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  1. You going to try and deafen your enemies with your mic?
  2. Great stuff! Looking forward to it! As mentioned above, would love to hear of some win conditions soon.
  3. Test your might...

    Preeeetty tanky.. Also what a cool intro
  4. Crowfall/Ace tribute

    I'm so sad I never got to try hungerdome, it looks so fun!
  5. The stat 'Warmth' is not in the detalied stats window, in game.
  6. What Destrin says, keep complaints about past fights out of here, people are just here to look at fun memes.
  7. All the Elken race tree skill nodes says 'When you equip a Fae vessel'
  8. @Soulreaver @MJayed
  9. Thanks for the inspiration @Xarrayne
  10. I guess this goes here, all common mats and 7 points in total?