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  1. I like this. I don't think higher tier bones have any value whatsoever currently, do they?
  2. It's not going to be fixed, as they don't see it as a problem. The devs have even blatantly stated that skinning is simply a "bonus" that players should be "grateful" for.
  3. I had forgotten about Hit Me. It does help marginally. Unfortunately as I recall they are starting to remove discs from crafting circulation so we're going to run into a catch-22 where we need it to get it. I think the underlying problem is a) cleric LMB requires mana (that one's obvious) and b) cleric spells are tuned a little too heavy on the resource requirements. I run out of mana very quickly even concentrating on heals. Fix either of these problems (not both) and I think things will even out. Fire being cleric exclusive damage could be an issue as well; I don't know how mandatory Elementalist is at the moment, but this is another arguement for alternate weapons. I recall cleric being able to equip mace back in the day. I'm kind of surprised they didn't incorporate that into at least one of the lines.
  4. Because not everyone has a ready made crew, or has them available constantly, or is, through whatever circumstances, the last one standing. I occasionally tackle an outpost while out skinning, and it's a chore. Most classes have a build / spend balancing mechanic, and cleric is all spend. I've had to literally run around in circles trying to survive long enough to regen mana because I could do absolutely nothing, including LMB. We absolutely need a backup plan, or a tweak, or both
  5. I'd like to know that as well. No whispers, no general chat, what "problems" exactly do they think they're solving by alienating and isolating their players? Major overkill, should be going the complete opposite direction.
  6. I can't keep track of all the time zones and conversions on EU so I will leave that to them, but why on earth does NA reset at 10pm? I'm sure I am not the only one who will be in bed then, and due to work unable to play until well into the afternoon the next day. Makes very little sense.
  7. "For this next set, we are going to try and play with reward scarcity." "Everyone else, in every faction, who hits the leaderboards will get a Silver Sigil of Zaleena for participating and (most importantly!) helping us test the game." So which is it? scarcity, or everyone? Those words mean two completely different things
  8. I agree with this in theory, but the implentation doesn't seem to be going well. My memory before 5.8 is fuzzy, I took a good chunk of time off to let the stabalization improve and my interest return. I'm playing almost daily now, so we've gotten it half right. Anyway, it seems we actually had more choice before, odd as that sounds, with only the "basic template" and abilities to mix and match weapons, most discs, and things of that nature. We had the freedom to screw up ourselves; seems now quite a few of those choices have been taken away and ACE has, in a lot of classes, screwed things up for us.
  9. Holding down LMB IS about all you do on a stormcaller. Most of their spells are broken (bugged ie don't work) or self-targeted.
  10. Running doesn't work, if you're a harvester / crafter fighting is pointless, you think you're entitled to whatever you want just cause you want it, so....yah. I can see people destroying rather than let you steal it. That's actually a quite common tactic. That, or I get to laugh when some epeen steals a nice haul, gets wrecked cause they weren't as tough as they thought they were, loses everything, and cries and whines that there needs to be some way to protect your stuff.
  11. I'm going to laugh uproariously after you all gripe and moan about not being able to steal what you didn't earn, they finally remove spirit bank....and you get nothing, because your target destroyed everything rather than see you get it.
  12. On what? I am not gonna list every class I have, but Con = Ranger, health confessor, health druid, health cleric, health Zero other stats listed under con on any class I've seen.
  13. No imports, low to moderate exports, non renewable resources. New campaign idea?
  14. I suggested this quite some time ago, that "allies" shouldn't be able to steal from other "allies", and enemies would just take whatever they wanted from your corpse anyway. I was roundly attacked for that suggestion at the time, but I guess they finally decided to give it a try. I agree, in a FFA campaign, it might make sense for harvests to be interceptable, and you take your chances if choosing to do so.
  15. It did change, no one can see harvested goodies except group members, as mentioned. I seem to recall reading that this was another experiment, and things might "return to normal" at some point, with anyone wandering by able to swipe your goodies, but this is the current system.
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