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  1. Hello, so the Duelist Dirge Archetype heals when using Keen Guard. However that heal is always 150 per pip. It doesnt scale with Healing bonus, Person Heal modifier and probably not heal crit chance and ammout. Dont know if its intended, but it seems lackluster this way
  2. It also helps in case of a patch change. If it affects someones build in anyway, the respec option wont make him sad about ruining his vessel. In case you are afraid of abuses you can always disable respecs during siege or peak times
  3. I think respecing would help a lot. Especially when a new patch hits and some powers/talents are affected, some people espcially min/maxers would like to have the option to adapt. Some people have invested time on their vessels or dont have that much time to level again all the time repeatedly and it becomes dull (which wont keep people satisfied). Also i dont believe its hard to add such function in the game. Since i m a developer as well, to me it seems rather trivial
  4. How will you implement the bard... when major disciplines have now 2 powers instead of 4? And what about song twisting?
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