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  1. Smilgax


    Man those vids are awesome. Haven't seen them in quite sometime.
  2. I don't "hate" anyone from my time in Shadowbane. Doesn't matter to me if we were fighting with or against each other at all. I consider all of you brothers or sisters even though I don't know a single one of you personally. I went to Iraq twice and fought terrorists so all you of you could do and act how you want. After everything I did and saw as an Infantryman that war could offer, holding grudges seems petty to me now. I don't even hate the terrorists anymore that I was killing. Of course my ptsd hasn't helped me at all. I don't like crowds and I find it very hard to trust people now. That
  3. Yeh I had that happen quite a few times. Kill the traveler or BH or Hunts disc holders and its gone already.....argh.
  4. Hmm, can't change my profile pic for some reason...

  5. Rather have a 2-handed Axe myself. Just pledged and can't wait to be a Mino again.
  6. I miss my Mino. Will be one again.
  7. Game looks great so far, can't wait to try it out, pledged today.

  8. Heard from Ween or Sweettea?
  9. Everyone is KoS unless leadership says otherwise
  10. Played against Fist of the Empire before. Very hardcore and very dedicated. Expecting nice hard fights with them again.
  11. I haven't talked to Ween in forever. I hope Sweettea is feeling better last I knew she had gotten sick.
  12. Old SB player here as well. Man, I really miss that game. Heard there was an EMU simulator or something for it, but never checked it out. I still have 2 hard disc copies lmao.
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