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  1. Really starting to feel like this "pre-alpha" is the only state the game will ever be in, even at launch they will still call it pre-alpha.
  2. let's face it, any mmo that has come out recently, especially those with fast paced combat, has succumbed to mass idiot zergs, the type where its just people spamming as much aoe as they can and whoever brings more numbers wins. Id hate to see crowfall go this way as well. Is there any chance we can get a shard where Friendly Fire is on? Then if zergs form they have to play calculated and strategically, not just a mindless wave of button mashing zombies.
  3. Says i cant post or reply in Tester section? I did the Gold package....
  4. Can people minimize ground cover limiting his ability to burrow stealthily?
  5. I asked this on the reddit before buying, but am a backer now, so thought I would ask here... Which class can run away the easiest? I enjoy exploring and gathering, and enjoy the heigntened sense of achievement that comes with pvp in the world, but I want to be able to flee a 1v1 or 1v2 gank whenever possible if i keep my wits about me. Which class can escape a gank attempt the easiest (and not end up getting chased down instantly)?
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