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  1. There was a duelist bugged (probably from being in a ballista that died), his body was stuck on a wall piece, but he was inside the Tree of Life shooting/interrupting.
  2. Yumx


    This has been brought up to the devs many times, many good suggestions has been made. The main problem right now is how overtuned they are, most of the time the siege engines do the fights for you in sieges, because the damage a ballista can put out is a great noob stomper. No cap on how many it can hit, and the damage is quite high. But the damage can be dealt with, when you have enough healers and good enough gear, then you can basically just tank that damage. The biggest problem right now, is that the healing shot from the ballistas can heal the Tree of Life, which is not intended. What they should do in my opinion, is spread out all those powers on the different tiers of ballistas, so the defenders would have to choose which ballista to place. It would also make it more interesting for the attackers, to figure out where the healing ballistas are placed, where the fire aoe ones are etc. Instead of right now, all it takes is 1 ballista to hit the Tree of Life room, and the attackers won't be able to kill the Tree of Life. The sieges are scaled for way bigger numbers - that's why it's so easy to defend currently. Realistically, if the defenders know what they are doing, as attackers you would need to: - Have 1-2 groups defending your plague tree (especially in winter when there's only 1 plaguetree which has 1/3 of the health of the Tree of Life, so you need a good amount of people, incase the defenders choose to just zerg down that tree) - Cover and control all the 5 ballista spots that can reach into the Tree of Life (this would require atleast 2 people (probably more) at each spot that can stay alive (so atleast a healer and a dps) versus the defenders, because if just 1 ballista healing shot goes through, that buys the defenders upwards of 30 seconds.) - Have a group at the respawn statue, to delay respawners because of the 90s respawn time inside the keep for the defenders. - And a force inside the Tree of Life room, to kill the Tree of Life. And apart from all of this, you can't lose people inside, cause if an attacker dies, and can't be resurrected, they have atleast a 3-5 minute run, from flying to nearby respawn point as crow, and running back to the siege. This requires a lot of people, and in the current population numbers that is just not possible. Now if we were 100 vs 100 each siege, then the ballistas wouldn't be that much of a problem, because as I mentioned, the dmg is outhealable, and they can be controlled because you would have enough people at all the key points.
  3. Good luck in Crowfall, hope you guys stick around 😁
  4. We have had a lot of great fights in the Perstilyn campaign on EU, here's a snip of it:
  5. A long fort fight (40-50 minutes of fighting) the other night, we got pushed out of the fort, and then came back to try and retake it. Well played to everyone involved. ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
  6. The enthusiasm to teach, help and inform people about Crowfall - was a part of why I founded Vanguard. This motivation and mindset is shared between my members and I, and we are working hard to provide the community with quality content. So, in this thread we will gather all the Guides, Tools and Information that we produce and want to share with the public. We hope you enjoy and find the stuff we produce useful - any constructive criticism and requests are welcome! I will post everytime something new is released. Guides: Vanguards Minor Discipline Guide: LINK A short sum up of the current viable minor disciplines, great to get an overview of what is currently available (patch 5.100). Tools: Vanguards Siege Equipment Calculator: LINK If you've ever had to create a lot of siege equipment to prepare for a siege, this tool will make it easy for you to see just how many resource you need to buy - for you to craft your desired amount of siege equipment. Information: Vanguards Trial Badges Overview: LINK A list showing the different badges that have been obtainable so far, from the different Trials of Gods. Shows both their in game icon, and which stats they give.
  7. Then I would have to take viewer requests and stuff
  8. Vanguard visited the NA campaign in Trial of Yaga, we attended a few sieges with a few people - but the picture says it all. Thank you for the fun - please don't take this too serious 😂 We love all the NA guilds, they all have an awesome fighting spirit!
  9. One of the main differences between Archer and Confessor, is that confessor can also work in close quarters, where the Archer is really terrible in forexample fort fights. So what they lack in viability in close quarters, they gain in strength in long ranged combat
  10. The game, since is has not been optimized, is very RAM and CPU heavy. When I upgraded to a brand new computer (32gb RAM and a brand new i7), those freezes disappear. But yes low fps and small freezes are normal if you don't have top end computers. What I can say though, is that you get used to it, I played with that and worse performance for over 2 years of development. But if you come over from a super optimized game, it seems bad at first.
  11. I love ambitious projects, best of luck to you Crem!
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