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  1. I've tried everything except getting in touch with the support email address. Not... quite sure how to take a screenshot of nothing, but I guess I'll have to try that as the next step, or just wait until the installer is made. I did redownload it too, twice. Thanks very much for the advice guys.
  2. I have followed the instructions to get the patcher - I have the application in a new folder on my desktop. However, running 'CrowfallUpdate' does not work. It shows a blue circle next to the cursor (for 'running program' I believe) for 2 seconds and then that goes away. Task manager does not show any crowfall-related programs running, and no windows open even briefly. I've tried running as an administrator, in all compatibility modes, and of course normally. Nothing changes in any of these scenarios. I am running Windows 10, is that the source of the issue?
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