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  1. Tumbling crow symbolises this game design principles.
  2. Honestly BlackfeatherCo, the less people play this gem the better. I totally agree with you actually. Making your opponents stop playing by denying them mobs (just like in a DOTA that is a mastercrafted moba) is the right step to winning the throne.
  3. This game will never have content for solo players but it's super cool anyway.
  4. Risk is super low. I remember in UO you could kill a player and then cut his corpse into pieces. This game should have full vessel loot system - you kill and then you can cut off leg or legendary head and use it yourself. Overall it's amazing experience.
  5. Grinding pve mobs is exciting and everyone should enjoy it, especially for that budget. I would even say this game has best pve for the money spent on development % to %.
  6. While I don't play the game and only read the forums while I'm a bit bored - I think the game is in a great state and it will be an overall success. I still enjoy reading those forums from time to time and that says something about this whole throne war excitement.
  7. Bizzarre crafting sim and load screen simulator - yes but best pvp mmo? You guys are delusional.
  8. Sperging about CF on forums... Are you speaking about yourself? Seems right.
  9. This supposedly "fun" game has less players than your post count.
  10. Raid bosses have no place in this game without any reliable aggro mechanics.
  11. Still clunky! Fanatic would do that better. Frostweaver should be THE CC caster not the caster who requires help of other CC player.
  12. It's just so janky, It takes zero effort for the enemy to just dodge every cc/aoe dmg he does. Feels bad unless opponents are just dumb. Feels like it's a class that needs buffs the most to bring it in line with other casters.
  13. Start FvF asap, reduce zone loading times to absolute minimum, make maps bigger.
  14. I like that part. Now let's wonder if devs necromancy discipline will be strong enough to bring this skeleton back to life @2022.
  15. They should make sieges like Albion. 5v5 moba match. Engine can handle that for sure.
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