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    Author and writer by trade. Enjoy reading and watching horror movies.
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  1. Best legendary out there until someone makes another to try and beat it! Congrats doods!
  2. Nixelplex

    Scorned lover?

    I haven't seen any nerfs or buffs to Druid since February, and I've been doing fine. I drop heals during fights and toggle between trays to throw faerie fire and shroud with AoE lightning bursts, all while laying down orbs for heals and rain for me and the other ranged. I am usually accompanied by a Confessor who is combat specced (I'm a crafter) and we do well against 2's and 3's, mostly due to our mobility and communication in discord. Maybe druids need a buff, as I've only played them as the nerfed versions they are. I rarely put up thorns because of how weak it is and rely heavily on teleport to zip in/out of combat. If I could get some buffs to my Death tray that would allow me to lend more of a hand in larger battles. If I got some buffs to my life tray I would be able to survive easier. Okay, I'm convinced. Toss me the buff bag!
  3. If they added PvE "boss" mobs, I would want them to be guarding nodes that provide a high yield of resources, or a POI. I wouldn't want them dropping gear as that is what WoW is for. I invested in this game to crack some skulls, join a guild, and be a merchant. Done two so far, will keep doing the first, just need a solid player base to do the third. Eternal Kingdoms will be testable soon enough, so we'll get marketplaces where we can gather to trade. The ATs, when thrown together in a large melee, make for an exciting battle. I play a Druid and constantly switch between Life and Death trays, throwing Faerie Fire and chain casting Lightning Bolt in between the healing rain and orbs. Sunday I empowered one of our Confessors to take down a geared Legionnaire (man he had a lot of gold and silver on him) If you want some good tools, go to Runecrafting, make a sigil out of gold/silver/parchment (bonus to critical harvesting) and make an unmarked stone runestone out of something of decent quality. A green pick can last a while, and hammers/shovels last even longer (it seems to me). Potions are a must, so mine up slag ore from around the temple to help make the potions. Spirit bank any rare ingredients when you get them so that you can make your weapons/armor in a safe spot. Make some friends, join a guild, hell... just ask for a group in global chat. One or two people will take you up on the offer. Save my name if you roll on the FFA servers and me and my Confessor friend could buoy you until you get your feet on the ground.
  4. I found a guild! Heaven and Earth have accepted me as one of their newest members, so I'll be allocating my parcels to their EK. Thank you for those that offered to host my land (or even let me work off of yours!) and I will add you to my friends list if you wanted to hang in game once it goes live! Cheers!
  5. I really only made this post as I was concerned I was being too harsh, as I stumbled upon the harvester in the forums complaining of the ganking. They were upset that they couldn't escape and that it was pointless to PvP during the Alpha. I know it may be playtesting, but like I originally said, those resources are ones my guild could be using for playtesting. I am in the process of making a plate set for my Myrmidon, and the iron requirements force me to use the bank ever ten ore I gather, out of fear I confessor gets the drop on me. Thank you all for reassuring me that I am not being too cruel. I was slightly concerned, but in the end I just decided to attack a player once and then move on, leaving them be if I encountered them again. I remember them saying a duelist against a Myrmidon was an unfair fight. A day later I got in a fight with a duelist that proved challenging and fun! I was at 20% at the end, and smiling from ear to ear over the challenge the hamster posed. If I'd chosen not to whirlwind a few times I would have definitely died, as he was adept at running around. It was a strange ballet of carnage as he pierced me from my back and sides while I whirled about slamming him with my heavy maces. Anyway, hope this was a good weekend for everyone!
  6. To all of you, I greet you with a hearty hello! I'm Nix, of the guild Heaven and Earth, and I've been playtesting for a while now. I am leaning towards druid for my guild, but I like Myrmidon as it's fun to rampage. My question: is it fair to attack harvester(s) when they are gathering? I know it is the test servers, and it can be mean, but those are resources I need for my guildmates and I. There was a little duelist I killed that had plenty of stone and wood (and some iron) who went off in the chat, grumbling and rumbling of how unfair it was. Then I attacked a ranger, who had arrows and potions plus food. He too complained, saying I shouldn't attack as it was unfair. I understand, and everyone has a right to complain when someone in gear gets the drop on you, but why act as if I've committed a mortal sin? You're on a PvP realm in a PvP game! I was alone, so were you! I've been attacked by groups and scraped away, and I've been soloed by druids. The game is about battle. It's about struggle. If you notice a geared druid lurking near Iron nodes, stay away unless you grab a buddy or two. If you see a group in your area and you're alone, run. Oh! And to the duelists out there... your burrow isn't a stealth. I stomped one one when it was trying to flee and he raged at me for finding him. So as I give you my greetings, I invite you to join our guild and join us as we conquer and divide our earnings! If not, let's meet on the battlefield the other way, and have a laugh doing so!
  7. I'm looking forward to the cathedral so I can operate my vendors out of it. I have 21 plots of farms and a villa, so I just need to find an EK to set up shop in. Thralls that serve as priests that offer temporary buffs would be neat, or to have them sell runes that you've made. The marketplace is another I can't wait for. My only curiosity is if the farms will allow me to grow food on them. If they do then I'll set up thralls to work on those to save up for winter.
  8. I applied on the website, but wanted to know if I could gain "Noble" status in your EK so I can lay down my parcels. I have a villa and 21 farm cells with one woodland cell. I plan on being more of a mercantile player and will happily pay guild members in equipment to gather resources for me/guard me while I traverse the campaign worlds to gather resources. In our cities built in the campaign world I'll take stonemasonry and siege weaponry to help with the construction. I have a couple friends that are contemplating joining, and they would do the heavy lifting for me. Let me know if this sounds fair, so I can know if my parcels will be used. EDIT: They responded within a few days and we talked over TS to get to know each other. They mean it when they say PvP is going to be their flagship destination. Looking forward to rolling out with these guys once the servers light up.
  9. To the Guildmaster, I wish to join your guild and offer a farm and some woodland to be attached to your kingdom. I wish to serve in the Church of Wildfire as a healer, and to help bring warmth to the inner circle for our guildmates. I plan on crafting/merchant work and will make things for guildies to use so long as they pay a tithe to the guild. If they bring their own materials, no tithe required. My only request is that you provide me with housing (so I can craft) and a place for my vassals to work. Do this, and Nixelplex the Druid will wield the Serrated Edge! PS: The guild website doesn't seem to be working
  10. Since I'm the first to reply, I'll join so long as the guild lets me. plan on being Balance and have Gaea as my goddess as a druid crafter. I have a farm and forest parcel I'm willing to dedicate to the kingdom, and would happily work in exchange for a place to stash my belongings. Male druid as I am male in life. For the campaigns, I want to declare that I'll serve the needs of the church wherever the Bishop (whatever term you will have for the leader) needs me. I'll try and get people to join and give tithes in exchange for gear and repairs. Nixelplex the Druid
  11. Goqua - I have a little bit of land (one parcel of woodland one parcel of farm) but if you can spare a building for me to work in, I'll make products to sell and cut you in on the profits. For the campaigns, I plan on finding a raiding group and healing them to gather recipes and rare resources. Maybe we could conquer as a team? I plan on going under Balance with Gaea. I'm assuming we can hang if we're both balance, and hang in deeper regions of the campaign if we're in a guild. To everyone else, I'm going to find the largest server I can and set up shop. I'll toss my small amount of land in with someone willing to protect me to an extent.
  12. I'm just looking for a larger guild that won't mind me running a business model instead of waging open war. I won't be opposed to killing off players, as this will make my bodyguards some extra coin from looting, but I want to be someone who churns out goods for the soldiers of my guild. In WoW I grind away time gathering minerals and herbs (and fish) for our raiders, and in return they provide me with BoE equipment that make my life cozier. Keep in mind I am the largest supplier of reagents for my guild and that they run three different raid groups that I fuel feasts, mats for flasks, and gems/enchanting materials. I also troll the auction house and buy up underpriced goods to sell at a later date when the prices inflate, using guild gold to do so. I take 10k, invest in cheap mats and then wait for the prices to rise, and sell for a total of 18k (average). I place 14k back in the guild bank and keep 4k for my trouble. I plan on providing fuel for whatever guild/army/liege I join up with. If any of you know your guild is going to be large and in the US then friend me so we can see what we can work out. I'm already browsing the guild forums and just haven't found the right one for me.
  13. I plan on playing a druid that focuses on crafting and paying mercenary players to accompany me out into the wilderness. My thoughts are as follows: -I could pay them in equipment that they return to me once we are done -In addition, I offer payment of a set amount of currency per hour of farming -They have claims t any opposing players killed for looting purposes, save for recipes. -Final payment as a "tip" in the form of food I figure if I supply equipment for my bodyguards then they won't have to worry about their gear being damaged. I would pay a set amount of coin and encourage killing other players for bonus payment to my mercs. I would search out resource nodes and gather while they guard me, and I pay them by the hour. Thoughts? I know there will be guilds that offer merc services, and I'm looking for a guild/faction/ruler to pay homage to. I wouldn't mind an RP group but I am more interested in PvP and crafting to try and be a merchant. I would want to speak in a vent/discord with whoever I group with. I figure if I get to harvest in the campaigns with skilled bodyguards from a select guild I could offer my services at a discount to them as an added benefit to urge players to help me. Let me know if this sounds unfair/too much and what I should do to make it work better for all parties involved. And feel free to send me information on your guild that would be stationed in the US in a Central Time zone (I don't mind playing in a different time zone, I just live in Central). I have a history of being a "merchant" in WoW and Eve Online, amassing vast sums of currency and paying for aid in my resource gathering. I love playing the AH in WoW and hope to enjoy farming and waging war in Crowfall.
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