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  1. Hey Fallen_BDPS, I came from World of Warcraft myself. Been playing since Vanilla through Wrath then started back up again in WOD until Legion. Then my passion flame died as legion hit and the pvp was still in need of much improvement. So I turned to Crowfall and been happier ever since! xD I really like the idea of doing podcasts for Crowfall to help get some positive juices flowing and develop some momentum in the community! I just started streaming it on my twitch channel and im having loads of fun. The community so far is very helpful stopping by my stream to talk me through the process of the crafting/combat system. Definitely would love to do a podcast, I have past recordings of my stream on my channel if you want to check in and see if my personality type would fit your mold. I have experience in Adobe Illustrator/Audition/Premier and further Twitch Streaming experience on an older channel. Let me know! Bel33v Twitch: Twitch.tv/Bel33v Skype: Bel33v@gmail.com YouTube: Coming soon to a store near you!
  2. Hello, I found a bug during doing a spirit bank transfer. The bug occurs at 17minutes and 50 seconds in the video. The image of the ore bugs out on my screen and stays on the middle of my screen as I play (even when I relogg it stays on my screen). Hope this helps! L33Twins https://youtu.be/sMe9toGYDWI
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