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  1. Running doesn't work, if you're a harvester / crafter fighting is pointless, you think you're entitled to whatever you want just cause you want it, so....yah. I can see people destroying rather than let you steal it. That's actually a quite common tactic. That, or I get to laugh when some epeen steals a nice haul, gets wrecked cause they weren't as tough as they thought they were, loses everything, and cries and whines that there needs to be some way to protect your stuff.
  2. I'm going to laugh uproariously after you all gripe and moan about not being able to steal what you didn't earn, they finally remove spirit bank....and you get nothing, because your target destroyed everything rather than see you get it.
  3. On what? I am not gonna list every class I have, but Con = Ranger, health confessor, health druid, health cleric, health Zero other stats listed under con on any class I've seen.
  4. No imports, low to moderate exports, non renewable resources. New campaign idea?
  5. I suggested this quite some time ago, that "allies" shouldn't be able to steal from other "allies", and enemies would just take whatever they wanted from your corpse anyway. I was roundly attacked for that suggestion at the time, but I guess they finally decided to give it a try. I agree, in a FFA campaign, it might make sense for harvests to be interceptable, and you take your chances if choosing to do so.
  6. It did change, no one can see harvested goodies except group members, as mentioned. I seem to recall reading that this was another experiment, and things might "return to normal" at some point, with anyone wandering by able to swipe your goodies, but this is the current system.
  7. At this point I think weapons and armor make more of an overall effect than vessels. Necromancy is a royal pain in the butt, a guild activity for certain, and ACE is doing everything they can to make leveling a slow painful process (nonstarter vessels take considerably more xp to level) so while advanced vessels will have an impact in the long run, I think it will take long enough for them to become "common" that people will be able to compensate in other ways in the meantime.
  8. Just tried a slayer duelist on Test, and have to say I felt the same. A few spenders, no real builders outside of LMB (which defaults to melee when duel wielding, was very confusing at first). Kinda lackluster
  9. In theory.... 1) buy to play, once. 2) No p2w store. They were tinkering with the notion of VIP status, but decided it was too p2w 3) No p2w loot boxes or similar nonsense. Any or all of the above might change, they've changed their minds numerous times on key aspects of game design, so who knows. I hope to hell all the above stays in place, but who knows.
  10. Pretty much. Someone might correct me and they are welcome to, but my information is good, as far as I know. Level; I'm not certain, it depends on how crazy you get with spending points and whatnot. Not looking at a tree right now, and all this is going to change in 5.8.3 with the removal of weapon discs and the addition of mandatory exploration discs. Call it...20, maybe? 18, something like that. I'm sure someone will narrow it down for me.
  11. You don't. Druids can't heal until they choose the archdruid or earth....somthing, promotion classes. Stormcallers do not get a healing tray.
  12. I think you have a fundamental missunderstanding of our role, here. This is not a game, it's a test environment. Putting aside that the man immediately reported the bug as a bug and was not exploiting anything, that's exactly what we're meant to be doing, is finding these types of things, replicating them if we can, exploring how and why they happened so that the devs can fix them. You're getting all bent out of shape over nothing.
  13. You want to start waving account bans around, because the game is buggy as hell, in pre-alpha? Are you insane?
  14. I've seen (mob) corpses shoot far into the sky, and become unlootable, that was fun. Aside from the poor performance (stuttering, lockups, general lag) I've been getting kicked to character screen upon first trying to enter the world / any zone, approximately 100%. Also, didn't see it mentioned, so...Druid ability Leech Seed, or Leeching Seed, I think it's called, is not applying a debuff symbol, and appears to not be applying either of it's debuff conditions, either. This might be an ongoing known issue, but i seem to recall it working fine in 5.8.
  15. I'm sure they wouldn't mind the extra revenue. It is absolutely by design. Interdependence is a horrible idea, and failed miserably in eq2. I'm just saying if they are gonna do it anyway ("it" being taking away choice by specialized career paths, gated training and interdependence) might as well go all in. They've indicated that the game will be hostile to solo players and anyone not part of mega-guilds, so it'll probably be common for people trying to be competetive to pay for multiple accounts, emphasis "pay for". Seems to be working.
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