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  1. Seems like kills and deaths are not counted correctly.
  2. We are filling up our roster towards our goal of 10 active players quick! We are now only looking for 1 more flex player currently! Come be a part of a skilled and dedicated guild, that focuses on building team synergy and PvP. We can teach you any class and build, at a high level - you just gotta prove to us that you are worth our time! We are practicing almost every day, theorycrafting, internal scrims and lots of fun
  3. Retaliate has been balanced towards a greater number of players. You might seem useless in 1 on 1, 2 on 2 etc. But when you have 20-30 people all spamming their damage and CC on one target, it's a matter of seconds if the target is able to retaliate in time and get out. What you seem to be lacking, is having some experience playing and coordinating with other players in combat. Yes people can retaliate often, but with teamwork you can CC way more often than they are able to retaliate, effectively draining their stamina and making them a nice target to go on. You can also prime a target, by making them retaliate before you switch to them. So I think you should get into more group fights, with some structure in how you fight, and then come back and see if you have the same opinion. There are also non-retaliateable CC, such as slow, push/pulls and dodge pip drains.
  4. Weird works for me, try Blazzens link
  5. So this streamer Reckful, which I have been following for years, were watching viewer streams. I thought why not try and show Crowfall this way, because we had created an arena from World of Warcraft, which Reckful have played a lot. So he clicked my message, and I showed him a quick and dirty version of Crowfall, and the viewers seemed to love it. Here's the VOD (I recommend watching on Twitch in your browser, so you can see chat/viewer responses) Starts at 1h 44m 33s Was fun!
  6. Resources/Minerals from stonemotherlodes drop into the motherlode, unable to pick it up, before the motherlode is completely destroyed.
  7. You can see what the different attributes gives of stats, read your talents, see what the promotions excell at, and use your attribution points to gain stats that boosts that. You have to think about what you want to do with the character, and boost your stats accordingly.
  8. Hi there, you can't reset your character attribute points and talents once you have set them. Once you choose a promotion path (vindicator, paladin, fury) the 2 other paths will be locked. So you can only spend your talent points in one promotion. If you want to change something, you will have to level up a new character. Templars can only use 2h swords, that's just how it is at the moment. Have fun!
  9. Even though we're a small crew, we're still doing great! We are still looking for a few more players to finish our roster! We are looking for 2x flex players (1 paladin main) And 1 full support player (preferably druid - earthkeeper) If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us, or apply!
  10. Nop it just helps you get to the cap if you haven't reached it. Think about what you tend to do the most, do you stay in ranged tray more often, or do you jump into melee tray at every chance?
  11. Yumx

    Templar Meta

    Hey there! Nice to see new players seek information. Templar is indeed a very nice starter vessel, simple to get into, and doesn't require much to be some what effective in group fights. To answer your questions, PvE your race does not matter, and you should not aim towards PvE since that is going to be a very small part of this game. The branches you speak of are normally referred to as promotion classes. The most played promotion for templars, are the paladin. Paladin turns you into a healer, increasing your support power and gives you several healing capabilities. This is also a really good build for PvE, because you can basically keep yourself healed up while damaging down enemies with little effort. As a paladin your Major disciplines would be something like field surgeon/Pixie or field surgeon/naiad (to get a ranged aoe root). You will act as a support/healer that your teammates can hide behind and get healed up from. If you want to dapple in the other promotions then the best other choice is Vindicator, which is the damage focused version of the templar. This build though works best if you have a healer to back you up, since your self heals will be low. If you have more questions you can always jump into our discord and ask.
  12. You should instead have slashing in melee, piercing in ranged, and go for offensive stats that buffs all your damage (the dots from the traps is where you get your damage from). So aim towards getting attack power, crit chance and crit hit dmg, because they all affect the dmg of your dots as well.
  13. Wait they didn't even remove the "join early access" part? 😅
  14. It looked at me funny .. And to stack pips, and make sure that it wouldn't soak one of my pepperbox hits
  15. @PaleOne hit me up on discord, we got a pair we want to sell.
  16. Hey, good to see people testing! 1: Yes your quiver will decide your damage type in ranged tray, slashing quiver all slashing, ice quiver all ice etc. Keep in mind that your bonuses from your talents e.g your 10% slashing/piercing will be useless if you use other dmg types like ice quiver. 2: When the tooltip says weapon damage, that just means the damage of your weapon, so if it says 20-30 + 110% weapon dmg, and your weapon is 50-60 dmg. Then it's 20-30 + 110% (of 50 to 60, depending on what roll you get on that attack). Then ofcourse it factors in AP, penetration etc. also to calculate the damage. When your trap then says 'as fire damage' then +slashing/piercing won't increase that. Instead + fire dmg bonus would increase that. When I played Brigand I would use a +bleed dot dmg emblem, to increase the bleed dot dmg of the stun trap. 3: As far as I've seen, it's only high tension and elken racial that increases the range distance cap. The bonuses on sharpshooter/arcane Archer, carrot juice and ranged distance rings, are all +range, not +range cap.
  17. Another epic sunday evening on the EU server, this time it ended in a huge open field fight!
  18. In the end of the siege window all 3 factions ended up in the same map. It lead to a long mobile 3 way fight. Good fights everyone! ______________________________We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!Check us out: Our recruitment thread
  19. Yes,I forgot about this, it feels like the hitbox for impale is either very small, or just not registering sometimes.
  20. Nothing is really lacking to be honest, all you feel you need, you can fill those gaps through disciplines. Slayer is a very fun playstyle, super mobile and high dmg/control, though pretty squishy. Vanguard Scout is the least played build, and I have yet to find a reason to pick that promotion over the 2 others. Dirge is the tanky version, you will be able to wear plate while still using 2x pistols, but you ofcourse lose some damage. Dirge is also the promotion if you want to go melee Duelist.
  21. That is incorrect yes, Titan also has access to Berserk, meaning you technically can avoid all incoming dmg every 12 seconds, for 8 seconds. Titan has some of the highest sustained single target damage in the game, if you are able to stay on your target - all from basic attacks. Our current group setup is running Titan and Secutor as frontline, you can see how we do in my videos. But the most important thing to learn on the myrm is the berserk mechanic, and how to avoid crashing - taking a big chunk of damage. If you get used to that, any of the 3 promotions can be tanky. And with the damage Titan does, both vengeance and frenzy can be useful powers, just depends on your group setup and preferred playstyle.
  22. Hey there. Before I give you any suggestions I would like to point out that Battlerager is the least useful of the 3 promotions the myrmidon has. So ask yourself what do you want to achieve with this promotion - and then make your build around that. The problem with battlerager is that you hit like a wet noodle, so if people notice that you're a battlerager, they can basically just ignore you. If they don't know that they should ignore you however, they you can really be a pain in the ass for the enemy, because you can stay alive for a long time. 1 - Talents In your talents I would ofcourse take all the talents that makes you more tanky, but also make sure you get all the offensive ones, armor penetration, basic attack dmg etc. You are going to be very tanky. You will however not need frenzy and vengeance since your promotion talents centers around berserk. 2. Stat priority Since you are so tanky already from mechanics, then it doesn't make sense to add to that with your attribute points, instead you should full STR to try and increase your dmg as much as possible. Your job as a battlerager is to make the enemies hit you, if you don't do any dmg they can and will ignore you. 3 - Disciplines As you already are very tanky, you have a lot of options with disciplines. Going something that gives you more dmg can be an option (Illusionist/force Mage), going for stuff that helps you disrupt your enemies can be an option (mudman - aoe blind when hit by crushing dmg/naiad aoe ranged root). As I said earlier, think about what you want to achieve with the battlerager, and build towards enforcing that goal. 4 - Rotation You don't have a set rotation, apart from using your berserk on cooldown whenever you can see you are near enemies. Remember to avoid the crashes with either whirlwind or pulverize. Apart from that try and dot as many enemies as you can with whirlwind - try and maintain those dots on them as well, only takes a few seconds of you spinning on them to stack it to 3x moderate bleeds. And use your net to keep rooting/pulling enemies towards you or as a peel, to keep enemies off your teammates. 5 - General tips Your goal is to help ensure that your group wins the fight, you don't deliver the killing blows nor the damage to get the enemies down, your job is to try and make your enemies hit you, to disrupt your enemies as much as possible, and to make sure your team is safe and has the space they need to pump out damage and healing to win the fight.
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