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  1. This is certainly true if you have to cry to the mods to ban the big bad wolf and his imaginary alt accounts. You wouldn't fare well in a hands-off approach we use on our IRC
  2. Not really. Only certain network staff can see the real IP. You can see someone's ISP but networks usually offer hostmasks to hide even that info. At least that's my experience on Quakenet and some other networks edit: actually I was wrong, on Qnet it seems you can see people's IP by default. But you can still easily hide it.
  3. Indeed. But if ACE wants to save money, I can understand completely. They should just heed the advice of the OP so as to limit the potential power abuse of volunteer mods
  4. He'd probably do a better job. Why? Because why would a city employ payed firefighters if it could hire 100% volunteers? Hint: cause they are more reliable and are more devoted to the job
  5. I think on average you can trust pros more, as someone else said they have more to lose. Just remember that xcomvic dude that was a mod in the beginning and had his powers stripped away, and now they have Elvine as a mod too and I wouldn't be surprised if the same happened.
  6. Is that SoTA in your sig? THELEMA for life
  7. jarlaxle

    The Mercs

    koo-koo-ka-choo who works out every day? That's rather meatheady
  8. If I was you I wouldn't make any references to darkfail
  9. From what I've seen on these forums so far, Darkfall players seem to understand PvP better and are in general less scrubby when it comes to PvP-ing in any game, so I'm thinking they will probably trash the rather slow SB players
  10. SO imagine you had a high skill ceiling MMO that required BOTH aspects. This is where playing as a team is really brought to its potential. You can be more of a play caller while your buddies are the ones in the frontlines doing work on the enemies, executing the planned tactics, improvizing on the fly together while communicating in real time etc.
  11. This. It's sad to see that alot of the people on these forums believe that adding a twitch element will somehow magically remove all tactical elements of a game, as well as the need to play efficiently as a group of players, small or big. As Sheen said, not only does it not magically remove tactical elements of a game, it adds even more to it. Imagine having to aim a large aoe fireball with a bit slower projectile. Suddenly you have to predict your opponent's movements in order to hit him. W0W so much twitch in that, no brain required at all.
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