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  1. Yep, we even had a guy crash 2 times while just fighting, and it insta killed him..
  2. We were hyped to get into some action together as a new guild - given we are a small crew, we still got lots of fun action. Here are some of the fights we had - with voice, enjoy! We are still looking for 1 support player and 4 flex players! Look us up at: Our recruitment thread.
  3. Even though we are a small crew, we were able to find lot's of action! We are currently playing on the Balance faction on EU. And we had a great first day: Here are some of the fights that lead to the score:
  4. Welcome to Crowfall! Current ranged damage classes I would suggest would be: Archer (Ranger) - long ranged (55-60m with a good bow) mainly single target. Inquisitor(confessor) - medium range (30-35m), decent aoe control on top of single target dmg. Slayer(duelist) - medium range (30-35m), combo points, double pistols, main dmg power is a frontal cone that also stuns up to 3 enemies. If you have any further questions, just PM me.
  5. I would love structured PvP, I lived and breathed arena in WoW for many years. But it is not something that will be implemented before launch, maybe in the far future. Hopefully we wouldn't have this craving for PvP in the future with a bigger player base. The new fort sieges timers are a good step towards that.
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________ Guild discord: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Vanguard - "a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas" ___________________________________________________________________________________ Vanguard is a new Crowfall-only guild, created by veterans from other EU guilds. We have a very ambitious vision of establishing a smaller guild, with a hardcore mindset. We do not aim to be a large guild, we instead aim to have a strong core of PvPers, that can make a difference when involved in fights. We are already active everyday practicing, theorycrafting, min/maxing. We are the kind of people who wants to get stream sniped, because we love the action. ____________________________ Why join Vanguard? - We can teach you any class/promotion/build at a high level. - Give you an environment that promotes personal development. - A professional approach to the game, while still having fun. - You will play in a guild with very passionated and motivated people. - You will be able to influence and help in the guides we will provide to the community. ______________________________ What is Vanguard looking for? We are looking for players that share the same mentality and approach to the game that we have. We want players that: - Spends hours theorycrafting and testing builds. - Want to practice every week and improve their skill. - Is able to take constructive criticism. - Love to min/max and optimize their time. - Is able to put their ego aside and take a loss. - Plays more or less every day. What we are looking for currently: 4x Flex players (atleast 1 Secutor player) 1x Full support player. ________________________________________________________________ If this sounds like something you can see yourself doing, then apply to our guild. APPLY HERE ________________________________________________________________ Our goals: As mentioned we do not aim to become a large guild, instead we choose quality over quantity. We do not aim to win campaigns right away, instead we will use this time looking for as much PvP action as possible. We have some goals starting out: 1 - Obtain and keep a strong core of 10 very active players. 2 - Get scrim sessions up and running twice a week. This list will be updated as we progress. ____________________________________________________________________ FAQ: "Will you accept crafters and harvesters?" - No, we are only looking for PvP players. But we expect our members to pitch in with gathering resources. "How will you get gear?" - We have enough alt accounts to cover all professions, and there are plenty of options to outsource. "What will your end goal be?" - We want to be a force to be reckoned with, but we do not aim to be a large guild. We want to be the turning factor of fights. "Will you only accept experienced players?" - No, the most important factor, is that you have a will to learn and improve. If you have that mindset, then we can help you to become a great player. "Which guides have you made?" - While we have a lot of work in progress, we have had a very succesful guide in the past while we played in Caldera. It can be found here: Promotion Breakdown
  7. Does this this talent not exist anymore? Remember classes won't be balanced around solo play, these are a nice addition, while playing with a healer. If you take the increased orb healing talent, your orbs as stormcaller will also heal more.
  8. Hey there! I see you put a lot of effort into theorycrafting, I appreciate that. Let me comment on some of your points though, I don't want to hammer you down, but some of us have played this game nonstop for years now, testing more or less every little thing. This does not mean that new eyes can't find something we haven't found - so keep it up! I have nummerized the places I want to comment on - see the quote above. 1 - A lot of classes have their ulti at half cost, some promotions even have a 350 soul power cost, so almost 3 casts in 1 full bar. Regarding the uptime, you have to remember to factor in enemies CCing you as well, if it's up for 20 seconds that is maybe 10s or less actual uptime for you in real fights. 2 - A lot of the 'apply on 3rd hit' disciplines you talk about, does not apply to ranged attacks. That's just how it is currently. 3 - If you haven't noticed, you get a debuff that prevents you from applying a new blind effect for 20 seconds, after using your first blind. So the power just turns into a flash cast dmg power at that point. 4 - I am not sure the enhanced illuminate also applies the crit buff to your entire group. Seems unlikely. 5 - Remember there are diminishing return on CC, 3 of the same type and the target becomes immune for 8 seconds. On another note, apart from the root, all of the CC you'll provide is single target. And people can probably retaliate 3 times in a row (some classes way more), so in a group setting, I do not see that being viable, as Aoe CC is way more valuable and effective. 6 - Considering you have no increased dodge regen, only a mobility power if you go Elken/Centaur - Then yes you are considered very immobile. Here's an example of a mobile dps: 7 - After thorough testing of all the Major disciplines, I can say with confidence, that all the strongest disciplines apply to all dps classes equally. And even then you might want to consider going 1 defensive and 1 offensive, as many does. There are no cleric only disciplines, so the viable builds on radical will be - and is the same as on other dps builds. 8 - The low amount of attributes you gain from a white vessel directs the way you use them. Going half and half, while being severely under the cap of your attack power, would make you a subpar dps, to a vessel that goes full after their attack power attribute. It's first in late game, with high end gear and vessels you'll look to going different attributes because you hit the stat caps before you've used all your points.
  9. Hey @RunningWithRandoms, it sure sounds like a fun idea - but as @mandalore is mentioning, you will grind to a halt pretty quickly in fights. Seeing as a healing clerics illuminate doesn't refund more mana than a radicals, I doubt that alone would fix the mana problem. But not only does the radical have a mana problem, you also have very low dmg output versus any other ranged dps currently. But if you still want to go through with this, I suggest you get 1 earthkeeper, 1 crusader and 3 radicals. Clerics rotating their illuminates, as they don't stack - so careful you don't overlap. Earthkeeper will be able to refund mana as well, every 3rd big druid orb refunds mana to you. And then you should go half-giant on the radicals. Everytime the racial giant smash procs, you get a bunch of mana back. (it takes 5 small hits to make it proc on you). I tested radical myself on 5.9, and neither dmg nor mana was a good sight. Anyway good luck with it, hope you make it work 😊
  10. We have recently changed how you apply to our guild! You can now submit your application directly through this link: APPLY NOW We look forward to reading your application!
  11. Hey there! The only expected wipe is when we go into soft launch, which is not specified yet. If you're lucky, they will wipe because of changes to skill trees, or similar development. But Apart from that, start your skill training right away, the speed is 3x what it will be in the actual game, so you will be skilling up fast (enough). Yes you should join a guild, or find a group of friends to play this game with - it will be a lot more enjoyable. There are guilds for all kinds of players, just check the guild recruitment section here on the forum. But to answer your question, you can without problem run around a farm/harvest solo, you are though more susceptible to ganks, when you run around solo. If you want to solo harvest, I would suggest doing it on a stealth class, so you have a chance to escape with your resources.
  12. Yumx


    Everyone starts somewhere, you guys are well on your way - keep up the nice work!
  13. Hey Tianjin. You forgot to write which region you are from? If you are from EU, you should check out our guild. 👇
  14. Hi there! Check out our website too see how to apply! https://caldera-hq.eu/games/crowfall/
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