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  1. Think you need to reread my posts as I have stated in them that I was not knocking the scheme at all. Clearly stated it was about how what someone had typed could be misread by the community to infer something that was in fact inaccurate - rather like what you have done with what I've posted actually
  2. I don't disagree with anything you say goose and neither am I knocking the investor scheme. I was just pointing out that people need to be careful on how they word things and not to make claims that are not necessarily 100% accurate. Like I said monetary investment is in no way an indication on a persons ability to test and neither should these people also infer, intentionally or not, that their opinions matter more to the developers than others. Its a very dangerous road to travel down not only in terms of relationships within the community but also gives people the impression that ACE e
  3. I understand all that goose but my points still stand. Just because someone invests large amounts of money into a game doesn't make them any more of a dedicated or active tester than someone who simply hasn't got the extra disposable income to invest in a game - they simply have the opportunity to test newer builds earlier which gives that illusion. There are many investors on here who pop up only when a new build is announced and then quickly disappear till the next one and there are those who stick around and contribute long before they have access to test. A lot of people who have
  4. None of it makes sense Pope as runes are more traditionally carved on wood and stone - yet metal is again used a lot in rune making. Hence why I said the whole crafting lines need a new pass. Plenty of time yet to get stuff like this sorted but right now most of the craft lines are out of whack in terms of what they craft and resources / resource amounts
  5. No wish to be either to be honest - was just giving another example of current imbalances. Imbalance never eventually proves to be a good thing no matter how you try to justify it
  6. Crafting in general needs looking at. A Blacksmith can craft a one handed weapon and only need 3 hides made into stitched leather from a leather worker. A woodworker wishing to craft a one handed book needs components from a blacksmith, a rune maker and a leather worker and currently contains 2.5 times more metal than it does wood. Crafting is currently riddled with imbalances
  7. Krakken as far as I'm aware the Development Partner and Investor status is an entitlement you obtain by investing in ACE financially. I believe it gives you access to insider information regarding development. I don't remember reading anywhere it grants you some sort of 'go between' responsibility on the forums. Not taking issue or anything but there are many people on here who are excellent testers without the need of this go between service and are capable of making sure their point gets to where it needs to go. The written word can and often is misinterpreted from its actual intent
  8. Why does it need to go there? I think its good that everyone can see it and discuss it. Your comment comes across as ACE ignores the majority of their own forums and only really value the opinions of their whales
  9. I'm gonna be playing one of these as an assassin until the Fae come out. Hope you can make them a bit more colourful than that as that one looks absolutely lifeless
  10. What you seem to forget though is that pre-Trammel UO was losing player numbers and the introduction of Trammel actually increased the numbers of people playing UO from that point onwards. Whilst your wolf / sheep analogy is a good one what you have to remember is for the balance to be maintained long term you have to make being a sheep 'risky' - you certainly don't make it 'unfair' Mother Nature has demonstrated this fact time and again in the real world where if predators get too much of an unfair advantage then the prey either moves on or dies out completely. Either way the wolves end
  11. @vkromas Seems a bit to me like the cart has been put before the horse in this experiment. Would have been better to solve the problem of actually allowing access to the EK's before trying to set up the merchant system. No one in their right mind, regardless of how much they intend to be a merchant, is going to sit in their EK for hours on end in the hopes someone visits their stall. This is not a experiment in sociability its an exercise in futility
  12. Yes Krakken its inevitable that hubs will spring up but I'd like to see the option of small scale trading operations being there was all I was saying
  13. Thats exactly what they will be used for by a lot of people and I don't think there's anyway that ACE will be able to prevent it. The rental should remain either way as you are either providing a gold sink for selling or a gold sink for storing. Both should cost you the same amount. As to gold running out then they simply need to block access to whats stored on the vendor until the upkeep of the merchant is brought up to date
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