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  1. Hi everyone, I'm doomstove, an officer in a stealth doctrine guild called BAP, and I'd like to talk to you today about the stealth mechanic and sensical changes to improve the way that non-stealthers and stealthers interact with one another. Many players erroneously think that we support a strong, undetectable stealth mechanic; however, that couldn't be further from the truth. In this post, I will lay out three things for you to consider: areas where the current stealth implementation cheapens gameplay, ways to improve stealth gameplay for both parties in Crowfall, and bugs and poor design that negatively impact stealthers First, I want to start by indicating some areas where the current implementation cheapens gameplay: Losing a kill target to a stealth ult with no way to detect them. Since everyone has a VGS bank during harvesting activities, this means that getting a clean kill on a stealther is nigh impossible unless you're a very capable brigand or ganking a very dumb VGS. Innate promo/skill based perception doing nothing without an unavailable domain locked activatable like Heads Up (Vandal, as an example). Assassin/duelist ult cleansing targeted Faerie Flames feels bad and makes targeted Faerie Fire almost useless. This should not be the case with AOE methods of Faerie Fire (barbed stakes with Ranger talent. Stealther vs. Stealther matchups are absolutely stupid outside of Brigand, no way to detect one another without getting lucky with fan of knives or go for broke. I'm sure other commenters will provide many other examples. Bugs and poor design that affect stealth that each stealther plays around daily: Design (but might be bug): DoT damage on thorns targets removing stealthers from stealth (video from a previous post.) This issue has actually caused all of us to abandon VGS (due to Buckshot knockdown bleed on ult) and the bottom line of Duelist talents that make us bleed out of stealth. Despite the fact that they're great talents we'd love to use, we are avoiding them like the plague due to the negative interactions with Blood Rose which every healer runs due to almost limitless value as only a minor discipline. BUG: Desync on flares, making them invisible in large fights. BUG: Faerie Fire still sometimes locks out the stealth cooldown for 40 seconds, much longer than the duration of the debuff. BUG: Assassin ult breaks when a targeted ability is "in flight" during an ult. BUG: Cheap shot/kidney shot are based on elevation, which means targets on a slight incline in melee range do not register the ability. BUG: Vanish does not break aggro against non-detecting mobs. BUG: Rat stealth dust cloud invisible for players who play on low graphics. Here are some ways I could see improving stealth gameplay for both parties: Set a perception value threshold for passive perception. If someone invests in blue/epic perception eyes and has an alertness/heads up perception buff, they should be able to passively detect stealthers at minimum range. Alternatively, allow perception to be a toggleable stamina drain to allow others to detect at a minimum range with no perception modifier. Allow Heads Up to be run on any class. This is definitely not an inclusive list of ideas, but I would like to spur the community to try to generate some ideas about how to improve stealth gameplay for both parties.
  2. We've got table rolled blue vessels and weapons on vendors. This weekend, we'll have epics available too!
  3. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.300 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Removing passive training was the best decision to be made for the health of the game, and I think it will bring more people back and we've enjoyed it so far. Seems like more resources + dust are dropping from general harvesting, which I love. Maybe it's confirmation bias. MORE CHESTS!!! LESS IMMUNITIES!!!! GfB FIX!!! Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.200 on LIVE (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The RNG is killer on crafting disciplines - there were some tuned this morning, but holy crap despite EXTENSIVE prep we are having to go into strategic reserves to regrind disciplines. Infected is still too strong, I think that only common items should be dropping in Infected, as you can pretty much do every major progression step from Infected today. This will allow access to ambrosia and crafting materials to level up crafting/harvesting vessels while making Dregs a risk/reward Fort rewards still too high for the investment and safety, I think they either need to be nerfed, capped to white/green, or be up hourly. This would generate more content while allowing keep owners a zone of control where they'd have an "advantage." Also dust/gold needs to go as they are insane power multipliers when it costs several hundred thousand gold to level an account. Mobile banking sucks. If we must have a mechanic like this, maybe a 2x2 of protected inventory (e.g. EFT). Multiple layers of RNG for drops of specific needed disciplines: see Tunnel King, Tunnel. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about Campaigns. With EU/NA merged, there's way more content and fights to be had. No one is really competing on DF cards, but they definitely could be. For long campaigns, it feels exhausting without an indicator of who's in 1st/2nd/3rd. This wouldn't work for everything (thinking of sacs), but by Autumn people are either "in" or "out" of competition mentally. When I was competing for DF, I hated Reversal of Fortune card, but I absolutely love it when I'm not playing cards. Some of the best fights of the campaign over keeps Loved the longer timeframe Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about Campaigns. Centralized NA powers mean less content during NA window. One keep a window or night, it is fun to see the big guys fight and participate. The best fights are when guilds don't have a defense or a reason to stay at home. Hard to incentivize campaign when infected is so strong Low scaling of nodes in Campaign was absolutely terrible in Takkalyn Having combined ore/stone MLs in places is going to create a bunch of annoyance for people without a team of 4 harvesters Thanks for helping out with these feedback threads! If you have something you'd like to see focused on in these threads feel free to let me know!
  4. Maeve is currently turning sieges into Rainbow Six Siege, it's lame and there's meme-y evidence of it all over YouTube. I think you highlight a bigger issue, though, keep defenses are mainly about guards and not players. I don't know what the right balance is, but there are way less "epic last stands in the ward room" and way more "run to the guards so they cleave and agro from 40m away."
  5. The fact that a mega leader thinks this change should occur is a good indicator about the impact it would have on the health of the game. Troop movement in this game depends a lot on Recall currently, and it lets large groups of players have tons of access over the map as a mass teleporting mongol horde. Making larger groups of players reliant on running across the map, being harried, slowed and picked off sounds very cool and Crowfall-y. Recall prevents these interactions from happening, especially if we're able to Temple hotswap like before. It also reduces zerg zone of control and gives smaller guilds a better ability to play for objectives. Mobile banking further exacerbates this problem, especially with pain in the butt war machine items like siege equipment, seeds, and even stuff like food and bandages. It makes those early skirmishes outside keeps way more vital, as well, which I think is awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, Ruq, I love it!
  6. It's even more pervasive with the double dipping on necro where you get whacked on the ambrosia and then whacked on the combine.
  7. i want to start by saying getting gated by disciplines (not farm) is probably my least favorite part of Crowfall so far (whether combat or crafting). also having to have a green discipline to equip a belt to make ambrosia at a 1:1 rate felt incredibly terrible and caused us two days of delay because of some bad RNG and put us into a bind with our first necro push because it took us so long to get up to making philos. same thing but less dire for paste and flask given you go through a massive amount doing anything relevant to crafting. Armorsmithing - i feel like the amount of investment / disc was not great; however, it's definitely better than weaponsmithing.Weaponsmithing - our current gate, weaponsmithing sucks a lot to grind out and even selling tons of weapons daily we are not getting enough for an epic knowledge.Alchemy - it's fine once you get skilled up enough to make solutions, this is one of the ones that feels rewarding but not terrible.Runecrafting - my runecrafter has 60 disciplines stacked, they definitely need to drop from tools but the rate is wild right now.Necromancy - feels OK now that we've got an epic necro; however, i can't imagine something more annoying crafting wise to get gated behind. Stonemasonry - it was not fun to farm 2394082389 white stone to build random poorly made THINGS so our JC could be self sufficientJewelcrafting - ^Leatherworking - ^ but + blacksmithingWoodworking - idk if i had to do this grind without the current passive training, i probably would not have participated in 6.2. thinking of hitting rock MLs with intermediate hammers and 3% mineral chance without a potion to get 2 cinnabar to make half of an ambrosia is bringing me dark thoughts.
  8. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like small scale fights because they are snappy and responsive while giving opportunities for outplay. I enjoy the reward of farming materials and gear progression, despite the pain of farming crafter disciplines. I like the class changes, things feel a little bit more level; however, there are many promos (arbiter comes to mind) which are still in a really terrible spot. I like that there are multiple ways to play that are rewarded, but understanding the game enough to be able to exploit them could be a challenge for new players. I like the game when there's more people on, the game feels much more alive and dangerous. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? I dislike the multiple layers of RNG associated with farming disciplines. Disciplines being RNG based on the spawn and the drop feels really bad and despite no lifing the game recently, we are hard pressed to get blue disciplines to put in our blue vessels, artificially keeping us behind. The obvious change here is allowing us to equip green or white disciplines on higher level vessels, something that was proposed but didn't make it into live. I dislike that Bloody Rose invalidates a class defining major that I used to get for free. It needs to be removed or the stealth knockout mechanics need to be changed or Tunnel King will be relegated to the "yeah sounds cool but useless" pile. That would mean you'd have to figure out something to do with duelist stealth. I dislike that bleeds that I perform keep me in combat, and it feels nearly impossible to refresh abilities like Feral Instincts during a fight as a result of Buckshot and Severe Bleed. This also goes for dot damage on me, i should be able to restealth and be out of combat with a dot on me, my stealth should just break next tick. This would give duelist more chances to outplay and use positioning to control a fight without changing the damage output. I dislike that Faerie Fire puts my stealth on cooldown much longer than the duration of the ability. FF also being uncleansable by my ult makes me sad. The Duelist kit cull was too much, too many cool and thematic abilities were simply removed. I use 1 major and 2 minors to get my "kit back" which feels gross when i have so much reliance on things like Tunnel, Recon, and Snipe (i think gfb on a major is ok). Those are autopicks for every duelist in the game that is focused on killing other players. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. Are bleeds intended to keep players in stealth for the duration of the bleed? AOE fields are breaking ults even while invuln, especially ones that trigger stealth. FF lasting past the duration of the ability might be a bug? Pepperbox hit reg is really hit or miss (HA), ppl may be immune tho - can we get a DR'd popup similar to the immune popup that happens during ults? that'd be dope If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? How can we make the game more fun for new players? Despite my chirping in general chat nonstop to the ancients in the game, I try to treat new players kindly. Where do they fall out of the Crowfall experience? Is there anything we can do to help them? When was the last time you logged into Crowfall? This afternoon. Feedback for Tiggs on this weekly forum post if any. It would be good to see an idea of where you think you're succeeding and what you need more insight on from the playerbase.
  9. Our guild is trying to democratize access to vessels, especially to newer players or guilds who lack reliable necromancers. We have extremely fair prices on combines and finished vessels, but I think you're that that most guilds are understandably not crazy about helping the competition. Of course cheap vessels doesn't solve the discipline problem which is a huge pain in the neck for literally everyone. The RNG ontop of RNG for the way the thralls currently work is extremely painful even for no life degenerates like us.
  10. We haven't either, and I haven't seen any blue bandages for sale which I think people would 100% do.
  11. Yet I've seen blue bandages on cairns, not sure what's going on there.
  12. As someone who got killed by Reverberating Blow for all of 6.1, I agree with you; however, since I can't replicate it, I figured I'd ask about it since I've only seen the guineas from my guild on. Nihilum and HoboNinja, if you guys want to go to Infected to try and replicate it let me know since we know that the bug has 100% affected you. I'm at doomstove#1450. Later gang!
  13. @Ancistrus but that's literally the bug - i am exposing then GFBing and it is inconsistently OHKing players (it happened to apparently 3 people in dozens of fights tonight) and there is no other interaction - i don't use any majors or minors that alter that ability. you can see it in videos - both from our POV and from the enemy POV. i didn't notice it until i ganked some solo confessor and moved to EK to test it and posted here since i thought it was a pretty major issue. i figured nihilum ulted away in the clip he posted, so i just moved on to killing the rest of his buddies. IDK if you've played the game much, but in large fights, there's generally a lot of chaos and with damage as high as it is - seeing people get deleted is nothing unusual, especially with the classes we run.
  14. Well, the confessor did have damage return - he had Scalding, and that's the only thing in my log other than me getting hit by Scalding. But yes, it does look like Nihilum got gibbed as well. I GFBd 160 times tonight, and I didn't experience that with any consistency, I would've said something or reported it. I have been trying to replicate it in the EK with no success, so it's some interaction with whatever disciplines or talents your gang is running, I imagine. Can you let us know what majors and minors your guys were running?
  15. No, he and a couple of others are literally getting one shot from Go For Broke. I think it might have something to do with thorns, @arkaini were your guys using thorns/damage return abilities?
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