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  1. Rendary


    Hello ,and welcome to Crowfall. See you in the fields
  2. I am having the same problem also
  3. I see that every bundle from Bronze to Ruby has a Holiday sale it says that it is through 8th of January. Is that offer still available or no ? If not why it is still staying there as a text ?
  4. Hello guys, I am already a Backer with the 70 dollars bundle. I am thinking about upgrading to Amber Bundle. Is it worth it , tell me what do you think about it .
  5. Hello guys, Nice to meet you all I just bought 2017 Backer Bundle, I am really excited to play with you all. I don't know anything about the game. Saw it yesterday and bought it almost immediately . I am searching for a player or a group of players who can help me with the basics and teach me how to play . Bye
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