheads.Don't they have better things to do?" "Says the guy who fights for a living, instead of going on a nice trip and enjoying life.Are u really starting to gripe around again? Always the same with u. Use ur energy for something else, would u?" Well, he was kinda right, I was bitching,at least a bit, but not like I would ever admit to that.There were things u could admit to and say them out loud and then there were things u would not speak about, even if they were quite clear. "What about u? U have been fighting for quite some time as well.Shouldn't grumpy old man like u stay with their families, drink every evening and enjoy the comfort of their home and hearth?Nobody keeps u here with us."Nothing like a good bit of banter before a battle, the waiting was quite literally killing me, but hey , nothing I could do about that. " Go and annoy the little kids with ur stories, there will be enough of the little ones willing to listen to such a grumpy old bear like u. Go and tell tales, at least they are more shiny then ur armor.When was the last time u even polished that thing? " " Bahh , who needs a shiny armor.This thing holds well enough, for any sword or arrow that will pass my sword and shield. Look at my armor, no dent, not a hole anywhere, it could be decoration at this point." " Yeah, if one likes rusty old things in his home." "Pah younglings, this armor has more history then ur whole armory combined." "U have been fighting in how many battles again?" "Battles? Battles u say? I have fought many wars and I'm still breathing and as agile as ever." "Joining for a few fights does not really count as a whole war.U are just way to old for wars anyway. How can u even stand? " Who was I kidding? I just wanted this god dam battle to be over and done with. Enjoy my rest and listen to the tales of the men, while sitting down and enjoying a drink or two.I was looking forward to the fighting , it would be almost serene, compared to our banter . We almost sounded like two old housewives.Complaining and talking down on each other, trying to be the one who won the battle of words. But in the end it was all just some words, not holding any meaning,trying to relieve the anxiety that was creeping up on us. Nobody was unaffected, besides the people wishing for their death and those who couldn't care anyway.The dead never had time for humor. But what was life without a little bit of bickering ? "Oy , I'll show u how well I can fight in my age. I bet u, that I will slay more enemies then u can even see. This sword will cleave many bodies in two and their heads will roll. Mark my word, no one is gonna leave alive, after they cross my path.I have not lived so long just to die to the sword of some rookie." " There will be many of those, I presume. They stand on the other side of the battleground and thus they will be against us, their luck.I swear that I did not hear about any experienced fighters on the other side, if they had at least some of our caliber, we could look forward to a nice fight. " " I do believe the time has come, the commander is giving the signal to the banner carries." " At last. Well then, see u tomorrow old Grimm." " I will have won that bet by then." " Pff, no chance. U will see old man, that u can't keep up with me. Just go and rest on the sidelines, I got this. U can take the ones I let slip by for u, after all, where would be the fun, if I horde them all to myself." The Banners were waving, it was time. Voicefile: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1lwgJNyxR84
  17. -drift=direction-control- "Yes" I heard myself saying.Strange, when u are in a situation, but somehow u are not in it. Like a displaced dream,or a fresh breeze, not something u can really grasp.But hey, sometimes u just gotta reply, no need to be fully there all the time. A bit of daydreaming, or whatever one wants to call it, keeps people going.And whatever keeps people going is good,right? Who got hurt cause he wants to keep living?Besides wounds from fighting, or a scratch here and there, cause one did not pay attention.But really, as long as u wanted to, u could live forever, well figuratively speaking ,obviously.Death would come eventually, but if u were fighting, it took skill to survive till one died silently,peacefully.Anyway, it starts soon, I should really get my act together. "Good, now that everyone knows about the plan, we can finally start and win this god damn battle.Make sure to be attentive to the signals and commands, so that we don't lose people in small skirmishes.There is still a war to be won and that takes a lot of manpower and time. Stay alive and don't show mercy!" That's the commander for u, always reminding us about one thing or another, always making sure that people don't forget, what they are here for.I wouldn't want to be in his place. Having to do so many things besides fighting, I mean, I'm pretty good at fighting, if I can say so myself, but commanding and having to shoulder all that responsibility?No thank u.Who would want to be responsible for all of these people , who would want to keep them all alive.Certainly not me and certainly not most of the people around me. I mean, we look out for each other alright and we share a lot ,but really, the people on top had a tiresome position. They got most of the glory and attention, but I could do without that.And who would want to have an even bigger target on himself, for all of the enemies troops.Being in charge is simply overrated. "Let's go out there and show them our strength." Many loud sounds filled the tent as everyone in attendance gave their approval, quite loudly so.As the noise died down, people began to leave the tent , getting everything ready for the upcoming battle.Talking to their banner man and holstering the rest of their equipment.I would do the same, but no need to rush, we would not miss this fight, even if some thought of it as "just another battle". We would go out there and fight, one men after another we would slay our enemies.One strike at a time , one more dead enemie after another, till a pile of bodies would cover the entire battleground.That's what war brings with it, dead people and change, nothing magical about it, just a big mess. Just another day in order to get somewhere, or rather just another day, surviving for survivals sake and because I could. No shame in accepting that one was skilled, no shame in prevailing and getting back to swing that sword. There was no great adventure in there, just pure brutality and greed, or at least that's how I thought.But at the end of the day, I was still part of it, still willing to do the gruesome work, still willing to try my luck.Who would have thought so?All that training, all that time spent on trying to survive, for what?But yet, there was nothing better out there, nothing that would light a fire for me, not like the commanders voice, when he would start on one of his speeches.He could talk, quite well actually.He probably could out talk everyone in this world, but he still chose to fight with us. Guess there must be something to fighting that drove him, or maybe something else, who knows.Not like he would tell us everything , at least not today.Today would be different then usual, everyone would do his rituals, before going into the battle.Everyone would give their prayers or thoughts to whatever was important to them.I might even indulge into a old memory again , not like I'm doing that already.Well, nothing like a good bit of indulgence. As the last man trickled out of the tent, so did I.Looking up into the sky, I saw cristal clear blue. A bit of the early morning sun shinning onto me from the side,a warm breeze blowing around me,leaving gently. This would be a good day, not necessarily a day for a battle, but a good day. Tomorrow would likely be another good day.Maybe I could go visit my hometown again after this war is over.So much time spent here with the army.Not much lazying around, just fighting and waiting for the next fight. On and on.It almost felt like a merry chase , catching up to the enemies army, fighting another battle, just trying to finally win this war.What would come after this? What would I do? Probably fighting somewhere, somehow.Always restless,never really arriving anywhere.What a life. But it was my life. The life of the sword, or at least the life of me and my sword. "It's time.", I told myself, knowing I had to remind myself. Better get that sword sharp, tomorrow would be another day to think and drift around in my memories. Tomorrow would maybe see a changed world, or maybe just more of the same. Who could tell? Voicefile : https://vocaroo.com/i/s1FYzUvRcLRl
  18. -Language=expression+intention- In a time before lives were lost for no reason, there was a time and a place, where u had one life, that u treasured and valued.People were not curting death aimlessly, they did not just wait for it to come, like some do now.This time was by no means easier, or vastly different,but it was finite, at least in time.Everything else was in ur grasp, as long as u could imagine it and if u were willing,to persevere through the struggles.A world and time, that u could not imagine, at least if u only went by sight.Memories might still exist, but those that own them, are not rly sharing. No, that time is not rly a story to tell, not some far away legend u wanna chase after. It just simply was . Once upon a time. Once up on a time, there was a world, that u can not grasp. A world, where the living only had to fear the living and their own failing. A world, where one had to do the work and learn to understand the work, in order to be someone.Not just to survive,that was also very important, but to truly be someone.Someone, people would look up to and mby even tell a story about. Someone, who could go, whereever he pleases, because he simply could.Someone, that had the imagination to see. Not just the world and what is, but to really see what lay beyond that. Like a glimpse of what others called "the unspeakabel truth". Strange truth, when u can't talk about it. I digress. These people, the ones who were different, or at least I think they were different, they were shaping their live and also the lives of those around them.They were the ones, who would not just tell a story,but really live their words.They were someone. It is told, that there was a lot of turmoil in that world as well. But the stakes were different and their allegiances were many and not all did bind themselves to deities.U could almost say, that our world is much simpler, much more straightforward.U have ur choices and besides that, there are not many options, at least none, u should take.It is told, that people were not bound in the same way, that we are and that they went out of their way, to show themselves to the world.Well, maybe that is still the same in our world, just think about the Blacksmith from Corausant.But it was still a bit different. Ohh ,y . The tale,sorry. In that world, the days were rich and so was the night and the worst nightmares were only living in the heads of men.And men's greatest folly was pride. But pride can built the greatest tales and the greatest lessons. So listen well, to my tale. But don't just hear it, don't just use one sense, don't just use a few. I will tell a tale, but u will bring it to live, in the only way known to the living, in the only way, that it can go on.And while u do that, I will show u something beautiful, magical. So sit down. Listen, hear, with all ur senses and imagine the tale as if it is alive and then bring it to live, for us. Can I begin? Voicefile : https://vocaroo.com/i/s1rLdfGtEfXp
  19. Short question, if i wanna write a continuous story , should i do that in a roleplay threat,or somewhere else?
  20. Gotta agree, very nice ideas. How transferable they are is another thing, but I rly wouldn't mind to see sth like this in the game , makes the combat more diverse and the strategic and tactic side more komplex. I like :3
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    What We Want

    #The Art of War atleast he knew what he was talking about >-<
  22. i do know that story as a manga O.o A promising idea, but it would go against the idea of the catch-up-mechanic, of players profiting more from playing more, as they have more time to finish quests.So ppl are not able to catch up as well as ACE wants them to, at least if u take earlier topics and the stuff ACE said previously. Catch-up opportunities seem to be too big off a thing atm .
  23. gotta love da jg :3 back to topic mby?^^
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