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  1. Thank you for that. Maybe we need to make a suggestion about adding more bug fixing staff to ACE. Lol.
  2. A lot of people value rarity. Maybe we need more valuable work to make the game good? If I was ACE I would want my game to be NOT DEAD due to game breaking bugs. But I am sure our AFK testers will fix the issue.
  3. Handing these rewards out for nothing devalues the reward.
  4. I want the game to work, be better and get fixed so I can enjoy the complete product I think it can be. For the game to achieve this - bugs must be fixed. AFK players do not fix bugs. The game staying in a bugged out state does hurt me as I can't enjoy the bug free experience.
  5. The testing reward for TEST is a good mechanic, but the reward should be larger when the pool of potential testers is low and actually finding important bugs and reporting them first should get you more rewards. Otherwise people will just AFK and bot/macro the rewards for themselves. I don't know how much work creating these rewards takes so I have no clue on the economics of it...
  6. Ultimate having a long cooldown instead of charging it up through violence would be much more convenient for players. Right now players have to abuse random animals to charge up ultimate after every death - which is not really quality content. It would be much better if ultimate went on a cooldown after resurrecting from death. What I really want is to not punch random cows for 5 minutes after every death. How this mechanically works is not important. Cooldown or some other mechanic.
  7. When I sell stuff to vendor I can't confirm the sale with enter, I have to click confirm with mouse.
  8. My ultimate got interrupted - which should be impossible. I take damage myself and do not cause damage or knockback to my enemies. Looks like I got stunned, not sure if it was the champion or cleric.
  9. When I use battle chant and vengeance immediately afterwards, battle chant doesn't do any damage at all to enemies.
  10. ACE banning people for using abilities ACE gave them is ridiculous. Don't punish people for finding bugs for you. Just fix the bugs and everything will be fine. Disabling the abilities temporarily would be a better solution anyway than banning your paying customers.
  11. In the eternal kingdom I cannot pick up my keep. Not sure about the name of the deed because I can't see it anymore. After placing a building I am in the building placement screen still and if I drag a deed out of inventory the game asks if I want to destroy it, I press cancel but it gets destroyed anyway. In the normal screen (not building placement screen) if I do the same the item doesn't get destroyed.
  12. Big thanks to the undead legion for giving me the opportunity to gain an uncommon vessel/body for myself. Very hard to obtain those as a new player without the support of a good guild 🙂
  13. I made a little video of my PvP experiences this weekend. Hope you enjoy it!
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