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  1. The first EU Dregs campaign on LIVE goes to Vanguard! And our killers! Everyone did an amazing job, both with base building, but also fighting their hearts out in hard fought battles! Thank you to Caldera, 4g players + Alekzak and Nordic Marauders for a lot of fun fights this campaign! (I will make a video with some highlights later on)
  2. Pack pigs: Using the whistle power, while running down in the canyons, if used while there's something over your head like a roof, pack pigs can teleport all the way on top of the roof, and unleash. Movement of pack pigs in general is pretty janky, could use some smoothing. Skillbar bugs: Multiple people are having issues with skillbars emptying after zoning through a runegate - having to reapply all powers to their skillbar everytime is a bit tedious. Some people are also having the bug where all their powers would appear grey/unavailable, not showing any cooldowns, but they are still useable. Frostweaver: Ice placement is much better and faster, thanks for that. But when targets are on elevated terrain, you have to aim at a specific spot over their name, to make the ice hit. If you just aim at their character, the ice will go through and land somewhere behind them.
  3. You could consider putting in a "recommended culling setting", for ppl that don't understand that part of the settings.
  4. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/BetterMessyAcouchi-small.gif
  5. Adapting is what we do. With the way that victory cards work in the dregs campaigns, it's come down to teamwork. Everyone has to put in effort, for the team to win, that's where we shine. The first dregs campaign, we wanted to win at all cost. Even though it was launched for the NA timeframes, that meant sieges at 04:00 AM in the morning for us - we still wanted to win. One the most amazing, but soulcrushing feats we did that campaign, was that we dominated the chaos ember sacrificial card 😂 https://i.gyazo.com/6fb7e322c797e96c03f8aaf8e5efaa53.mp4 We had people farm for 7 hours, just to get 10 chaos embers, which was our goal per person. Not that we're a fan of mindless harvesting to get some points, we still did it, because everyone wanted to win. Thank you to the entire guild to make that win happen: The next dregs campaign was on our turf. Every siege went live in our siege primetime, which meant we HAD to win that one as well. Every night we had lots of amazing fights against the other guilds that competed, especially thanks to Winterblades and HoA. Sometimes they kicked our ass, sometimes we kicked theirs - we don't let losses get us down, the resurrection function is there for a reason. Go ress, find out what you did wrong, talk about it, adapt. Through some amazing effort and teamwork, we also won the second dregs campaign! Great job Vanguard! I am proud to be a part of this guild, surrounded by such amazing people. _______ We are still recruiting, looking for 2 more support players and 2 more dps players. Look us up and apply today on our website: https://vanguardcrowfall.com/howtoapply
  6. @royo most of the AoE is not RNG, confessor knockup is the 5 closest targets to the casters location, volatile ice, the 5 closest targets to the point of explosion etc. so it still comes down to positioning, coordination and actually learning to land your stuff correctly. Putting big aoes on longer cooldowns would still result in "Go in -> AoE -> disengage and wait for cooldowns" that would still technically be an aoe spam fest, because the only point of contact would be when people had their aoe ready, if AoE is the only way to kill big groups. @grekko we're testing, look at Makuzas arguments above for why the population is as it is. And regarding equal skill level players fighting outnumbered, it won't happen unless the bigger number of players makes mistakes, the better the players the fewer the mistakes. As I already wrote, better groups learn to punish mistakes, if 2 very strong groups fight, it comes down to numbers most of the time, because everyone can perform at high level.
  7. @Purpearl so you come back after almost a year, you didn't find your first week of fighting fun, so you'll take a break and hope it'll change how you want it? That's not how things are done, if you actually care to get the game changed, you stick around, keep testing and provide feedback actively throughout the testing period, so the game turns out great when it's released.
  8. @grekko So essentially you just want this game to become an aoe spam fest like ESO? No thanks. Beating enemies outnumbered has always been possible, if your enemies makes mistakes. Better groups will learn to punish mistakes, such as positioning, group comps etc. you can take a look at our video page vanguardcrowfall.com/videos and take a look at how many videos we have where we are outnumbered. Your argument is that spells do not scale up, well if it doesn't scale up, why don't you adapt to the situation and play around that? If you have 2 confessors who can both knockup 5 targets each, you obviously don't want them to cast it on the same 5 targets? Saying that you want a way to win 5v20 is unreasonable, the only way to do that is the enemy makes mistakes take this 8 v 20 as an example. But when you scale up the fights, let's say 20v40, or 40v80, it becomes another story, because at a certain point you just have enough dmg to quickly kill people, so then it's doesn't matter how many enemies you're facing, if you're coordinating your burst correctly they will just die. This comes back to your argument of everything is being balanced for 5v5, it's not - you just lack enough fighting experience in this game, with bigger numbers to paint a realistic picture of what it's being balanced around. If you play 5v20, you can't one shot 5 ppl every 10 seconds, if you play 20v40, you can. Having every aoe affect every target in it's area, would turn this game into a no-brain spam fest, and it would only make it even easier for zergs.
  9. Well every aoe is limited to 5 ppl, so if you're looking to oneshot an entire zerg you need to keep that in mind. Regardless of that it is still very much possible to almost insta kill groups of ppl, while being outnumbered, you just gotta figure out the way that works best for you. Now you can't just sit in your own stacks of healing ice, unless you have enough icecallers. The healing for icecaller has to be tuned, but I think it's an overall good change, because it'll make the fights more mobile.
  10. Yeah I just hate motion blur/screenshake in all games, so I would like to be able to click it off as well.
  11. Welcome! Are you guys NA or EU based?
  12. Vanguard is prepared to go into the first dregs campaign on test, with guns blazing! We're still looking for a few more players to fill the roster, apply today cause we have a limited amount of spots!
  13. 5.110 is on TEST, and we're loving it! We are playing every day, PvP practicing every day, preparing ourselves for when they launch the next patch with either Infected or Dregs. In the meanwhile, we pushed to craft the very first ring and focus gem in the patch. So if you're looking for a home, with people that: 1 - Practice everyday 2 - Min/max everything we can 3 - Farms for hours, at a .4% chance, just get a few more stats Then we're most likely a guild for you! Read about us on our website, and apply today! https://vanguardcrowfall.com/about-us
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