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  1. If you are making a guild i'd join it right away @ person who wrote this post cuz i agree with you 100% was literally about to make a post about that but you took the words from my brain.
  2. I will prob deff pay to play Alpha thats something they'd probably do like ArcheAge did
  3. I think first person is really hard to get along with unless your on skyrim for xbox 360, on computer you kinda need 3rd person because you need to see your surroundings imo
  4. Bottom is hotkeys top left is portrait with mana, HP name esc
  5. Maybe you can build inns and people can rent a room or something
  6. It's a joke, he said Virtual Reality, but the first thing that probably comes to our mind, is sword art online or log horizon.. at least thats what a couple of my friends, and I thought.
  7. They were naming a character from wizard101, i dont think they'll add a character from wizard101 into this game
  8. Its not just a tree, its a picture of moon,sun,branches,roots, am guessing the bottom part is the birth of a hero then the middle parts are which side you will chose good or evil then the top idk but am guessing as you progress you'll gain different skills as you grow stronger
  9. Will there be Character customization?????? The concept art red head looks just like the red head game player. I dont know, but i really want to look like my own guy.
  10. I just noticed that you can scroll down on the characters screen, maybe theres more classes!!!!!!
  11. Who cares, this wasn't meant to be a wizard101 rating game... it looks like that because it looks cool and there's probably no other way to make the girl character in the game look cool without looking like there wearing manly clothing.
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