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  1. No way this game.is launching in 2017..too many things left to do.
  2. Lighten up? You know nothing of game asthetics or game development. This is a feedback post expressing a suggestion that poses need to be better. No one is mad. It's just a game? Go play your barbie horse on the Wii or something dude if you want something really lighten up. Lol. Ignorance at its finest. It really baffles me how some people on this forum treat it as just to talk crap to others or tell them they're wrong one way or another and tell others how to feel. This game is in pre alpha and all of you paid money to play it early and give constructive feedback to developers. Clea
  3. I don't believe the game's combat was really designed around 1-st person view to be completely honest so I doubt that they will be doing anything for that. The game is meant to be played in 3rd person and see you're surroundings.
  4. Yes I have....have you listened to Todd? How he said his okay with these poses and they will play a random animation to pick one of these while he sits down?
  5. Have you listened to the stream? Unfortunately, it was not. I would HOPE they're trolling us, but I doubt they would do a stream and just a small section to troll people. It starts at 28 Minutes where he brings up the topic and then Todd tells him how it's mandatory for Centaur to sit down on the Throne. Then they start rolling different poses and discussing it. I lost a few brain cells listening to Todd, not gonna lie.
  6. According to Todd on the Livestream, it's mandatory that the centaur SITS on the throne no matter what, obviously Eric Doggett is forced into making the poor horse look natural while sitting on the throne. Why is it so mandatory for a centaur to sit on a throne? For the sake of a mechanics? Why even do it? It looks absolutely ridiculous. Look how stupid these examples look and yes these are from the live stream. I can't believe what I was hearing Todd was saying how some of these are actually pretty good. I was gonna roll a centaur, but now you have to ruin the fantasy and make this look reall
  7. Hmm...I see...but didn't Todd in the Livestream was talking about a confessor archer or I am going deaf or was that just a silly example? lol.
  8. Don't get me wrong I love customization and variety in games as well, but there comes a point where too much freedom takes away from the experience and loses its uniqueness and I feel that giving archery to every class makes no sense. How is a Centaur champion or Cleric stoneborn looks good with a bow and arrow?? Please explain. For example, I hate Tauren paladins in world of warcraft but Blizzards loves making up some bs lore just to fit their narrative or gameplay choices and I hate that and this is coming from a huge blizzard fanboy.
  9. I am sorry but I am gonna disagree with Todd completely here. We do not need an archery disiciple, to begin with. Ranger is the archery class of this game plain and simple. ( and yes I watched this whole Ranger and archery segment and heard his argument on why they're 2 different things) I am not really interested in seeing a confessor running around with a quiver and arrows, that makes 0 lore sense, takes the immersion out of the game and breaks the fantasy. Stop ruining the game please and overcomplicating stuff just for the sake of adding a disciple. Complete garbage idea.
  10. If you watch one of the recent Q&A the devs both mention they haven't started working on mounts/caravans yet or taming and will be coming later. So yes, you'll see it just not for a while.
  11. Okay well, I didn't know that, so why would you tell someone they don't know what they're talking about? I stated an opinion and opinion doesn't mean it's a fact or its 100% the way it is. I never said its not possible or is possible I said it could go either way because Blizzard did a good job for Diablo 3 and that you never know, they might find a way to make it work. Clearly, you didn't read what I said and jumped to conclusions. Lol "Not at liberty to discuss" nice cop-out.
  12. And since you do...how about you explain instead of being an ass? I like how people are so quick to call someone out or something or take a jab at somebody and yet they have nothing to show for it or explain themselves to try and prove a point. Funny, how the most snowflakes get around.
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