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  1. Relics, Secrets and Puzzles in Campaigns

    I don't think it falls very far outside of the realm of possibilities that there may be these kinds of things for finding rare thralls in campaign worlds. Specifically things like a trail of dynamically generated clues that lead to a ruin or cave where you might find one. A forgotten book in an abandon village tells of an old ruin that an exploratory player might seek out. Something that could be discovered without the book, but a little 50 word entry to spark curiosity is all it would take. There are two things that give Crowfall a unique opportunity to implement things like hidden easter eggs. Campaign worlds being unique and time limited, and the fog of war mechanic. Eventually each campaign world will be thoroughly explored of course, but most MMO's exist in worlds that never change. One of the pillars of crowfall is "the crowfall" at the start of a new campaign.
  2. Nice! I really enjoy the live streams because they're filled with little tid bits of information that get left out during the broad strokes of the Q&A. Also giving facetime to other members of the team is great. John's environment portion especially was good.
  3. At the end of all this @KrakkenSmacken and @coolwaters it is up to us to not let the issue lie while Ace throws their hands up. You're right, CCP is not Ace. I quoted CCP because when/if the day comes that Ace lays down a ruling, they won't pull it out of a vacuum.
  4. In response to the top part, Tark didn't really step through the entire process. In a 50 man guild if 3 are crafters with 30+ alt accounts there's the assumption there that those 47 can continually supply them with enough material to craft what they need. It also doesn't address changes on the battlefield. On Tuesday slashing damage is in, on Thrusday it's fire damage. Those three crafters will not be able to keep up with the hundreds of other crafters who are all just as eager to sell you the latest and greatest, or the hundreds of gatherers who are eager to sell their gathered supplies to the highest bidder. The weight of so much micromanagement shouldn't be sustainable. My mention of a ban hammer is based on the precedent set by a ruling from CCP in late 2014 that states:
  5. I agree with you @Jah, but that is limited by active time. Even if you have an excellent rune crafter, you would still need to supply that rune crafter with excellent materials, which requires an excellent gatherer. Excellent gatherers are prime gank targets so they must be protected by excellent fighters. Excellent fighters need to either be excellently skilled (talented/learned) or excellently geared. Do you see how this drives the active time up? There are parts of the fight -> gather -> craft -> fight cycle you can subvert with alt accounts, but it either escalates into a ban-able offense or remains small enough to not be game breaking.
  6. The crafting vision for Crowfall is to bring it back as a primary role. If crafting is reduced to, "log the alt in and spend a couple minutes slotting the materials" then that vision has failed and we're talking about something else.
  7. You're assuming that good Thralls and quality resources are available in abundance. Who's going to supply your alt account with enough materials to craft? Who's going to build the factories and supply you with blueprints to copy? Having specialized alt accounts will give you an advantage, but the active time requirement should scale too quickly to make clone armies feasible.
  8. Having 12 alt accounts, and running 12 accounts simultaneously is not a nominal difference. At some point down this road you reach an intersection. On one side you pick a main and hire/buy from/team up with other players. On the other side you start input broadcasting or automating and walk under the ban hammer.
  9. This isn't an alt account problem Cool. It's a multi-boxing problem. You're correct, it would give you a large advantage. It remains to be seen what, if any, action will be taken to put systems in place to prevent it or at least discourage it. Perhaps you've spent some time considering a solution?
  10. The parcels available for purchase for your EK only have the most basic resources on them. So I would say no, you shouldn't put down parcels dedicated to resource gathering in your EK.
  11. There are no benefits to alt accounts unless you have the active time to play them. If you have gatherer, crafter, and fighter alt accounts, you still have to spend time gathering, spend time crafting, then spend time fighting with the gains from the other two accounts. If you're multi-boxing three gathering accounts it's no long an alt account problem but a multi-boxing problem. Please elaborate on the simple reasoning for alt accounts though.
  12. As the others have said even if you can alt-tab over to your fighter, gatherer, or crafter there's still three peoples worth of active work to be done. Or training two accounts with different combat specializations it gives you versatility but you'd still have to make double the vessels and disc runes. Even with passive training which is always growing, this doesn't make alt accounts much more powerful than alt characters in traditional mmo's because of the active time required.
  13. As @Michael Fedora said, fair does not always mean fun. MMO's are all about progression. You play an MMO instead of a MOBA or single player RPG is because from day 1 to day 100 you want to obtain power, and you want to exercise that power on people. That said, part of Todds vision for CF is to specifically avoid the "Uncle Bob problem." The Uncle Bob problem in short is that if the game can't reset the losers would keep losing and the winners would keep winning, at which point no one is having fun. So even if multi-boxing is rampant the game is being setup to check that power. If in Crowfall it's possible to obtain enough power to never lose and never be challenged then the game is a failure. Regardless of how you achieve Uncle Bob status the power you hold should never be great enough that no one poses a legitimate threat.
  14. Oh yeah definitely not a bad thing. I would be content with just one big city. Part of the fantasy vision of Crowfall is having that entire city inhabitant spectrum. People that just want to be crafters, thieves, mercenaries, merchants, soldiers, dukes and kings can do that because so small a portion of the game play will be run by NPC's.