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  1. Had some great fights in tonights siege, here's one of the fights:
  2. Hahaha o boi, this is hilarious 😂 Hope you guys stick around, you've brought a lot of fun times for us in the last year, thanks ! See you in game 😁
  3. So you got 3 guilds ready to defend your keep, and you knew that it's possible to punch walls down, and you would have loved to show your new guys a siege. But you chose to deny them all and practice the famous KDS group recall. Have you thought about what message you are sending to your members and allies? That as soon as you see a bug, it's time to leave? As I heard it, Caldera and CaC stuck around to keep fighting while you recalled out - and left them there to get slaughtered. Even completely new guilds use this 'unintended mechanic': http://www.twitch.tv/el
  4. Righteousness are your 'combo points' also referred to as pips, gained through either hitting with your 3rd basic attack, the judgement? Combo, or for every enemy you damage with divine light. It's basically your resource, instead of mana. You can see it on the orange bar in the top left, or the UI just above your skill bar. Holding down Parry, if you have slotted it on your RMB, instead of dodge - will make you immune to crowd control and take reduced dmg. If you are hit by aoe dmg or melee attacks while parrying you will get a proc on your screen. Activating that pro
  5. We currently have 3 spots open, we're specifically looking for 1 paladin player, and 2 support players (must be flexible between the different healer classes) Apply to day at https://vanguardcrowfall.com/howtoapply ! Remember to enable cookies - we use google forms
  6. Its good you share your feedback Elixor, your guild is already doing really well, so it would be sad if you guys left already. But to the reality of the situation, they call this game a 'throne war' inspired by Game of Thrones, and if you havent watched that, there's a lot politics, alliances etc involved in keeping a 'throne'. Alliances are meant to be created and broken by game design. But I agree our current situation does not really allow guilds to grow, unless they join an alliance, and that just furthers the problem of huge alliances.
  7. But is experienced based on 1v1 or actual group fights? They wont balance around small numbers like 1v1 2v2 etc. They look at the bigger picture, and in larger numbers all expect assassins have a spot, it's not all about damage. I dont know which melee ranger you are referring to, Warden? That is a tanky/control version, they are not made to bring dmg. Brigand? They have a lot of dmg if you land your traps. To stay on the topic, slayers are great gankers yes, also quite decent for group fights, but when you fight over objectives etc I would say they are quite
  8. The stream saturday was very succesful! We had an average viewer count of 89 and a max of 113 viewers! Here's the full stream VOD, with navigation in the comments!
  9. The FULL VOD is now on youtube from the stream for those who missed it!
  10. Friendly reminder that this happens tomorrow at 16:00 CEST! If you're a new player and feel like you lack information about the game - be there!
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