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  1. While clearly themed, the music just doesn't capture my imagination the way I think it should. Even in the dead of winter the human spirit fights on and burns brightly in the darkness. I think without that undercurrent in the sound design the wilderness will feel oppressive and combat the desire to explore. Our characters are not timid villagers, afraid of shadows and death. We go boldly into the unknown and danger seeking adventure, insatiable in wanderlust and conquest.
  2. Ooh, very nice. Really like the glassy look of the wood elf weapons. I enjoy every update, but ones that add flavor and culture like this are my favorite.
  3. I do hope it's not LITERALLY instant gathering, Skyrim style, because that may get a little silly. Good news nonetheless!
  4. The pacing of the video was a little slow and could be about 50% shorter, but I agree with Anthrage, it makes me want to play! Really love the look of the forest adventure zone.
  5. Markers for higher quality nodes was mentioned, and it occurred to me that that might be something that could improve with training. Like a more experienced Logger would have a better eye for good trees, and thus can see them further away. I think it fits perfectly in the spirit Exploration, and would improve the value of trained/experienced scouts. Edit: Another way to make this a bit more than just, "good stuff glows," would be to adjust the environment around high level nodes, or vise versa. In Fortnite new players quickly learn where the good stuff comes from, and the chests do glow, but even from a great distance you can see, "Oh hey, there's some buildings over there, that's probably where some loot is." It get's a bit tricky with things like trees, since they grow all over the place, but things like Rivers should be indicators of fertility, or cliff faces/recently disturbed earth for ore, and so on. The idea being that I can stand on top of a tower in my castle and look out over the land and have a generally good idea where the good stuff is likely to be. I wouldn't want that stuff limited to those places, because stumbling upon loot is fun, but you get the idea.
  6. Passive skill training is already a good candidate for a mobile app, but the more I think about managing a kingdom the more I think we will need to be able to interact with this stuff while we're away from our computers. At the least something to manage permissions and get push notifications when stuff happens. "HappyCastleBuilder97 has moved your Cottage." "xXBigGrieferXx would like permission to remove your Citadel."
  7. I think John and co. would benefit from not being able to see the camera. I'm not saying you should go incognito, but something so that it feels less like it's taking place in front of an audience. Still, a great video! This is the vision I pledged for.
  8. It sounds like we need permissions that go all the way back up the tree too. I'm ok with the Monarch moving my building, but I don't want him re-arranging all my furniture, or putting my merchant in the back alley while I'm logged off. Can there be a two way street here? You're the City Builder, I'm the Building Owner. I let you move my building, but if you want to move my stall to another socket on the building I want to be notified and have a window of time to log in and do that myself, or not and grant short term permission to the City Builder.
  9. Love the Exploration piece. I appreciate that it shows a true Exploration spec in action. The earthy blend of harvester, combatant, and scout is my happy place. Any idea what the red item is on the underside of the backpack?
  10. What a great Q&A! Some of my favorite bits. "So what we didn't get into was Tracking and Hunting [...] That's the piece I've got some big ideas I want to get to, that I wasn't ready to talk about yet. [...] So that's [Stealth/Perception skills interaction] a baseline." ~ "And I'd still love to go back to roads and give roads a speed up"
  11. Now that you mention it I'm hoping we'll get the option to enter campaigns from one way moon gates in our EK's. So like high import campaigns you have huge pack animals and baggage trains going through these big gates that are only open for a day or so. Maybe gates are a POI of sorts that occur naturally in each campaign world zone, and they're called Moon Gates because they move with the cycles of the moon? In any case, the further we can get from lobby based world swapping and towards immersion the better.
  12. Title says it. In campaigns where the vessel itself can be looted, we need an option that results in vessel destruction like a beheading. "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."
  13. I wouldn't mind this for weapons or helmets in campaigns with equipment looting.
  14. baerin


    I really don't know why every class doesn't just have a small dodge roll as a baseline.
  15. I may be wrong, but I think most CW's will allow for some import. If not a super vessel and max gear you can at least drop in with tools or something.
  16. Like this, except fill the table with food and the benches with guild mates!
  17. Yeah, it could be like the alloy system. You can eat each individual food on it's own, but if you put them together into a meal they're better.
  18. The big difference here is that food is going to be regularly consumed as part of playing Crowfall, as opposed to WoW where it was optional for bonus stats. Also CF will have a day/night cycle, and seasons that will change the way you play, both of which lend themselves to having buffs related to that, as opposed to then all being the same. The main point is that there needs to be a good reason to spec into Cooking as opposed to Alchemy. If Cooking and Alchemy can do the same things then why bother? A good example is that a guild with a great cook might be able to last longer and be healthier on less food than a guild where everyone just eats the base stuff. I could definitely see where food in CF might act similar to Elixirs in WoW, since elixirs often last quite a while and give a meaningful buff, but I'd rather things that represent the natural effects of food.
  19. The main difference here needs to be Duration and Buff Strength. Food buffs IMO should be much smaller, usually general or passive like resistances or regen, and have a huge duration. Alchemy on the other hands should be task oriented buffs, much larger bonuses, and a short duration. So if a food gives poison resistance, a potion should cure poison.
  20. I didn't read the article, but this is the reason we're all here.
  21. Totally agree. I think the effects could be scaled down similar to how health/dmg numbers were scaled down. Apart from being garish it's also desensitizing. Kind of an, "If everyone's super no one will be."
  22. Definitely excited to see how this will be expanded upon. I know harvest able plants are in the works, and hopefully cooking will get its own skill tree. I think I would avoid things like fire breathing recipes, but dishes that give small passive health/stamina regen or poison/disease resistance can go a long way. Another option is have basic buffs, but be able prepare a feast that can be placed in the great halls (like a furniture item).
  23. That's fascinating. I'm sure CF will have it's own share of wonky mechanic exploits. Gaming metas have a delightful way of being somewhere between "the path of least resistance," and "where there's a will there's a way."
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