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  1. The Ravenheart Segmentation,... okay! I think you also mentioned that in my other topic! Will definitely check it out! Yeah, It would be nice! I mean we don't have to be neutral in that case.. I mean for a little exchange in gold or money or any financial stuff (digital financial stuff of course not RL) and we would be right at the front too Maybe deal with some ressources. Let 'em pass through Switzerland, the Gotthard . "...so people from switzerland can work together within their own realm while being able to easily access the main province of one of their spoken languages." Absolute
  2. I would really welcome the Idea! It sound's really interesting. Europe as such is manageable. I would really love to see Switzerland. A little country in the middle of everyone. I guess there aren't much player/backers from Switzerland right now. So it would even fit the real Switzerland - little. But I hope I'm not the only one then, lol
  3. Amazing! Very helpful! I was quite lost at the beginning. I knew I had to craft things etc. but couldn't work out anything really! Nicely written and done! Thanks again.
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