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  1. I get "connection lost" very frequently in the dregs and the game shuts down afterwards. This wasn't happening before the patch. Edit: Sent logs to support.
  2. Myrmidon battlerager neck slash and striking a bleeding target don't always give crash mitigation. I hit my enemies during the 3 sec window and still I crashed.
  3. I cannot use the arcane barrier from arcane archer major discipline in melee tray as a warden. When I rez my abilities change places. Really annoying.
  4. I can wear the naiad major discipline as a half-elf and dark domain. It should be wearable only by wood-elfs and light domain.
  5. I think the slow movement is great for running along with it and fooling melee players into walking to it. I agree the radius could be a little larger. Mana shield should be usable by everyone able to get the major - which is not how it is right now. Only confessors get the mana shield.
  6. I can't equip a buckler as a stormdruid even though I should be able to.
  7. As a cleric I do not get the mana shield from the major discipline master of focus.
  8. I don't think restoration strike from the holy warrior discipline does anything on a templar? At least I don't see any resource it restores. Even though only templars can use the discipline.
  9. Then the myrm basic attack should do more damage outside of bleeds, right now the damage is based on the bleed it causes. Right now the tooltip says "attacks for 155 damage + causing your target to bleed for 21 + 155% weapon damage". Bleeds not stacking limits the use of the basic attack combo to a single use, and there are not even enough other attacks that could be used to fill the void. The Titan is also specialized on the spam of basic attack and all this makes the subclass even more unplayable than the others.
  10. Conquerors don't crash, they basically have vengeance? The titan pulverize ability needs to be flash-cast, otherwise they will always crash and no-one will play it. Basic attack bleeds need to stack, otherwise most of the basic attack damage is lost and the class is unplayable. 100% agree. Unless Gift of Blood gets a substantial buff, bleeds start stacking and whirlwind damage is buffed I see no reason to use it. I see the devs would like myrms to use the whirlwind as it gets a special buff in all the promotion-classes, but in my experience outside of veng/berserk it is bette
  11. If bleeds do not stack the "gift of blood" myrmidon talent is useless because it doesn't trigger often enough and a huge chunk of my damage goes to waste because bleeds are not happening because they do not stack. I am not sure if bleeds not stacking is intended or not. The myrmidon basic attack damage comes largely from the bleed it causes. The myrm is heavily reliant on the basic attack and this has caused the basic attack to be poorly made dergs. Oh well, if this doesn't change can always play champ or warden.
  12. Tenderize ability from Butcher major discipline doesn't increase my myrmidons bleed damage from Cross Gashes. It also looks like bleeds don't stack - not sure if this is intended or not. Tested on a dummy.
  13. Conqueror gives movement control intensity, but I don't see the myrm getting any slows anywhere? What am I missing?
  14. If I get unmounted by NPC or player attacking me, my basic attack doesn't progress past the first attack. This can be fixed by pressing the mount button. The game probably thinks I am still mounted - even though I got unmounted by others attacking me.
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