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  1. Silly goose, pretending he doesn't know about the broken beneficial harvest mechanic that his guild has publicly alluded to in stream chats. Sneaky little Feller
  2. I'll throw mine in. I realized a bit late i over-committed to spirit. will be fixing that next vessel. Disciplines Bars
  3. Hamlet

    Zone Caps

    Siege performance has been very solid with 100 people in a zone. A big improvement from previous patches. ACE must be looking at increasing the zone caps at the very least to test what the server limit is in a real world situation. *HINT *HINT
  4. Join us here! - https://discord.gg/XD2Asja
  5. Didn't realize 8-12 > 6 this math stuff is hard.
  6. if they put a BR server back in right now, you'd see more people going there just to harvest. which is probably some of the EU population is NA players harvesting.
  7. Seeing this makes me feel like a plebian, excited over my blue weapon! Teach me Senpai
  8. I assumed it worked passively. You do make a point that it is not reflected in the crafting window. This is the stat that is actually changed when equipping risk management. I'm not 100% sure what a multiplier value for each experimentation point is worth means.. if it means exactly what it sounds like. 1 point would increase the multiplier value by 1.. so no change.. possibly need more than 1 point to see a difference. If that is the case, risk management is useless until you get more additional risk points.
  9. Risk management reduces risk factor by 1 (-10) so the quick chart i typed below you subtract to the added risk based on what lvl you pick. Based on a dev video on crafting for 5.8. the higher you are over the difficulty affects how the rolls curve up towards chances of Amazing Success. being near the skill creates peak near normal success with lower chance for critical fails and amazing success, and being far below curves you into higher chances of critical failures. at about 25:55 he is using the spreadsheet and talking about how the skill effects outcome. no risk is 0 Negligible = 10 Iforgethitsone - 20 Critical Risk 30 Catastrophic 40 Are You insanse 60 Helper monkey affects chance to assemble and experiment reduction by 10. Attention to Detail -This increase risk point value by 1. making each pip "Better" Basically, if you are crafting you want all three of these equipped if you are running experiments.. and well you should always.
  10. In a recent Q&A the developers talked about Guild Banks not being in yet due to a technical limitation that is being worked on. Hopefully we get this system in game sooner rather than later. I'd assume with the experience the developers have the system will be designed to have tiers of permissions to limit access to high-level resources. I like the idea of guild levels and guild buffs. The problem I see is it becomes a game of balance then. Is it something that can continually be upgraded in order to create another resource sink (do we need one?). Are the top buffs provided really difficult to get? If so, this will create an even bigger gap between the "Top-Guilds/Players" and new groups looking to get into the game. Is it something that you can max rather quickly in order to get better stats for your group? If so, what's the point of having it in the first place? it becomes a boring short mechanic that players feed into simply to check another box before being "PvP Ready" The only game I've seen that has buffs based on guild ranks is Lineage2 Revolution (A pay to win mobile game). This system only really works if you limit higher positions in guild so that you just don't make everyone an "officer" for the best buffs. On the flip side, if it is limited. Officer/Leaders of guild will have a stat advantage over the vast majority of the player-base.
  11. You make a good point about passive slot usage. That will depend on the race i suppose, as well as any future changes to the passives. Right now there are 3 passives to use (Attention to Detail, Helper Monkey, Risk Management) - Humans get 4 slots, so a human crafter could equip crafting leadership as well as the current in-game passives.
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