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  1. Good fights! Prom for some reason you included a Mandrake root, and projectiles in your enemy list .. 😂
  2. In Trial of Arkon, Vanguard chose to focus on fighting and getting practice. We lost the campaign, but since everyone gets the same reward, it does not matter to us. Here were the final scores of the top EU guilds for Trial of Arkon: Chaos Order Balance Since Trial of Arkon came with an item wipe, most guilds obviously focused on building up. Hopefully that should result in more PvP, next campaign. ___________________________ Recruiting: We are still looking for more dedicated players to take on the challenge of becoming a Vanguard, new or veterans do not matter to us, your mindset is what's important. We especially need 2 support players and 2 flex players, we will give you the tools necessary to become a great player, but it's up to you if you want to become it. Apply today: APPLICATION FORM
  3. Or maybe the option to keybind, to switch between different healthbar options in fights. Enable/Disable friendly healthbars Enable/Disable Enemy healthbars Enable/Disable Full health healthbars etc. The game does not require a lot of keybinds, so it wouldn't be a problem to adds some of those options to be used while engaging in fights.
  4. Yeah, it's going to be a challenge for sure, what happens when we go into 100v100 fights sometime in the future? Healthbars would have to be ________ thin Also hiding full healthbars would be cool as an option, as long as they keep their name visual.
  5. Was a fun evening - good fights! It feels like sieges are scaled for a lot bigger numbers than what we get on EU, the technical parts of sieging seems more fit for 40+ people on each side.
  6. We use Shield Whiz on our secutor knight, but they are the available ones
  7. I don't think so no. Else the many previous russians would have been in guilds.
  8. @Ble all that work for them just to say that they were already fixing it.. How you feeling? 😁
  9. Yeah it's in a bad place currently, all single target heals are being consumed by enemy bodies. All enemy bodies apparently have priority over your aim/powers, even as a healer.
  10. Surging spirit has also been removed. It was removed before the others as far as I remember.
  11. For the champion UW 2 it's on third hit. The discipline should give you on every hit though.
  12. It should very well work, champions also get it when they enter Ultimate Warrior 2, and it even works on Fort walls
  13. We have just released a short minor discipline guide!
  14. We in the Vanguard want everyone to improve, and have easily accessible information about the game. With the death of Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement and Hand of Glory - we often get asked "Which minors should I go with?". So to help the new players, and refresh the memory of experienced players, we have created a short guide, with the currently available minor disciplines in the game. *Note that we have left out minors such as those who improve songs, and thorns - as we would not recommend them to anyone currently. Enjoy. Remember to click to zoom! _______________________________We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
  15. @mythx I think all that stuff should go into a feedback thread somewhere, not here. And EA man .. We'd like to avoid lootboxes and what not. You can't compare an MMO still in pre-alpha, to a fast paced Battle Royale FPS. If everything becomes instant, why have animations at all? You have to realize you need a visual indicator of when an enemy starts casting a power, so you can react to it. Almost all powers does hit targets instantly when they are fired off.
  16. Thank you everyone, that was a nice lift up.. 💗
  17. Trial of Arkon has kicked off, and Vanguard is fighting for Chaos on EU. First siege had a lot of fun fights, this was one of them:
  18. The first siege in the Trial of Arkon, Order showed up with 20 people to start with, and we had not built our walls up. We met them at one of the walls. Later in the evening Order had even more people, and it ended out in a long stand off inside the keep. _______________________________ We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
  19. Devotion does not seem to be healing group members, after I took the talent that enhances it, in the Paladin tree.
  20. That's supposed to be a clam, it went a bit fast haha
  21. @Ble @Jah We all know what really turned the tide in the last NA campaign ..
  22. Recruitment is now open again! We are looking for 2 Flex players And 1 support player! Grab your chance to play with a bunch of experienced players! ______________________________________________________________________ Here's our most recent video, from visiting the NA server, in the last Trial.
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