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  1. https://animals.mom.com/wild-horse-live-pack-3990.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_behavior#:~:text=Horses are highly social herd,to live in a group.&text=Horses are able to form,animals as well%2C including humans. As said in both of those links Horses run in herds, rather than packs and to quote from both "Horses are highly social herd animals that prefer to live in a group. ... Horses are able to form companionship attachments not only to their own species, but with other animals as well, including humans." "Horses Are Social Animals In the wild, horses s
  2. Just a personal opinion, Sacrificing XP for sieging seems like a weird mechanic, coming across XP is hard enough, dont include more grind that there needs to be it just makes the game less enjoyable specially when i need to grind for XP for PVP Crowfall will never be a game of small guilds and thats why alliances exists, i agree witht the cap on alliances to be removed cause the more guilds are in your alliance the more chance of getting betrayed grows, just dont cap anything on alliances its unnecesary I would like to see a mechanic for sentinels, to where you can over level your keep a
  3. Now that i look back... stay in the fight is a viable discipline so i agree on that orb bundles... for as fun as i think it would be to have an easy straight 5 orbs just land on the floor, it would make bombing "too easy" i still like the idea of "hard work pays off" as in: if i make a big bomb im actually going to have an impact in the fight, plus landing a 15 orb bomb shoudlnt take more than 20 to 30 seconds if you know your way around archdruid, its just a matter of practice, just like all the other classes 😉
  4. i didnt even realize this 😕, you are right... they removed that talent point, it wasnt even re-added as to the promotion class or to the last talent point of the subclass tree, however... the damage of small orbs seems the same as the damage previous to the nerf... so maybe they amped the general damage of blight? seems plausible
  5. Blight reduces 20% nature and electricity mitigations it used to put that debuff before the blight bomb went off now it doesnt
  6. Earthkeepers having pre-healing is not the problem... teamates need to learn how to play with an earthkeeper and pair with their healers not just "oh firehose me with healing" which is what differentiates druid from most classes... and the devs decision to strip powers from certain classes in my opinion is very weird, plus the druids already suffer from the fact that they cant even fill out their two trays and that mayority of the disciplines dont work for them, I get the wanting to make healing easier for the earthkeepers but earthkeeper healing has a good skill cap and so does the archdruid
  7. Thorns again! I also think, again - just my opinion - that druids need some slight changes to their powers, and bring back some old abilities they used to have long ago Nature's grace should be the combo it used to be which was: Nature's grace (increase healing bonus by 10%) > Natural bond (increase group members damage bonus by 5%) And then you chose between “Contain essence” or “Empower” which increased or decreased essence gain by 35% This would fix their utility and actual “Support” as in boosting and adding buffs as well as giving earthkeepers the c
  8. Hey there, it's Thorns! I've been playing Crowfall for 4 years since I was 11 at the 3.0 patch and I've played through every patch since. Now I have some stuff to say about my favorite class… the druid, and i will like to propose some changes and recommendations as well as breaking down some major problems Druids Disciplines and race choices So with the 6.2 patch and the changes that came with it - Specifically the domain mechanic I've noticed some rather considerable harm done to the class… more than it already had, so here are some proposals: All druids should get automat
  9. First bug You can walk on mounts, as a visual bug, your character is on top of a mount walking on it unfortunatly i dont have footage of it Second bug Druids cant go past basic attack and basic orb combo (i think it was mentioned by someone already) Third bug (hopefully its a bug) Your cooldown and your buff is consumed by the void when you animation cancel i truly hope this isnt inteded, for its useless, its better to simply not be able to cast anything while you are in said animation
  10. This can either be from you getting bad internet or the zone is getting server problems it would depend
  11. Umm i have no idea if this is intended, but the archdruid seems to not be able to do their Bomb and then death ultimate for the pull in... it just completly ignores the bomb and it deals absolutly no damage yet in live it does work, also im incapable of jumping in a mount while in life tray for druid
  12. I'm surprised I have need seen this mentioned more, is any one else frustrated with the gather/craft requirements for this?
  13. In game chat does not appear to work, google did not help and I don't see anything in game that points me in the right direction. Hope this question is not as lame as my last!
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