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  1. No, every time I try to get on it's closed for maintenance.
  2. /*begin suggestion*/ Remove the ability to proc on basic resources. Allow the %proc to go to 100. Reduce the power drastically to something like 3% crit chance base and 1.5% move speed Reduce the base stamina return. Make it stack up to 10 times Have the power bonus scale up to 50%. Leave the time scaling as it is. /*end suggestion*/
  3. A larger version of the Keep of which there is only one in the center of the map, attached to the free city, with the same runegate porting each faction to a different region; with a weekly siege that lasts 2 hours instead of 1, the points per hour should be about the same as a keep (not much higher) to compensate for its longer duration of holding from a single capture. Included in the rewards for holding it could be a tax reduction on purchases made in the free city.
  4. They already had both of these, in a sense. You used to equip each tool type in a separate slot and it would summon the relevant tool when you interacted with a node, the summoning cast/animation was unnecessarily long and the inaccuracy of the interaction cursor/resources being stacked on top of each other resulted in the wrong tool being summoned frequently. It was changed at some point to the way it is now, most likely for convenience and consistency. There are some issues with the idea now though, if you have both a pick and hammer, which will it use when you hit a hunger crystal, for
  5. My suggestion: Remove the cd on Righteous Shield Add a 10-12s cd to Righteousness proc. Increase the mana given by Righteousness to compensate either partially or fully for the cd. Reasons: The cd on Righteous Shield is too long, and if you proc it before you start taking damage, you're screwed. The Frenzied Righteousness buff has no downtime. It should.
  6. Hmm, this will most likely not change the relative efficiency of the parcel in space or materials when compared to other parcels, unless the increment is flat and comparatively better or cheaper for the Village vs the Town.
  7. I suggest increasing the number of smaller tokens on the Village parcel or making it smaller so that it scales reasonably well either in cost or space in exchange for the lack of advancement. Currently it doesn't scale as well as a town in area OR material cost and cannot be used to make anything else as far as I can tell. The Shire, by contrast, is in a good spot on spacial efficiency, however, most of its tokens are defense ones.
  8. It's fine that there's a cap, what's not fine is the cap not being split up by faction.
  9. Are these faction-based? As in, each faction can have a maximum of X people in Y zone?
  10. The fact that Plate Armor is worth more than anything in the other 2 trees by itself to some people is its own problem; personally, I think they shouldn't get Plate, just Mail.
  11. Pistol Dirges, what are those? And why are they a thing? They shouldn't be. You can't use impale without a rapier and half of the Dirge tree is about rapier damage or abilities, since the pepperbox shot reducing piercing mitigation certainly doesn't improve your pistol damage. Also, while it doesn't help much when it's 15, from 24 Saltpeter would put you at 29 meters, which is outside of the range of many of the things listed.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the purpose of this class is to harass people from stealth. And yet, with a range of 15 meters, there isn't a single class that VGS can harass even without them having perception and invisibility spotting, they can pop it from stealth with any random cone AoE during the 3.5-4 Seconds that it takes to channel Go For Broke, on top of that, at 15M there isn't a single class other than maybe Assassin(I don't know all of their skills) that doesn't have at least 1 ranged, damaging CC ability. Who is a VGS going to harass? A Knight? Turn and Chain in <2s, a M
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