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  1. 22 people signed up at the moment, we still have room for more! It's tomorrow night guys
  2. Hey just wanted to let you know that your current Guild page, is not very compatible on mobile. Atleast on my Huawei P10, it's impossible to navigate on it.
  3. 14 people signed up already - get your spot while it's hot!
  4. Hey everyone, we are trying to make it a regular thing that we each week do some community skirmishes.We want to spark some life into the european community, but US people are welcome as well.*NOTE THIS COMING WEEK THE EVENT WILL BE ON A SATURDAY!*We will try and host this every week, in one of our EKs (hosting 24 people max).Our guild, Caldera will host the event, and we'll make sure everyone that shows up, gets to play.It starts at 20:00 CEST/CET till 22:00 CEST/CET. If you're in doubt of your timezone compared to this, use worldtimebuddy.com.SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/218q4CWHcGLJEX9w1 Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience! Simple rules:- Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/B25r2nr - We will use voice communication for the event, if you can't be on discord you can't participate.- Be on time, preferably 5-10 minutes before, since we only have 24 spots.- Bring your own gear. (Some people use advanced, some basic, whatever you can afford to lose).- Do not loot anyone in this practice, if you loot you get kicked.The event will be streamed by multiple people:Yumx(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/yumx Flex playerDrakonil(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/drakosgamezone Flex player Shadiz(Guild Soultribe) - twitch.tv/shadiz_live Mainly a druid player Scorn(Guild Winterblades) - twitch.tv/scornoflife Flex playerLet's have some fun again guys!Highlights and VODs from last week:Yumx(Champion point of view): 5v4v5 video - VOD part 1 - VOD part 2Shadiz(Druid point of view): VODDrakonil(Confessor point of view): VODScorn(Champion point of view): VOD Soulreaver(Ranger point of view): Ranger kiting video!- Yumx, Caldera.
  5. Leader Boards

    Also just stats from each siege would be awesome, so guilds can check how many died, who died the most during that siege, etc.
  6. Leader Boards

    I like leaderboards in games. But in a game like this, I feel that keeping track of individual kills has a positive side and a negative side. Positive would be that it encourages people to roam a lot more, trying to get their score up. Negative would be that it also encourages people camping starting areas, potentially destroying the experience for new people. Instead ACE could put in Siege stats on a leaderboard. Like: - Amount of kills during sieges (where kills are counted as a teameffort, not last hitting) - Total sieges won (attacked/defended) - Walls repaired during sieges - Deaths during sieges And whatever the sieges will include in the future. That way people can keep track of guilds and players. It's always healthy in a competitive game, to be able to compare yourself to others, makes you strive to become better.
  7. A highlight from todays event, thank you for everyone who showed up, and everyone who watched! Next event will be in the weekend instead to make it a bit more US friendly, so we hopefully can fill up the EK!
  8. I'm wondering why they removed the interrupt mechanic from the Wild Charge, and made it an armor break instead.
  9. Join us for tonights event at 20:00 CEST, doesnt matter if you're a veteran or a newbie I guarantee you will have fun! We currently have 17 people signed up, but with room for more! If you don't want to participate, but just watch, be sure to check out the people streaming the event, links in the original post!
  10. Yes, if you need a little guidance, we have a lot of experienced players that can help you out
  11. Gonna bump this daily. We still have a lot of spots left for this event guys, sign up through the form, and come and play with some skilled pvpers!
  12. New week, new bump! Come and join us this thursday evening, last time we were 20 ppl, let's make that happen again
  13. For me the Champion still bugged out after using only 1 stack ultimate warrior, while getting knocked down by the confessor. Locking me out of using anything till I died mid combat. Edit so I tried, using ultimate warrior, out of combat. Buff goes up, and first after 30 seconds I can use anything else again. Edit2: Also had it happen to me when I got stunned while having Nature's Avatar on me as a Templar. Meaning it's probably the increased size that causes it..
  14. If you participate, and are going to stream, feel free to post your twitch in here, and I'll add it to the list in the original post .
  15. Next event info can be found in this new thread: