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  1. Is the patch 5.110 release date announced yet?
  2. does the wipe affects only character/items or does it wipes the skills tree to?
  3. Thanks for the info. I just took a free website to upload the pictures. I will find a more reliable website to upload my screen shots. I will delete the link in the previous post.
  4. There is another restriction. You need to be at least level 20 to enter the campaign.
  5. Thank you for the comment.. Just the added passive slot, in my opinion, is a big + for the race.
  6. I just discovered something interesting with the Wood-elf. Their dodge act as a teleport. So if you jump of a cliff and dodge, you don't take falling damage and you don't get dizzy. Is there other race like that?
  7. So when I look at my character and I scroll over the vessel and see Legendary, it's a bug? Edit: link to screenshot removed, unsafe website
  8. When I look at my character, it already have a legendary vessels. Is there any point, currently, to craft Vessels in pre-alpha on a Min/Max perspective, except to try the profession?
  9. I understand what you mean. The first MMO I ever played was Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). 16 years later, after I played and tried a lot of MMOs, SWG is still the best experience / fun I had in a MMO. For me, as I look back at all the experiences I had in the different MMOs, I found that what I enjoy the most is the journey, not the destination. For example, World of Warcraft, you rush the content to be ready to clear the last raid. The community and the culture around WOW is about clearing the last raid / boss. That's why there is a race, after every patches, to know who will be the first to clear the raid. I don't know what are the numbers, but when you look the streaming of the guild Method for the first mythic clear of each new raid, it's event every time. What I found with SWG and Crowfall, because there is no "ultimate objective" telling you that you have cleared the game, the importance is more about the journey that then end. Let's make a comparaison with real life. I enjoy reading the stories of success people, entrepreneur and business man/woman. One thing common with most of the success stories is that they all started by setting a basic goal. Let's say, gain $1 million. But what happen when you reach the goal, you set a second goal. Gain $2 million. And you repeat the process, again and again. For those who are been successful for a long time, when they talk about how they got where they are, they talk about the journey, the people they met and different anecdotes . Not the fact that they are successful today or that they have more money that they ever need. (cleared the end game) The objectives in Crowfall are more inline with how it's in real life than a lot of MMO. If you don't set small goals, in life or in game, you will get bored rapidly. You can go in life, by working 9 to 5, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat without never achieving small goals. TO RESUME : Park theme game (like WOW) : take you by the hand and bring you to the end goal Sand box (like Crowfall, Minecraft) : give you the tools to create you own end goal. It's 2 different mindset that don't appeal to the same gamers / crowd. The question is only to know what kind of game you enjoy.
  10. Personally, I had the same feeling when I tested the game last year. I was looking for the end goal, the ultimate objective. I quitted testing after a few weeks. But then I realize that the game is more like Minecraft than World of Warcraft. There is no end game in Minecraft. It's a "survival/crafting game". That changed my mindset and how I play the game. I must say I really enjoy now the differents gaming aspects.
  11. Hi, In god's reach, I was only able to find 1 crafting table in the NPC's camp that works to craft the NPC artifact. Most of the table are bugged right now. But I share the info if you ever want to craft the items for sacrifice. In the Elisia rank 5 : Maps Table Exemple of items
  12. Let me try to recap all the factors to take in consideration for crafting. Maybe it could help you understand a little bit more. If I'm off the track or if there is any errors bellow, please let me know and I will correct it. The account skill trees: You can leveled 2 trees at the time : Combat, exploration (harvesting) and crafting. The bonus gains thru the account skill trees are for all the characters. Skills in those trees are a must for gathering and crafting. But, because you can only train 2 at the time, you need to sacrifice a portion of combat vs crafting vs gathering. That's why some people will get 2 accounts to maximize the use of the points. Considering the fact that the points gained for the skill trees are time based (meaning you gain points even when you are offline), you can level 2 accounts at the same time. First account leveling the skills tree of Combat and Gathering Second account leveling crafting and something else The vessels / race : The vessels is something you can equip on a character base on the race. It represent the "body" of you soul. When you level up and gain point for your base stats (intelligence, strength etc.), it's link to the vessels. So, if you change the vessels on a existing character, you need to level up the new vessels from 1 to the max level. Some vessels have better stats for crafting, based on the race bonus. So for crafting, you could chose a race that fit better with what job you want to do has a crafter. For gathering : bases stats impact the gathering : strength for mining , dexterity for skinning etc. So depending on how you spend your points on the vessels, it could impact your gathering skills. I'm not sure if this impact the crafting. Discipline: Discipline add skills, stats and passives to your character. Depending of the rarity of the discipline crafted/bought, it gives you certains bonus. Disciplines are equipped on your character. When you want to change a disciplines, you cannot keep the old one. You need to destroy it to equip the new one. Some disciplines are specialized for crafter, gatherer or for combat. Because you can't swap disciplines like you switch gear (equipped discipline need to be destroyed before changing it), crafters will get disciplines that give them bonus to crafting. So this is limiting you in mixing crafting, gathering and combat discipline. Gear : Gear can give you bonus to crafting, by increasing success chances, experimentation success etc. Dedicated crafters will focus on getting gear giving them the most bonus to crafting. Considering how time consuming it will be to get really good gear, getting combat gear and crafting gear of really good quality will be time consuming. This situation will be true for the ones with 2 accounts. Min/Max: Dedicated crafters for guilds will focus on maxing all the possibles stats for their profession, based on the previous points. The impact of this is this will minimize the possibles stats for combats and gathering Dedicated crafters in guilds will have group of dedicated gatherers to get high end mats. At the end, it all depends how and what you want to play. You want to be a jack of all trade , combat / crafting / gathering : you will be able to enjoy the game, but you won't excel in one specific category. If you don't care about min/max or being a dedicated crafter/gatherer for a guild, it's perfect. It's important to remember that the game will be highly focus on grouping and guilds, based on the dependency of the triangle Crafter / Gatherer / Combat. If your main goal is crafting high end stuff, here what I suggest : Choose 1 profession: Blacksmith, jewel crafting, leatherworking etc. Focus you accounts skills around that profession. Based on the profession : choose a race that give you a bonus to it. That means you will be limited on the classes your can play. Find a guild where you will have gatherer and combat to help you. Support from other players is probably the main factor of succes for crafter. On the other side, you will have to provide crafting gear to those players. It's a loop of collaboration. I hope this can help you and other players in understanding what is impacting crafting in the game.
  13. Is it only me or I don't see any advantage to play a Nethari with those stats? Only + to intellect for he base stats. The powers granted doesn't look so good and no added slot.
  14. Hello! I have been following Crowfall since the beginning but I just purchased the 2017 backer bundle to be officialy part of this adventure. I must say, I forgot this morning to close the client, and every time I heard the notification sound for the points gained, I had a rush of dopamine every time. This will be adictive. Hehe I will now go read some the forums to understand a little more the mecanics and the game. See you around!
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