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  1. Apparently Half-elf Druid have a cap of 1, on their movement control intensity:
  2. Got disconnected from Tyranny EU - died - can't hold F to release. Edit: Us guys from Denmark are getting spikes up to 20000 ping as soon as anything happens - if I whirlwind on the dummies as a myrm instant spike to 20000 ping .. Something is wrong with the routing to us then .. 2nd Edit: Apparently turning off the shadowplay overlay fixes som ping issues ..
  3. It was 3rd basic attack from Myrm, with taste for blood up
  4. We had a series of fun fights versus these guys yesterday, the last one ended up being a 6 vs 10, good fun @XpCjU, @Drakonil, @Shadiz, @Cleaver & Co.
  5. Toggling from combat tray to stealth tray

    It's different with stealth. Going from melee to ranged tray is fine, we don't go through harvest tray there. Stealth gives you an advantage, you become instantly stealth, if your enemy has no +perception, then you could just go stealth in front of them whenever you felt like it. Every rogue class ever had to go out of combat to stealth - if you wanted to stealth in combat you had a vanish, in our case the ultimate of the assassin.
  6. We had to defend a fort, where a bunch of our crafters were in.. Enjoy some out of proportion damage ..
  7. Assassin Worst Solo Class?

    Well, as we tell everyone who talks about classes performing solo - game is not being balanced around 1v1, that said, assa is actually really strong running solo. With lower CD from Vessel training, you can almost hold a target stun locked with Kidney Shot alone - then positioning is really easy. But generally I don't have trouble getting the backstab off, just practice your circle strafing in melee combat. Edit* You can also just depend on your LMB attacks for pips, try with advanced axes and use the armor break from Master of Axes, then you do fine damage with LMB.
  8. Walls around Forts are no longer attackable, only Ghost Army works, and it only takes walls down to half HP. Walls won't break
  9. Read the toxin what it does. Disease = Low initial dmg on diffusion, but 2500 heal block on 5 pips. Poison = High initial dmg on diffusion Nature = Low initial dmg on diffusion, but spreads the nature toxin to up to 5 targets within 7m range, 5 pips. So it's intended that you do almost no dmg with diffusion from disease toxin, because you prevent the next 2500 healing on your target, with 5 pips.
  10. Spirit still doesnt increase max stamina. Also the poison darts range from assassin, is only affected up to +10m. Even though you have more + distance.
  11. Random Ranged Assassin clips

    Yep something is wrong with the math .. Everyone is doing way too much dmg right now
  12. Random Ranged Assassin clips

    Yeah that's what makes this spicy
  13. Champion builds.

    Yeah you got the basics down, now you need to learn all the other classes, so you can react to them and their powers.
  14. Random Ranged Assassin clips

    I was streaming some ranged assassin yesterday, VOD can be found here But here are some clips of some damage output and a 1v2.. The build is stupid easy, all bow disciplines and nature toxin Clip 1v2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227267750 Bouncing shot: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227267134 @Tinnis 'Daddy Boostmaster', some high crits with bow shots: https://clips.twitch.tv/YummyCooperativeRutabagaBigBrother
  15. Champion builds.

    You should consider using punch drunk instead of Sturdy. Also your 1v1 vs templar, you just button mash, you use everything on cooldown, and you stand in divine light and take parry punishes all day, work on that