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  1. Thats some quick math right there, prompaganda got to you already huh?
  2. Recruitment is now closed! Thank you for the interest!
  3. We have opened up for 1 more recruit here for launch! We are looking for a flexible player who can flex between ranged dps, melee dps and/or frontline if needed. If you think that is you, apply today at https://vanguardcrowfall.com/howtoapply and tell us why!
  4. Amazing bunch of people in there, 10/10 would recommend.
  5. We are very much looking forward to launch! A trip through memory lane, here are some of our best videos from testing the last couple of years. The Guineceans of Vanguard - Go Broke or Go Home! When the duelist could shoot from stealth through walls, we stacked a bunch of duelists and murdered people from stealth. Vanguard on NA - The European Clown Car! Showing up early to a siege before the enemy had built up their walls, we waited out of sight and attacked the keep from the inside. Trial of Gaea Siege - Kansas City Shuffle In the Trial of Gaea campaign, we had a fun siege where we completely fooled the enemy, you can maybe guess how. Vanguard (18) vs Furia Alliance (38) - Fort Fight Knowing we would be severely outnumbered, we stood our ground against the incoming enemies. And if you are interested in watching more videos, a bunch of them are gathered in THIS PLAYLIST. Enjoy!
  6. Guild website: https://vanguardcrowfall.com/ Guild discord: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Vanguard - "a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas"Vanguard is a Crowfall-only PvP guild, created by veterans from other EU guilds. We have a very ambitious vision of establishing a smaller guild, with a hardcore mindset.We do not aim to be a large guild, we instead aim to have a strong core of PvPers, that can make a difference when involved in fights.We are already active everyday practicing, theorycrafting, min/maxing.We are the kind of people who wants to get stream sniped, because we love the action. Why join Vanguard? We can teach you any class/promotion/build at a high level. Give you an environment that promotes personal development. A professional approach to the game, while still having fun. You will play in a guild with very passionate and motivated people. You will be able to influence and help in the guides we will provide to the community. What we are looking for currently: Recruitment is CLOSED. If this sounds like something you can see yourself doing, then apply to our guild.APPLY HERE FAQ:"Will you accept crafters and harvesters?"- No, we are only looking for PvP players. But we expect our members to pitch in with gathering resources."How will you get gear?"- We have enough alt accounts to cover all professions, and there are plenty of options to outsource."What will your end goal be?"- We want to be a force to be reckoned with, but we do not aim to be a large guild. We want to be the turning factor of fights."Will you only accept experienced players?"- No, the most important factor, is that you have a will to learn and improve. If you have that mindset, then we can help you to become a great player.
  7. We are looking for 2 more support players before launch - apply today! https://vanguardcrowfall.com/howtoapply
  8. and a fun screenshake bug deleting a team in Hungerdome with Chaos orb: Blowing up an enemy group with guinecean bomb knights:
  9. From when Bomb knights were fun:
  10. How many hungerdome games did you play the class yourself, before you wrote this thread? This is why I was hesitant to go into this discussion, because your approach to a discussion is really just "I think this is a lack of rebuttal, therefor I am right". I am going to leave you on your weird crusade from here, thanks for your time!
  11. For the sake of keeping it specific, let's focus on Hungerdome, which I think this is where you created this thread from. "Fighting this class there is no situation where they are on the back foot. In the open field they kite you with infinite CC and do solid damage + a dot. You cannot possibly close distance and kill them." This is not exactly true, it's the team around the archmage that can make this possible. The 'infinite' CC you are talking about actually does not come from the archmage very much, more it's teammates (like warden trapmaster stun spam, stakes and other aoe CC from other classes). Closing the distance is quite easy, good teams can do this, rotate mobility cooldowns with pulls etc. pretty basic team coordination. "In confined spaces you are permanently heal debuffed, slowed, Ice armor debuffed and susceptible to chaos orb cheese hitting your whole group for 4-5k and shatter storm deleting your group for a similar amount." I agree the black ice is and incredibly powerful spell, putting a field that people just have to touch to get PHM debuffed is strong. Ice armor debuff is just like any other debuff in the game, this one though only benefits the frostweaver, since it's pure ice armor break. If we look at the Warden in this case, they keep up permanent physical armor break, which benefits a whole range of other classes, or the confessor who has elemental armor break on basic attacks, which other elemental damage dealers also benefit from. Shatterstorm doesn't delete people, it does high damage when paired with armor break + a good weapon, but is aoe circle is fairly small, and you can easily dodge out of it, just like the vindicators divine light that you previously stated. Chaos orb is very strong yes, IF you channel it 100%, taking around 3 seconds of channel time. Now this is very hard to pull off if you are being focused, and in the world of aoe CC spam (Warden traps, fury etc.), your channel will get broken a lot and no chaos orb goes off if you get interrupted while channeling - what I am trying to say is, if you get chaos orbed, that is your own fault. The slow is decent, but gets overwrited by the slow stake from other archetypes. "Shatter storm plus ice stores = big damage" Now you don't really wanna spam use your ice stores; 1 - You will lose your 10% crit buff from the archemage talents. 2 - If you have no ice store, every ice weave costs 200 mana = you go oom instantly. 3 - If you spam so much that you use ulti purely for mana = you die. Also the volatile ice proc from shatterstorm has an internal cooldown, so you dont get RNG'd to death. I almost never cast more than 1 or 2 frigid ice through free weaving, simply cause the cost versus the output is not worth it. Frigid ice is not a reliable aoe knockdown spamable thing, it's very costly, and for it to knock down, first you have to root the first with a frigid ice (meaning they have to step on it), and then after the retaliate, you have to make them step on another frigid ice, for it to knock down. "Ranged Execute: This class has a ranged 5 second CD 2 hit execute what else needs to be said?" It's weird to me that they didn't include more executes in the archetypes, like the Titan would be an obvious choice. Either way, the cast time for each execute power, is around 1.5 seconds - and it's bodyblockable since it's single target. And again, in the world of aoe CC, pulls and what-not, this is not 100% reliable. Theoretically then yes, it's super strong, in practice it's another story. "It has no mobility skill: With the prevalence of stakes in the meta this is not really an issue as the enemies are always slowed so you can just walk away." Exactly, it doesn't have any mobility skill, so you have to rely on your teammates to help you out - stakes is not in the toolkit of the Archmage. - It also means you have to use at least half your brain, to not spam all dodges out at the same time. "Its in leather: All classes give and take true damage in this game." Like all other classes as you say, since there are so many armor breaks. But you can die in a few seconds if you're not careful - exactly because you have 0 armor the entire time. Where mail and plate users in the end can achieve more than the 20% armor breaks that are applied, archmage will be at 0% throughout the game. "It has no defensive skills: This can be corrected with master of focus giving mana shield. In addition with a 27 second CD ultimate that gives 5 second damage reduction you can reduce nearly all damage you receive." Well, Mana shield is a 1300 barrier, and we all know how faster 1300 is gone in teamfights with dots etc. And ultimate giving 5 second damage reduction, is exactly the same as any other ulti, confessor have 2, alpha warrior almost 3, etc. "Conclusion: This class has absolutely no situation where it may under perform. Melee have not a hope of hitting them for more than 2-3 seconds continuously. If they can even get there. It is almost impossible to kill and played correctly can put huge pressure on groups." I think many classes has no place where it under performs if played correctly. Melee not being able to stay on the archmage is not really an archmage direct problem, that's more the melee players, the melee players' team, and the archmage team that prevents them. It's not like the archmage is permanently immune to CC itself? My main question is, if it's impossible to kill, and so very easy to do damage on, why is it not in every group like the warden? Like Van_Zant said, yes the glass cannon does damage. It literally has nothing else but damage, anti healing, some crowd control (like every class in the game), ultimate and dodge rolls as defensives.
  12. Hey Balathan, interesting topic! Is this experience based on playing against only my group, or every Archmage that you've met?
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