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  1. We need stuff like these battle shouts! It made this game 1000% better, and it'll be such a fun addition!
  2. A thing we found out today - If you are starting to have worse and worse performance in game, restart your entire game. It will reset the memory leak. Everytime you switch map, the memory leak becomes worse.
  3. Yet another win for chaos! Great job with all the capping/defending Northlanders @Roccah @Battlex & co. And great job once again Caldera! Balance had a lot more numbers this time, and we did lose some battles, but we won the war.
  4. Another win for Chaos, this time we did a lot more fighting.
  5. Had terrible performance all day. Whether it was 4v4, 5v5, 10v10, 20v20, all fights have been 5 fps for me, once the fighting started. Both on EU and US servers. I know I have an older computer, but it was more or less impossible to play right. Example: Frame 1: I pop berserk Frame 2: 4,5 sec left on the timer Frame 3: Next frame I get berserk crash
  6. I would very much prefer a spirit bank/character wipe for when the sanctioned campaign comes. As others have previous stated, there are just some guilds who do not know yet how to make vessel, where others already have Blue/Epic vessels running around, that is a huge difference in stats, and would suck for a big part of the new players. Also, I know passive training has come quite far now, but I know we have a decent amount in the guild(and outside of the guild) , who are behind due to vacation time (going home to families in christmas, traveling for new years etc.), and these people currently do not have a way to catch up to those who trained from minute one. Which is why I would say wipe everything. This would also make it so, people have no excuses when the campaign ends, and they lose Edit: What you could do, is have everyone start with full trained basic trees in the skills, just to move it a bit further along.
  7. @thomasblair This ^ People do nothing and win, they can tank full groups with no problems. It's exactly the same problem like 5.7 champ. Too much damage, too many invulnerabilities, too much instant heal. Tone something down, this is ridiculous.
  8. After ~7 hours of constant action on the European server. Chaos finally got back, from the 2000 point lead Balance had. Thank you to @DravoiX , Horizon, and the balance faction for creating all this action, it was a lot of fun! And thank you for the great effort from the chaos guys! Especially Northlanders @Roccah @Battlex @BamBamBarny etc., thank you! 800 captures .. Good job guild!
  9. Myrmidon bug: If you active berserk from harvest tray, then try to avoid the crash with pulverize, you still take the crash damage.
  10. Thank you for interest, but you need to apply on our forum Also, consider spending a bit more time on your application.
  11. Most of us can't stay up for your primetime, and now we actually have people to kill in our own region. You might see us in the weekends running with chaos
  12. Earlier on the EU server the siege windows opened, we ran to 2 enemy keeps, both stating there was 1hr left till the siege was done. We had people running to craft siege equipment, and after 30 mins we were ready to break down the walls, but all the sieges auto completed after 30 minutes, not 1hr as shown.
  13. Ranger's Explosive Trap still goes through the floor when placed inside forts, please look at it
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