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  1. Getting to the party late as well. I played with the first Warrior Nation from their start on Shadowbane. I played the Bladeweaver Elf Asharn who later joined the elite shock troops of Warrior Nation, The Legion of Savant (Savant was WN capital city). Crazy days, I still remember our battle on ice island vrs the GM's and that giant god of war... I came up to his ankle... we lost that fight, but the god of wars ankle was cut up for sure that day.
  2. It happened again... Granted, this time time it was not all purple everything, just blues mostly... making paired maces for my myrmidon.. every single craft went off without a hitch.. the final product... @ 97% failure. at this point I am unsure how to proceed. sad face
  3. This I can agree with. I guess I should have explained myself better. Since the recent wipe I just assumed no one is going for the Max craft option... just making good items easily vrs great items rarely.
  4. From what I observed in testing, using all of your experimentation points at once would raise the risk to 75%-100% and I have had amazing success in some of those attempts on durability for example... and the % increase was around 54-60% When experimenting 1 point at a time the risk remained at 12.5% even on the last point. Granted one amazing success with all points is a higher % increase than multiple successes, good successes, and great successes mixed with 1 or 2 amazing successes combined. But the risk/reward of the item being a rare amazing @ 50-60% increase vrs. a nearly guaranteed 35-45% is obvious which choice is better.
  5. It was 98% chance of success as listed by the crafting menu when I attempted to combine the complete blade and hilt.
  6. Pulling from my Shadowbane experience, one could have NPC guards and they were not to be trifled with. Killable? Of course... Bring serious backup. These guards were meant to be the answer to your question. Different factions could be set to friendly/hostile allowing you to not only protect your wares but also decide who you do and do not do business with even when offline.
  7. That's awesome! So you know your stats(that feel when your homework for the week is one problem) through and through. My apologies for my earlier comment, math-friend *salute*
  8. So you know that 98% doesn't mean 2 failures per 100 attempts then. Good!
  9. Absolutely. I played Shadowbane and sometimes you just can't save items there. Eventually it is done. That is fine and like you said, provides things to do at all stages of the game. I was just unsure if there would be any for of repair or not because losing something like 25% of an item durability for 1 death in a game like crowfall is BRUTAL without ways to prolong item life.
  10. That is actually bad math. Many people understand percents but not statistics. in those 100 crafts you have a 2% chance to fail PER CRAFT not a guaranteed 2 out of 100 will fail. I am not going to do the math because I have to go back to class in 4 minutes (math major lulz) but trust me... 98% does not = 2 out of 100 will fail... it would be possible to have 5 or hell if we talk possibility all 100 fail... that is just highly unlikely based on the probability (thats the statistics)
  11. With enough points(time) invested in the crafting skill tree (and probably subsequent sub-trees) and crafting potions applied, I believe 100% is attainable. I attained 98% with only two skills in crafting tree + potions. Needless to say, but say it I will, I am investing ALL of my time(points) in the crafting tree at the moment. No more soul crushing!
  12. The success rate is listed in both the crafting menu and the experimentation menu.... IE and this is a big tip.. if you have 8 points to invest in experimentation it is VITAL that you invest those points 1 at a time not all at once.. lowers your risk substantially thus increasing overall item power.
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