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  1. Shady that you, you glorious son of a gripe.
  2. Cecil


    Did you guys make CCRs big cool floating god faces again??
  3. Like the old school UBI days? I may be a grown man now (arguably) but I still got it! GO
  4. Dude, this game isn't old school long time player friendly either.
  5. Guilds needs limits, bottom line. My buddy Bastard from Shadowbane swore by guild limits and I always laughed at him, but seeing as how this game picked up right where Shadowbane left off, massive zergs literally dominating the game, it's starting to look like guild member limits needs to be a thing. Bigger maps would be much better as well. At least test guild limits on seperate servers or something. Either way better do something fast or this game is going to die out like a $2 steam game.
  6. I'm not going to talk %&#^ about Crowfall but I will say this, most MMOs implemented crafting not even half as tedious as this and they failed miserably, most ended up nerfing their crafting systems making them more reasonable and streamlined. This system in Crowfall seems to have doubled down on no life crafting grind, and then to make the best gear and "cities" depend on it? Very bad, huge, mistake.
  7. K this must be work in progress cause this can't be right. 1 log per 1 tree? 1 ore per mine? Your tools break after 3-4 nodes and it takes 3 wood to make a tool? LOL Then lets look at some craftables. 60 ore to make 1 nail? What is going on here? lmao
  8. This game is not fun simply on the fact that we cannot customize our keybinds, we are forced to play with this crazy bad and clunky hard coded keys and with our 1-9 keys. You can do SOME key customizations but being forced to play with wasd movement and being forced to have your mouse buttons attack we don't have much to work with as far as setting our own keys. Honestly this game is going to lose SO many people simply because of this. This is pretty horrible. Cecil
  9. I demand the ability to be invincible at all times.
  10. Game runs fine for me even when encoding/streaming, everything maxed out....
  11. Fixed the sig you all know and love.
  12. DrXFile on Twitch

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