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  1. I'll post a video later, any suggestions on a video recorder.
  2. To fix the black screen problem I suggest running game in window mode and put the system priority for the game on High. This can be done under Task manager then Detail tab
  3. Logout and log back in should fix that
  4. Hello, things I have done to help with my log in issues are: 1. Run game in windowed mode 2. Under task manager go to details tab and change crowfallclient.exe to high priority (need to do this every time you launch client) Hope that helps.
  5. I keep hearing a ton of people having this issue and I have found a way to not lose items from it. First I keep the first few rows of my inventory clear when crafting a new item, not 100% sure if this is necessary but I do it. After crafting an item instead of using "take" drag it to your inventory but ONLY if the drag spot of the item is BLUE in the background. It will show up in the start of your inventory and not where you dropped it. I hope that explains it well enough if not let me know and I'll clear it up. Enjoy your gear and I'll see you on the killing fields -Donk
  6. I was having this issue also but I believe I figured out a solution. After crafting an item instead of "taking it" drag it to your inventory. When dropping things into the inventory it will show up as black or have a blue background for your item. If you drop it when the background of the item is blue, will show up in your inventory but not necessary where you dropped it.
  7. Good fights everyone. Genny and I try to do 1v1s when we roll up 2v1. Opponline.net
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