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  1. Hello, I'm wondering to see if I am classed as a Backer as I am able to play on Crowfall this weekend. I found a few bugs but I am unable to report them .
  2. So I'm attempting to get into the game and everytime I press Launch I get a black screen as if it is loading and then it stops responding, is there a fix? Update: I now able to get in. I'm trying to post a bug I found but I am not classed as a backer in the testing forums!
  3. In the previous game, we were in we RP'd as a mercenary company. We're still looking at all the lore possible so we can integrate what we have currently. If not we may start over but keep the name.
  4. Thank you all for the responses, this is great insight early into the game. My guild is definitely looking to create their own EK, how we're going to RP that...? We don't know yet but it will be fun!
  5. I see, I see! Well thanks for replying. I'll let my guys know, this is certainly quite interesting and fun to learn about. Thank you very much .
  6. Thank you for the quick responses! I'm excited to know that RP will be thriving if that's the case as I have RP' for roughly 10 years now. My guild from another game is a group of RPers but we love our RP and we're NA based aside from me. So knowing that we can RP while enjoying PvP is relieving to hear! I have another question that I wold like to be answered: What server is the best choice to make, especially as I want to get in touch with the rp community but also have the opportunity to PvP. Eternal Kingdoms sound interesting so I will be reading up on those.
  7. Hello! So I just bought the £59.99 bundle and I'm excited to play the game. I have three questions I would like to be answered: 1) How do I download the game and prepare for the upcoming playtests? 2) I have many friends in the U.S but I am based in the UK, will there be a region lock or can I hop onto the US servers? 3) Is there a RP community in here? As much as I love PvP/crafting/progression I do like to dabble in RP, I would like to meet fellow RPer!s!
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