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  1. Piapiac this also worked for me. I downloaded the latest amd drivers and now I can select skills once again.
  2. Did I miss any update concerning this. I have tried running as Admin, turned off firewall to see if that helped. The game will load and as soon as I try to do something it just goes away. The music continues to play in the back ground and I have to turn off the program in the task manager.
  3. I'm patient but running as admin, reloading, repairing etc. hasn't fixed the challenge. I will wait to see if it works next weekend, good luck !
  4. I have played last few weekends with no issues. I can get into the game but as soon as I move my cursor over a skill in the tree or try to launch a server boom I have tried running as admin
  5. I'm getting the same thing when within the client i try to go into the skill tree... I tried deleting an re-downloaded client, no change
  6. they will fix it quick, did for me last test phase
  7. I'm fairly new here but wanted to express my appreciation and surprise on how fast customer support has responded to a few of my questions. I recently purchased bronze/backer bundle but later realized I missed the holiday promotion by 1 day. I emailed support and within 5 mins got a response. They couldn't give me the free parcel but credited my account $25 (better deal for me with the parcels on sale. I jumped in the testing over the weekend and quickly realized I could not post on the testing forum. I emailed support and once again got a very fast response. Thank-you!
  8. Does that get listed in our backer rewards section Akanan?
  9. I purchased and became a backer on the 9th. Does this mean I would qualify for the Woodland Grove Parcel. Does this get listed within the Backer Reward section in our Account Details?
  10. I couldn't post in the test forum, bug. Support is working on it, thanks for the quick replies.
  11. I want to start by saying I really love the general feel of the this game and crafting looks amazing. I decided to just log onto the PvE server since it was my first time and go through a few basics. I kept running into some issues with the crafting, inventory and other screens not being able to stay open. The only way I seemed to be able to fix this is by logging off and then returning. The chat also stopped working. Was there some server issues tonight?
  12. I'm not usually a Pvp MMO type of a guy but something about this game intrigues me. I decided to buy the $69 bundle yesterday and look forward to playing a new game. I like the political potential and prob will be a craft-centric.
  13. Thanks everyone. I did manage to get the client downloaded and opened the lobby.....so looking forward to trying this out. I tend to be craft-centric
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